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  • gc8dude ·
    Heyy wondering if I could get some advice on a swap I wanted to do & I heard from one of the members saying u could help. I have a 98 rs with a jdm 95 legacy ej25 in it but I wanted to take the head of it & put it on the version 5 or 6 sti block. What will I need & what will I be looking for with this done, thanks appreciate any advice or suggestions :)
    weirdpuffy ·
    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for unexpectedly giving me a heads up that you are in Beijing. I feel as though we are strangers...we share a strong connection towards our cars. Not just any cars but subaru gcs'. I am glad u are becoming a vendor and creating parts to please fellow classic gen impreza drivers.

    Anyways, hope to keep in touch... maybe we can meet still somehow, i can organize a train ride to guangmao. But its really depending on my school schedule. I will let you know sometime this week if it works out or not. Good luck with the jdm tails and mirrors, hopefully they are a sell-out :].


    ridefox199 ·
    so on that "good ebay replica wing" what did you search to find it? because all i can find is those shitie metal wings that the civic guys run.

    any help is appreciated

    fuckenfast ·
    clear inbox.
    i like the 18g, but i like a big 16g better.
    u need a HKS bov for this flange. it has the o ring clamp to install.

    damn i would have let the 22k mile jdm wrx 4:11 with super strong gears in mint condition with sensors andeverything go for like $1250 plus shipping

    or the legacy go for, $650 plus shipping. are you wanting to buy and then just put into your car?
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