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  • nickg321 ·

    I saw an old post where you were asking for an ej20k ECU pinout. I was wondering if you still have this information. I am currently putting a ej20k into a 71 VW bus and would love to have the proper documentation. Currently it seems like the bus is running fairly rich and doesn't want to idle properly, and I just want to drive it!

    If you don't mind sharing it, I would be extremely grateful!

    Thanks, Nick
    Mr_Furious ·
    I have a question about your wiring in some posts you say you use the ej18 ecu and some you comment on how much better the car runs with the 25d ecu which ecu did you end up running and how much conversion to install the ej25d ecu into the ej18 wiring.
    I'm just about to do the swap myself as I have a 1997 1.8l impreza and I just bought a 97 legacy 25d and I got the ecu but I'm wondering how hard it would be to just wire in the 25d ecu .... I have read so much crap about it that it's more confusing about what can and should be done, some say that you can just plug in the 25d ecu and it will run off the factory wiring all you need is to rewire the connector for the throttle body and keep the 25d TB and run wires to the egr valve.

    my question is since both car and engine are obd2 would the wiring be the same? if I want to run the knock sensor can I just add the pins to the ecu and the same with adding pins to the ecu for the egr valve or does this seem too simple
    rzzLd ·
    Hey I'm a Subaru thus artist that's done te 25 swap into obd1 L please can yu send me pin oust haha predictive text I'm in Oregon you are god
    2slo4u ·
    Thanks. I just bought a red impreza from florida and hopefully will have it within a week. I'm waiting on the title so I can arrange shipping of the car. Its definately in better shape than mine but its engine is bad. I will be putting my engine in and running front wheel drive turbo until I have time to swap my awd stuff. Should be fun
    lukas ·
    That sucks...hope you get your car fix soon. If only we live closer to each other, i would help you out.
    2slo4u ·
    Zero good news. My "friend" who has a body shop told me I could bring my car today and he would let me put it on the frame machine and tweak it myself. After going through the trouble and risk of driving my car into town to his shop, he tells me "Oh, I forgot there is a car on the machine that still has more work to be done... takes 1.5 hours to set up.... any other time I would let you.... blah,blah,blah". Needless to say I am pretty pissed. I've driven into town countless times to work on electrical problems in his customers' cars. I'm just trying to get the car safe enough to drive until I can find another body and just swap my stuff over to it. Trying to find an un-wrecked 93-95 subaru. A few people have offered cars but they are VERY far away and the cars don't run so I don't know how I'd get one home without spending a fortune.
    2slo4u ·
    I appreciate the offer but am going to try and see what the kicker shallow 6.5 or earthquake shallow 6.5 can do in my rear deck and the doors. It will be interesting to see how the fronts perform in the midbass area and how much low bass all four can create. The cvt subs are supposed to work well in IB.
    dyne ·
    Hey, in case you want another option for subs, I couple summers ago I built a pair of enclosures that fit behind the panel by the rear seats in coupes, and I have the second one just sitting here that I'd sell. Fits an 8" sub and has ~0.30 cubic feet of space, which was perfect for my RE8
    2slo4u ·
    Still waiting on the control arm I bought from Slava, he said he didn't realize I paid him (through paypal) until this past Friday. Told me he would send it out Saturday but not sure if he did. I won't know if the car is salvageable until I get that control arm. And I can't seem to find two wheels, people keep saying they have them for sale and not sending pics. Amazing
    2slo4u ·
    the local yards don't have any subies and houston is far away when you work monday through friday and sometimes saturday and have to rely on your friend to drive you around.
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