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  • nme187 ·
    I believe it was a straight pipe. I think I have my old exhaust laying around somewhere if you want it. Does me no good being FI.

    Yeah Will was wondering why someone was following him haha. You should of raced him ;)
    URABUS ·
    So, did I have that kid worried when I followed him down by your place? I have decided that after a year or so of moving it around that I'm going to put that JIC exhaust on. On the mid pipe that I need to build for it, is that a straight pipe or did it have some bends in it?
    turbo510 ·
    You mentioned you had more pics of the black RS under the "My Dream Car" posting. Could you post or send those to me please? Do you have any more information on this car? I am building my 01 RS and am looking for a good wide body kit. That car is perfect!!!!
    Thanks for posting what you have.

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