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  • salvator_rizzo ·
    its going to be 12k with some stuff. It might be a little less but im not sure. Im going to be selling the seats, the trunk, the wing, and the brakes actually in place of some legacy gt's. But the rust is going to be fixed and the car is going to be almost completely repainted rally blue which will be sweet. And I might get the car retuned for more power because its on a pretty moderate tune with less boost than stock actually.
    But yea dude I'll let you know for sure when the time comes
    Azer408 ·
    12k with everything on it or just some stuff. when time comes just let me know what your trying to toss off with it. I won't be needing the trunk spoiler lip and some other stuff like the front seats. Just let me know I'll be pretty interested when time comes.
    Azer408 ·
    Lmao, thats sick dude. You think you could possibly fix up my bondo and shit for cheapish. i got some damage in the same area as you.

    Yeah dude I was thinking if buying a swapped. or makin a swapped but the idea of a eg33 turbo swap. =D make me shit bricks when it's done. haha
    ggaveit2u ·
    yeah but still you got it luck is only a small part of it now that its done and by the way was it easyy to set the timing
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