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skyline4me's Aspen White Coupe
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Old 11-19-2011, 11:08 PM   #1
Fav Mod: Evo 8 Recaros
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: San Jose, CA
Trader Rating: (37)
Posts: 723
Default skyline4me's Aspen White Coupe

1999 Aspen White 2.5RS Coupe
5 speed
199k miles
Feb 2, 2012 - Current


Engine / Drivetrain
  • 2002 WRX engine swap by LIC
  • Helix Up pipe
  • Ceramic Coated Down Pipe w/ Divorced Wastegate
  • Magnaflow PE Full Titanium catback (resonated version)
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
  • Grimmspeed Air/Oil Separator
  • STi Engine and Transmission Mounts
  • Blue Prodrive Battery Bar
  • Steel Throwout Bearing Shaft Adapter (Remedies notched clutch engagement)
  • Exedy HD clutch
  • Kartboy Short shifter w/ Front/Rear Bushings
  • Legacy Rear Differential with LSD

Suspension / Brakes
  • ISC N1 Coilovers; Trust Bearings, Rear Camber Plates, Rear Damper Extenders
  • JDM STi Carbon Fiber Front Strut Bar
  • Cusco Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Bar
  • Cusco Front Underbrace
  • Whiteline Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
  • Whiteline Front and Rear Endlinks
  • Whiteline Forged Aluminum Rear Sway Bar Mounts
  • Whiteline 22mm Aluminum Sway Bar Lateral Locks
  • Whiteline Polyurathane Steering Rack Bushings
  • Whiteline ALK
  • WRX Front Subframe w/ WRX Front Brakes
  • Mintex Brake Pads
  • Goodridge Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • my4isflat Fender Braces

  • TSX Retrofits with Matsushita Gen V Ballasts and Philips 85122+ D2S bulbs
  • McGard Black Spline Drive Lugnuts (dunno where to put this...)
  • Genuine CWest Front Lip
  • Bakemono CF High Rise Hood Scoop (paint matched)
  • Bakemono CF 22b Vents (paint matched)
  • JDM Crystal Ambers
  • JDM V6 Grille (pillar-less mod)
  • JDM V6 STi Fog Light Covers
  • JDM Rear Spats
  • JDM Genuine Front Aerogaurds
  • JDM Tail Lights
  • STi Rear Diffuser with Cusco mount
  • Kakumei Carbon Fiber Rear Window Wing
  • Coupe / Replica v6 STi wing

  • Evo 8 Recaros
  • 05 STi Steering Wheel
  • STi ebrake Handle
  • 02 WRX Lower Center Console with Aluminum STi Trim
  • Zealous Black Alcantara w/ Red Stitching Shift Boot and ebrake Boot
  • Forester Dual Cup Holder <3
  • WRX Intermittent Wiper Stalk
  • Rear Impreza LX 60/40 Seats (waiting to reupholster)
  • LED Map, Dome, and Trunk lights
  • OEM Impreza Cargo Tray
  • OEM Impreza Sedan Rear Cargo Net
  • OEM STi Floor Mats
  • OEM STi Aluminum Pedals w/ Dead Pedal
  • OEM Impreza Key Light Ring

  • Alpine CDE-133BT
  • Four (4) Alpine SPR-60 6.5" Speakers
  • Stock Underseat Sub
  • Kartboy Speaker Spacers

  • Bronze Volk TE37 5x100 17x8 +38 w/ 215/45/17 Bridgestone S-04 Pole Positions
  • -1.8 F, -1.4 R, 0 Toe
  • Kosei K1-TS 5x100 17x7 w/ 215/45/17 Dunlop tires

Previous Wheels/Tires
  • Kosei K1-TS 5x100 17x7 w/o tires
  • Gold Advan RCII 5x100 17x8.5 +45
  • Pearl White Advan RCII 5x100 17x8.5 +45 w/ 235/40/17 BFGoodrich G-Force Sport
  • Bronze Volk TE37 5x100 17x8 +38 (2nd set)

