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  • bcdenton ·
    Hello, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sending me the pics (if you still have them) of your Subaru Legacy shifter boot conversion or any further explanation as to what you did and steps you took to complete it. I would greatly appreciate it. My email is [email protected] Thanks for your time!
    jj8325 ·
    Haha. About a year... But just recently gotten into the real subie world and got the bug to modify my car. First run is my rims... Just waiting on the tires for it
    archer1.8 ·
    haha what ever burger you want. I go to school in Media. Williamson College of Mechanical Trades, major in power generation engineering. Im leaving school Friday around 12. I live in Schuylkill County so I could take 476. Do you have any pictures? How much of a "donation" are you looking for?
    Bauer ·
    are we talking Red Robin burgers or McDonald's burgers?
    Either way, If you want them you can come and get them. They are 99 RS seats with just shy of 100K miles on them. Passenger seat is in great shape and drivers seat is starting to pull. The rear seat is in really good shape yet too, I believe. They could use a cleaning as they have been in my basement for a little while. there is a picture in a thread somewhere. Give me a few days that wil work for you to meet me and I will see which I can do. The seats are in Harleysville PA (19438) Well they are actually in Sumneytown but no one knows where that is.
    Let me know.

    Where do you go to school?
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