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  • crjohnson ·
    Hey mate,
    I was just wondering if you could tell me the symptons of a bricked ecu after too many flashes with the project lambda software?

    Something strange happened with mine today. I downloaded the tune to check something, noticed the load scalar was way off from what i last loaded (should have been 0.0365, it was 0.043).

    But then after correcting the scalar and writing, my AFR's have all gone lean (about 16+ at idle), +25% STFT, and the O2 sensor is only reading about 50-60mV.

    I haven't been able to try another o2 sensor yet but seems weird it would happen straight after a flash..

    I do realise that the change in scalar should reduce the amount of fuel across the board, but I am 100% certain i last loaded the 0.036 scalar, fuel trims were sweet and the car was running great.

    I'm also starting to wonder if theres something weird about using live writes, then doing normal non-live 'reads' and them producing different figures in the tune files?

    imkyletaylor ·
    Hey just read your thread on boosting the 90s imprezas. I have a 98 rs I did a 2.2 motor swap with 2.5 heads. With all that extra breathing room it's screaming for boost. I was wanting to keep it mild and safe but wanting some insight on what wrx set up to pull parts from to make this work. Thanks in advance for any info. I know the basics of swapping the crossmember and tuning just need to know the easiest year to interchange
    pogo632 ·
    hi, i was reading you DIY water to air intercooler and i noticed you said you were and engineer and fabricator. i am currently finishing my sophomore year at mines and really want to get into the performance side of engineering for either a large company like bmw or similar makes or work for a smaller tuning company. i was just curious if you thought you might have some time to talk with me or maybe meet up if you reside around the denver area.. i feel i could gain alot by having a talk with you about that industry since you have been there and thats exactly where i want to be. perhaps if you need an extra set of hands on any project as im not to bad at spinning a wrench either, i have basic welding skills and a moderate knowledge of automobile systems as of right now. and im very mechanically inclined and a good problem solver. it would mean alot if you could make some time to chat with me. thanks ~Matt
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