Parts Pile
  • Custom Passenger's Fog Light Cover
  • Grimmspeed Antenna Delete Plate and Antenna
  • WRX sideskirts extended to fit RS chassis (awaiting a way to mount it)
  • Triple Center Gauge Pod
  • Bakemono CF s201 Side Mirrors
  • 22b Aluminum Coupe Door Sills / Kick Panels
  • Koni Adjustable Struts / Eibach springs

Table of Contents
  • Intro
  • 11/21/11 - Installed Evo 8 Recaros
  • 11/27/11 - Adjusted Recaros and installed Crystal Ambers
  • 12/21/11 - Prepping, painting and wrapping Borla Reps
  • 12/21/11 - PARTS!!!
  • 12/24/11 - TSX Retrofit, Matsushita Ballasts, Philips 85112+ bulbs, v6 rep lip, ISC N1, strut bars install
  • 12/26/11 - Trunk light, interior LEDs, and yellow fog light film
  • 12/31/11 - Full exhaust install
  • 01/07/12 - STi rear diffuser with Cusco mount, and JDM rear spat install
  • 01/08/12 - SNOW FOAM!
  • 01/14/12 - JDM Tails
  • 01/27/12 - Replica Fog light covers and 22b vents
  • 02/13/12 - Interior Dress Up.
  • 02/25/12 - ADVANS!
  • 03/03/12 - Kartboy SS, RIPT alcantara boots
  • 03/20/12 - Kakumei carbon fiber rear window wing
  • 04/01/12 - Welder, Grinder, DA, Bondo, and paint. s202 wing going on.
  • 04/04/12 - Rear Impreza LX 60/40 seats
  • 04/08/12 - VOLKS!
  • 04/21/12 - s202 wing
  • 05/12/12 - Semi-wingless - M3 style trunk lip
  • 05/26/12 - JDM V6 grill and Hella Supertones
  • 05/30/12 - Dents be GONE! and paint matched Bakemono CF High Rise hoodscoop
  • 06/08/12 - Tsudo resonated track pipe and Alpine goodies
  • 06/11/12 - Painting - CWest lip, sideskirts, and rear spats
  • 06/17/12 - Painted parts put on.
  • 06/30/12 - Volk mirage.
  • 09/17/12 - Aspen Love!
  • 10/07/12 - Goodbye, farewell Melanie. You will be missed.
  • 10/20/12 - New door, Cusco rear sway bar bushing, Prodrive battery bar
  • 10/21/12 - 02 WRX Lower Center Console Install
  • 12/18/12 - Interior update
  • 12/18/12 - Modified v6 Grilles and Genuine v6 Fog Light Covers
  • 02/20/13 - Magnaflow PE FULL Titanium catback
  • 05/19/13 - Volk and Coilover Re-install
  • 06/01/13 - Bakemono CF s201 side mirrors, my4isflat fender braces, CWest lip and front JDM Aeroguards
  • 06/01/13 - What an authentic v6 lip looks like.
  • 06/15/13 - Whiteline HD rear sway bar mounts, and extra parts.
Attached Thumbnails
skyline4me's Aspen White Coupe-ccd84d45-0b9f-4fe6-9c03-b1d466ae5086_zpsf9f521e1.jpg  

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Old 11-19-2011, 11:12 PM   #2
Fav Mod: Evo 8 Recaros
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: San Jose, CA
Trader Rating: (37)
Posts: 723


Hey everyone! My name's Carl and I've been a Subaru owner ever since day 1 of driving, and I'm sure I'll always own at least one Subaru my whole life. I love these cars!

I've always wanted a 2.5RS from the get go, but they were all salvage titled back when I was shopping for my first car in 2004. My parents wanted me to get a Honda, but I was able to talk them into letting me get a Subaru - AWD is safe amirite?! I was a fortunate high school kid. My parents bought me a 4eat (sadtimes) 02 WRB WRX at the start of my senior year as a present. I knew how fortunate I was, so I took very good care of it. It was after all, the most expensive possession I had... still is, haha. Modded it very very slowly. After 7 years or so I finally had her looking how I wanted.

