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  • Keyes ·
    Hey, question about intakes.. I'm going to run the simular set up as yours, a k&n apollo, and wanted to know if I should just get a weapon r type SRI intake then attatch the apollo and route the air duct to my fog light, or if I should get an injen intake and only use half of it? would I have to cut the injen down to fit the filter in the engine bay, because it looks like the joint is right at the fender..

    Weapon R
    05 07 Impreza 2 2L 2 5L Weapon R Dragon Air Intake System Cold RAM Kit II | eBay

    Injen Cold Air Intake System Polished Subaru 2005 07 Impreza 2 5RS 4 Cyl | eBay

    It also looks like the injen doesn't have the silicon piece needed to attach to the throttle body, is that included in the SP1222p part or no? Thanks for the info - can't stop reading your build.
    Felicia25 ·
    Hey, I thanks for answering my question earlier about the fitment, but I was also wondering if you had anymore pictures of the RSs with the 2011 wrx stock wheels? I just want to get a better look before I commit to spending the money. Thanks!
    teeceRS ·
    hey so i checked out the cats and turns out its only a gasket issue! the gasket on the back of the cat that connects to the mid pipe is leaking, i put my hand under it and it was obvious! I banged ont he cat and it sounded solid! thanks for all your help though
    05rs_Will ·
    hey man, i have an exhaust leak from the header to oem cats, do u know the part number for the remflex gasket u used? i remember u saying they were the best ones to get and i tried the oem sux! also do u know the dimensions of the gasket? ID and centre to centre bolt distance? any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Will
    Ludacris ·
    Hey, I bought the same catalytic converter you did and I was wondering what tool you used to put that 1 bung plug in?
    jake1189 ·
    hey man i gotta q for ya just recently my tail lights started staying on and i cant figure out why....i made sure all lights were off and key was out ....idk but its killing my battery i have a 04 rs
    Lord Grippington ·
    Hey bud it's Hunter, the guy who purchased your Injen axleback. I finally got the set-up installed, it looks and sounds fabulous! It is very quiet with the large resonator, but all-in-all I feel it is a good thing, perfect for work and sounds beastly when you get on it. I will take video clips asap, but I just wanted to thank you again now that the muffler's in use. Couldn't be happier!
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