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  • Viperwrx ·
    BTW your PM's were Full. :(

    Hey I was looking at a swap thread and it seems like you are doing the same thing as me, well your post was a year ago... :) But anyways I am wondering how it went? I was looking around some sites and threads and have seen that there are different things I may need. What I have now is a full wrx motor with engine harness, turbo legacy crossmember, and I am getting a 02 WRX or RS complete 4eat, and im either getting the harness merged for 600 or buying a full wrx auto harness for 300. I am mechanically inclined and I am good at wiring and have swapped subaru motors and trans but not in an RS. I am wondering if I should get it merged or do it myself and if there were a few other things I may need to complete the swap. Thanks so much for any reply's!

    Shoguy ·
    Just wanted to introduce myself-you met my Foz and wife today in York. My name is Rick. The mods you were asking about with the car so far (if I can remember them) is: 02 wrx sedan struts, 03 WRX wagon springs, 02 20mm RSB, GC front upper strut bar, of course, stock rex wheels, gutted cat, 02 rex catback exhaust and some other small stuff for looks. it handles great and runs pretty good. I am hoping to do a 6 cyl swap sometime with it and some other stuff. Nice looking RS you got, Tammy said your swap will be done soon? Hope I get to see it. See ya.
    BTW-if you need help with it, I also know a lot about these cars mechanically.
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