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  • sapiehasoff ·
    hey im putting on 18s..wanted to do 9.5 wide..hoping like 22 offset roughly..did you need to tub or anything? id probably be running 265s. obvs u have to cut the fender away for flares..but is that all or did you need to do any more surgery? email would be sweet if you [email protected]
    playb0i ·
    howd you get the oil cooler in there? i mean the setup of bolt it up ? can u couple pic? thanks. is it the mishimoto that u were able to get it to sideways?
    Potts ·
    Hey man,
    Love your car. I am looking to go with a flare setup on my car too, mostly due to rust but it will advance my project along nicely. I live about 2 hours north of the GTA. Can you let me know where you got your fender flares from? The cost of shipping them across the boarder is crazy and the ones I found on ebay are in Ireland.
    Subinater ·
    hey man can you send me some pics of your red gc8? Because im planning on buying some rota grids and those seem to be the 17x9 right??
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