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    Hi mate
    Iv got a subaru wrx its a uk 98 model wagon iv just installed a stinger 4424 v4 EMS ecu im having trouble getting it to start any chance you could make me a map to get me started and ecu settings my mods are 440cc injectors frnt mount intercooler 500hp fuel pump fuel presure regulater external wastegate iv upgraded to coil on plug from a 02 wrx with built in ignitors I have it wired up so one trigger wire runs 1 and 2 and other trigger wire does 3 and 4 its all wired right iv bypassed old igniter im running a hybrid tdo4l 19t 6cm turbo im having trouble with trims ignition setup trigger set up if you could help me out im willing to make a donation to you :) email me asap please [email protected] im wanting to run 17psi boost thanks mate
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