Michelle had very many styles, but here was he latest:

Throughout the years of owning her, I always complained about driving an automatic car. As much as I wanted a manual from the start my parents wouldn't allow it since they figured that I would leave the car at home, so they can drive it, when I went to college. Nothing became of that since I always had the car with me.

Ideally, I wanted an RS for the lower car insurance rate, better gas mileage, cheaper gas, and ultimately because I've always wanted one. So, once I bought the RS, I'd have to sell my beloved Michelle.

At the end of this summer I decided that I would part out my WRX in hopes to make enough money for a 2.5RS. I made about $4800 parting mostly everything out. I kept a few items that I wanted to transfer over to the RS. I had money saved up as well, since I'd have to pay California prices for the car -_-

Spent a good month scouring CL, Nasioc, i-club, and here every day for an RS to buy. While parting out my car I found about four great prospects, but since I didn't have all the money there was nothing I could do. After seeing three RS' in horrible shape and for at least $6500 minimum, I started to lose hope. I knew that finding "the right car" would take time, but I was impatient. I was sooo close, yet so far. Luckily for me, one Saturday, I decided to check CL and low and behold, a clean looking RS appeared. I immediately called the guy and set up a meet for the following morning. Like all the rest, I was STOKED! I didn't get too excited since the track record wasn't so hot.

Met the guy on Sunday, Nov 13th, in the morning and checked out the car. The seller turned out to be a previous Subaru mechanic and is now a Service writer. In my head I was ecstatic; Some one who actually knew how to maintain a car! He told me that he just rebuilt the engine because the previous owner's radiator hose popped and he continued to run the engine, eventually over heating it. Since he rebuilt the motor, he installed new head gaskets, timing belt, PS pump, everything, and clutch. Since he worked at Subaru he got all parts at cost, so why not go with OEM stuff.

The car checked out visually, and through CarFax. The guy I bought it from owned it for a total of three weeks. He pretty much flipped the car since he had the mechanical know how. I ended up paying a great price for it - well below everyone else's price, and in the best mechanical shape I'd say. Win win, I was going to buy it! I would be the third owner. Best part is that the original owner bought the car from Springfield, Illinois and brought it to California. I'm from Naperville, Illinois, so this was the icing on the cake.

My friend had to drive it home for me since I haven't really driven manual that much. Only parked a couple friend's Civics, Evo's, STi's, etc down the street. We drove slow since I didn't have insurance on her yet, but we made it home.

May I introduce, Melanie!

My only gripe is that, since he worked at a Subaru dealership, he had the guys there detail the car. She could use a real detail job as there's a lot of swirl marks from the "work" that the porter's did. As evident in the pictures

I have a list of parts that I want to buy after I sell off my WRX, so I'll update it time goes on. I won't have a super exciting build, but I wanted to document my 'build' since I didn't do so for my WRX. Maybe after a few years, this will get exciting when I can afford an STi swap, haha.

I plan on buying coilovers, wheels, full exhaust, and JDM tails once my WRX sells. The rest I'll save as emergency money. Even though the car looks great, you never know when buying a used car. But I'll hope for the best *knock on wood.

2001 Sedona Red Pearl 2.5RS Coupe
5 speed
124k miles
Nov 2011 - Sept 2012


-Borla Reps - VTH'ed, DEI Ti wrapped, and DEI silicone sprayed
-Tsudo resonated track pipe
-Stromung dual tip catback
-STi rubber exhaust hangers

-JDM Crystal Ambers
-TSX retrofits with Matsushita Gen V Ballasts and Philips 85122+ D2S bulbs
-McGard black spline drive lugnuts (dunno where to put this...)
-Yellow Fog Light film
-STi rear diffuser with Cusco mount
-JDM Rear Spats
-JDM tail lights
-HT Autos fog light cover
-HT Autos replica 22b vents
-Kakumei carbon fiber rear window wing
-Second trunk with s202 wing
-M3 style rear trunk lip
-Bakemono CF High Rise hood scoop (paint matched)
-JDM V6 grill
-Genuine CWest front lip

