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  • 22b_gc8 ·
    Whats up..just wanted to ask you a few things about your avo turbo kit. Im interested in getting one, but they are too expensive. Well, what all you really need to get it started besides the kit avo sold to you or is that really all? Because I thought you would need a bigger fuel pump at least. Please let me know, would greatly appreciated.
    SubyLuva ·
    hey man, I own an 09 impreza N/A and am thinking of boosting it with AVO's turbo kit. How long have you had your kit on your car? Have you found the kit to be pretty reliable? you can email me at [email protected] Thanks man
    pdsd16 ·

    Just saw your post in the high mileage thread. I also have a 2000 RS with relatively low miles (66k). I've been wanting more power, but don't feel that I should do a swap until my engine is shot (hopefully that's not anytime soon). Anyways, how do you like your turbo kit? Looks like you've had it for awhile, how has it been? Fun? Reliable?

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