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  • kerohayate ·
    i really hope you you read what i sent you im so sorry i even posted sorry every where on my post plz i did not know you called your salf poor man i was on my cell phone and could not read your s/n till today what i wanted to say is im more of a lazy man cause i thought you called me poor man so i was just saying im lazy not poor hope to hear back for you this really makes me feel bad that you think i would call you lazy when i don't even know you
    Mikol84 ·
    Hey poormansporsche,

    Planning to do a version 7 sti swap into a gc8. The question I Have is what 4 pin are you talking about in the ecu of the wrx to run the wrx. I also have concerns about the avcs on the jdm sti. And another hence that it is still a 2.0 motor do i run the wrx clutch or the sti?
    Mad Ra88it ·
    myyyyyy cracca. Hope all is well, and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Give me a shout when things calm down or whenever actually.... you know me, just chill in around and always welcome the company here. :D
    Mad Ra88it ·
    yuppppppppp... I'll totally be around. Surgery is scheduled for the 6th, but who the hell knows anymore. I've deconstructed some of the house since you were last over and painted the truck :X. haha. Lets go grab a brew!
    garrett ·
    hey i saw a thread you were in a few years back about a closed deck 20g block with 79mm v9 crank. i was wondering if you could tell me if it worked and what problems there are. thanks
    - garrett (p.s. is your name garrett too?)
    DKeen ·
    I think I remember where to order a bracket for your plate (if you haven't found it already)... see your thread.
    SubieNate ·
    Well that's no fun. Here's hoping my L is more like the average one on here with no issues till 250k... *Knock on wood*
    SubieNate ·
    Hey man, haven't talked in a while. Let me know if you're gonna be up the coast anytime soon. Do you still drive the wagon or do you have something else, I can't remember?

    Mad Ra88it ·
    heh, I saw on I-Club.
    My car only visits to show the outstanding quality of their wiring work. The main shop I'm at is dbtuned, as it is realllllllly close and Paul is building and has built all of my motors for my crazy projects.

    Which reminds me... I think it is about time to start working on the truck again as it's getting cold and I don't want to drive anywhere. heh.
    Mad Ra88it ·
    Heh! You're in Natomas too? Nice! My girlie used to live off of Arena and Truxel, so I was over there all the time.
    Maybe I'll catch up with you sometime.
    Mad Ra88it ·
    I am in Natomas, although...I don't have a donut on the car at all. :/
    I have a full size spare thats the exact same wheel as all the other sets (3 different sets, 15 wheels total. heh).
    Sounds like me for the most part though. I was leaving there in sort of a hurry. oooopsy, hope I didn't cut you off or anything. If I did, I apologize in advance.
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