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  • Francisco ·
    Hey man, I came across your post on the gf8 hatch for sale. Would you ship to Arizona by any chance? It seems to be the only one for sale that I've found
    oGrizzlyo ·
    hows it going? I came across an old post of yours about having replacement hubs. I need to replace my front drivers side bearing, so I was looking for the whole assembly with ABS for a 01 2.5RS. I was wondering if you still had any available? I live on the Nassau county/ queens boarder so if you're in NYC it would be awesome. Thanks.
    pabspalma ·
    Hey dude, I have some questions about your EJ222 (Phase II MAP 2.2l) Turbo Conversion Parts List. I will really appreciate it if you can do some explanation. I'm totally new into this topics. email me to [email protected]
    susiemk ·
    You can put any tranny in any Subaru just match the diff ratio, flywheel/clutch/starter to the tranny you are installing.
    With these pull type trannys you are required to convert from a cable to hydraulic clutch pedal

    Use all of the " sensors" from your original tranny on the replacement if there are differences.
    97whiteimpreza ·
    Hi susiemk,

    Question for you. I have the exact same tranny and I need to replace my 01 2.5RS tranny with this one. I have a 97 Subaru impreza outback sport. Will this tranny work with my 2.2 motor? I believe that the tranny that I had was a push type and the sti one is pull type? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Could you email me a response at [email protected] Thank you, and merry Christmas!

    susiemk ·
    Heads & intake are different between maf & map ej22s.

    If your car is maf your intake will fit on a ej22t which is the only closed deck ej22 we got in the USA
    Yopper guy ·
    Hi I've read a ton of your posts and would like to talk if u have time I'm going to do a ej22 turbo project but need to know a few things fist. One is wether or not mine is a closed deck it's a 99 impreza that I had to repower last year the engine I found I had to change the intake and all the timing sensors please help??!!
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