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2000 2.5rs Coupe 5 Speed
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Car: 2000 2.5RS Coupe Silver
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Default 2000 2.5rs Coupe 5 Speed

Year: 2000
Model: 2.5rs Coupe (GC8)
Miles: 190k

I'm not even sure where to start. The GC8 has always been my favorite car since learning of legends like Colin McRae and the 22b. After getting my drivers licence years ago, I've owned several Subarus - including a built WRX wagon with a full STI swap - and of all of them, the GC has been hands down my number one pick.

So you might ask, why sell? Well, I have come to a time in my life where someone else's interests must take priority over mine. A while back my wife and I decided we wanted an offroad/overland camping vehicle. After much research, we landed on a 3rd gen Mitsubishi Montero. Fantastic vehicle, we really love it and it gets us into places we never imagined possible...when its running. But (there is always a but isn't there?), unfortunately for us the PO of the Montero was not fully honest with us, nor was the shop which performed the pre-purchase and we were sold a rusted out, used up, rode hard - put away wet, lemon. At the moment I believe it has left my wife stranded, while I had to leave work to rescue her, no less than 3 times in 9 months. On top of that, every time it goes into the shop the bill ends up being double the quote because of broken parts, or other issues unforseen at the start. The check engine light is constantly on, it makes noises I have never heard from a vehicle, and has developed 1950's truck level play in the steering column (ball joints and bearings all tight - we've checked). The tipping point though for us was when the sunroof just up and quit. So we come to the end of my little story, where I must sell my toy in order to purchase a more reliable/better car for my wife.

What I am offering is this:

A clean, mostly un-modified, GC8 coupe, factory 5 speed. From what I can tell this seems to be a rare combo.

Minimal mods:

Headers - Borla knock off
Header back exhaust - stainless and catless
Ebay Honda Intake mod
Mud flaps
TBW Skid Plate
Scangauge II
Plasti dipped matte blue, with dark gold wheels (turned out better than I thought, was done to protect some attempted hail damage repair that was so so by PO - so that is something you'll want to adress)
Aftermarket Bluetooth stereo with sub in trunk

Work performed by me or a shop:

Timing set
Water pump
Head gaskets
Cam seals
Valve adjust
Spark plugs, wires, coil
Brake pads and rotors

Everything except the dash clock works - AC, power windows, power door locks, sunroof, radio, bluetooth, handsfree calling, shifts smooth no grinds or pops, window defroster. It seriously runs like a top. The car does have 190k on it, but with the care that it has had should be good for many more miles of fun, plus if we are being honest no one on this forum plans on keeping it stock.

I am pricing it at $6,000. That is based on research of what other similar GC's will sell for in my area, and yes I would prefer a local sale but would be willing to deliver for the right offer. THIS IS JUST A STARTING POINT! Please feel free to shoot me offers, I am more than willing to negotiate.

Also for the right offer I do have some parts I have been stockpiling to build a turbo engine to swap into this. Message me and we'll talk.

As far as cons:

The biggest by far is the poor hail damage repair mentioned above. The plasti dip has protected it very well, and holds up quite good after nearly 2 years. But in order to be a show car would definitely need work.
There are 2 SMALL rust spots on the passenger side - I can show you pictures. Seriously smaller than a dime, and purely surface discoloration at this point.
Car makes an odd tapping sound under certain conditions - not valvetrain or bearing noise. It seems like a relay clicking, I just have not had time to track it down - this does not affect anything.
Dash clock does not work.
Parking brake needs adjusted.
Small crack in the A pillar trim - held together with tape.
Small tear in drivers seat.
Hole in driver footrest carpet.
Exhaust is LOUD (pro to some, I know)

Now onto the good stuff - PICTURES! - which I can't add since I am apparently inept at using the forums. If anyone wants to provide some help that would be great! Yes, I have read the sticky, and I thought I had enough posts/time on the forum. But whatever. Here is a link, and if you message me I can get you any picture you want (of the car).

GC8 Pictures — imgbb.com
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