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  • Scoobie_GT ·
    Hello, whats up.

    I Just read your tutorial for S-AFC2 for Impreza RS
    And i have a question, cause i have S-AFC2 and i wanted to install it on my Impreza, only difference is that i have 2.0 Turbo (EJ20) 1997, do you have any idea how to plug it in i my car??
    GDnotCOOL ·
    Hey I read a thread that you were posting on a while back...

    I saw you had a 96 Impreza and you changed all the bushings in the linkage?
    And that is what I'm trying to do but every time I search for 96 shifter bushings... No dice I can find them for 95 and 97 on but Nothing specifically for the 96

    So my question is where did you get those bushings?
    Also where did you get the adapter to make the kartboy shifter fit the 96 linkage?
    Geran ·
    I can suggest it if you like.

    Nothing would be different for the OG members and what defines a OG member? :p
    Geran ·
    I became a moderator because of my support on the back end of things.

    The others were chosen by the admins and other moderators based on quality of help and other circumstances.
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