-Evo 8 Recaros
-05 STi steering wheel
-LED Map and Dome lights
-Forester dual cup holder <3
-Intermittent wiper stalk
-Impreza cargo tray
-Kartboy Short shifter w/ front/rear bushings
-RIPT black alcantara w/ red stitching shift boot and ebrake boot
-STi ebrake handle
-Rear Impreza LX 60/40 seats (waiting to reupholster)
-Impreza Sedan rear cargo net

-Alpine CDE-133BT
-(4) Alpine SPR-60 6.5" speakers
-stock underseat sub
-Kartboy speaker spacers

-Cusco adjustable rear sway bar with Perrin endlinks
-JDM FHI carbon fiber front strut bar
-Cusco carbon fiber rear strut bar
-ISC N1 coilovers with thrust bearing

-Bronze Volk TE37 5x100 17x8 +38 w/ 235/40/17 BFGoodrich G-Force Sport
-Bronze Volk TE37 5x100 17x8 +38 (2nd set)
- -2.2 F, -1.7 R, 0 Toe

Previous Wheels/Tires
-Gold Advan RCII 5x100 17x8.5 +45
-Pearl White Advan RCII 5x100 17x8.5 +45 w/ 235/40/17 BFGoodrich G-Force Sport

-Boring for now, but a blast to drive!-

2000 Aspen White 2.5RS Coupe
5 speed
Sept 2012 - Feb 2013

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Old 11-19-2011, 11:23 PM   #3
2.0L Turbo
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Nice stuff man.
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Old 11-20-2011, 06:52 PM   #4
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Nice! Now sell me that wingless trunk for my SRP lol
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Old 11-21-2011, 12:17 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by dohtem8 View Post
Nice stuff man.
Thanks! I can't wait to sell my WRX - it'll be bitter sweet really. But, I can't wait to get coilovers and wheels for the RS.

Originally Posted by jrouillard View Post
Nice! Now sell me that wingless trunk for my SRP lol
I've been thinking of selling the wingless. I just love the look of the coupe wing, and my WRX was wingless for 90% of me owning her. The wing holes were welded and repainted

On a side note: Got the Recaros in. I have them mounted on Sparco mounts with a 1 inch spacer to bring the overall height back to WRX seat specs. I'm in a pickle though. The RS seats do sit lower then stock WRX seats, but since these are buckets, I still sit a tad bit lower then the RS seats. I'm not sure if I should leave it as is, or completely remove the spacers and sit loooooooow. My friend's say I sit "high" when they look through the door, so maybe I'll take out the spacer this weekend and try it out.

My friend's HATE the Recaro's in the RS. In order to adjust the back, you need to turn a knob, so it's not easy getting into the back seat, haha.

Should be swapping my Cusco sway bar and Perrin endlinks from the WRX to the RS this coming weekend as well. Would've had it done with the seat swap, but I forgot to buy new sway bar bushings x.x Also have to clean up the WRX some more to get her ready to sell
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Congrats on the RS! I replaced my '04 WRX with an '01 RS and never looked back, I'm sure you'll do the same.
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Old 11-27-2011, 04:13 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by deltron View Post
Congrats on the RS! I replaced my '04 WRX with an '01 RS and never looked back, I'm sure you'll do the same.
I'm loving every second of it!


Lowered the seats this weekend, and it feels a whole lot better!

Also, ran into trouble with the alarm system. The seller lost the remote, so after I disconnected the battery (tried installing my STi steering wheel), the alarm disabled the car. Ended up disconnecting the alarm all together. I'll wait until my WRX sells to buy a Clifford. STi wheel will go in once I find an 02/03 airbag charge to use - when people reply to my PMs in their part out threads, haha. Hopefully it'll be soon because I love the feel of that steering wheel.

Oh yah, Crystal ambers = teh s3x

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Old 11-28-2011, 03:46 PM   #8
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This journal is, by far, the most I've seen you write about anything

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Old 11-28-2011, 09:19 PM   #9
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Congrats! I love the RS too, for its low mileage, low cost car insurance, and the fact that its a sheer pleasure to drive. Melanie looks amazing.
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Old 11-28-2011, 10:58 PM   #10
Car: 2001 DBP Impreza 2.5 RS
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Love the car! Can't wait to see what's in store!
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