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LYH45 12-19-2018 01:29 AM

Luke's BH9 Outback - EJ251 Turbo
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This is the story of my Rev D 2.5 manual 2003 Outback BH5. It has 423,000km and looks the part.

This car will take over daily duties from my GF8 so I can repair the rear end damage.

My parents bought this car second hand in roughly 2006 to replace an old Mazda 626 wagon. It had about 100,000-130,000km on it. Since them they've put another 300,000km on it. In the 13 years of ownership the only mechanical failure was the clutch at 300,000km. This car has had battles with several kangaroos and wombats and lived to see another day. It has hauled cows, sheep and alpacas and much more in the boot. It burns oil like a 2 stroke and it still won't die.

As it has reached 423,000km it has been retired into my hands.

Mod List

- Twin Scroll Equal Length Headers (Unknown Brand)(Wrapped in Heatwrap Tape)
- Twin Scroll to Single Up-pipe (Unknown Brand)(Wrapped in Heatwrap Tape)
- 57mm (2.25 inch) Intercooler Piping
- Front Mount (65mm x 180mm x 550mm)(2.5" x 7" x 21.5")
- TD04 off a 2004 WRX Sedan (EJ205)(Using 5-6 PSI Wastegate)
- New Age Alternator Cover
- Custom 2.5" exhaust

- Front Sway Bar off a GC8 WRX Wagon
- Steering Rack off a GC8 WRX Wagon

- 316mm 2 Pot Front Brakes off a 2007 Spec B H6 Wagon
- Koni Front and Rear Adjustable Struts
- Gen 4 GT Springs
- B4 Rear Sway Bar
- Liberty (Legacy) Rear Bumpstops

- Black Leather Front Seats off a 2000 Liberty Sedan
- Black Leather Rear Seats off a 2000 Outback Limited (Not Originally from that Car)
- Leather Armrest off a 2000 Outback Limited
- Leather Door Cards off a 2000 Outback Limited
- Sony XAV-AX100 Head Unit

- GT-B Legacy Hatch and Wing
- Rev D Turbo Bonnet
- Front and Rear Spats
- JDM Legacy Center Garnish
- Custom Outback Grill

- Advan RG1's 17x7.5 +45
- Bridgestone RE003 235/45R17

______________________________ ______________________________ ___________________

Stock Options Equipped

- EJ251
- 5 Speed Manual Low Range Gearbox

- JDM Headlights
- Front Fender Indicators
- Clear Rear Indicators
- AUDM Bumpers, Wheel Arches, Sideskirts and Door Panels (All slightly different from the USDM ones for reasons I guess)
_____________________________ ______________________________ ___________________

Components Replaced. Either as Listed Above or Due to bad Condition

- Front Bumper
- Front Seats
- Rear Seats
- Glove Box Cover- Radio Trim
- Rear Cup Holders
- Door Cards
- Boot Scuff Panels
- Spare Wheel Cover
- Mirrors
- Rear Tailgate
- Tailgate Center Garnish
- Drivers Fog Light
- Subframe
- Steering Rack
- Radiator Cap
- AC Tensioner
- Drivers Sun Visor

Luke :)

LYH45 12-19-2018 01:39 AM

So here it is. Stock as a rock. The Interior is filthy and the exterior isn't much better. But it has no rust, hasn't ever been in an accident and has a clean title. So to start this off I figured I should show some of the abuse it was put under for its 13 years of service.

Here is the condition as of my takeover.

The bonnet is wrecked (thanks to a combination of me and a kargaroo), the boot-lid is dented from a tow-ball, both mirrors are held in place by silicon, and the clear-coat is non existent on the passenger side (it doesn't look as bad in picture due to the rain).

Hopefully when I'm done it'll look much better than this.

Luke :)

LYH45 12-19-2018 01:53 AM

So this all started as a what if. And it really started to evolved into reality after I ran into a set of 4 pots and 2 pots at the wreckers yard. I originally bought them for my GF8 but soon changed my mind as I couldn't be bothered the bleed the brakes again.

As purchased ($84 for the 4 Pots) ($108 for the 2 Pots)

Before and after a repaint.

All painted and pins cleaned.

Then it started to snowball as the parts started to pile up,

First the smaller parts. Leather armrest as an upgrade and the others to replace broken parts. A new 'Limited' as mine had fallen of. It's important to note I still didn't have the car at this point.

Then the larger items came. Leather door-card are included in this I just forgot to take pictures.

Leather Front Seats with SRS Airbags ($130)

Leather Rear Seats ($60)

Cheers, Luke

LYH45 12-19-2018 02:11 AM

So when you have a car that's interior has been inhabited by the likes of alpaca, sheep and cows the best thing to do it just replace everything. So that's was it did.

Armed with new front and rear Seats, new door cards, radio shroud, armrest, and boot scuff panels that was the past weekends mission.

So to answer the question, "can you fit and outback interior into your GF8?" yes but I wouldn't recommend it.
I started with the boot as it seemed the easiest. Here's a before and after, sorry about the blurry picture.
While the panels where out I decide to clean the years of dust from the local road. Left is dirty and right is clean.

Here's the carpet are the clean. I didn't dare to take a picture of before as it was horrifying.

The pile of parts not needed anymore.

Various clips, nuts, bolts and screws collected from the old panels.

The old seats and door cards. For the fact they'd maybe been cleaned 5 times in as many years they weren't too bad. Dog being the dog.

The dog being more approving of the new interior.

Better shot of the new seats. I have a new steering wheel outer, just needs to be restitched

And from the back. Gotta keep the cargo nets.

All in all the new interior cost $323 AUD. There's still one or two pieces to get but not bad tbh.

And that brings this journal up to date. Progress with probably be intermittent as the car is at my parents 2 hours away, but hopefully not to slow.

Cheers for the read, Luke :)

LYH45 12-31-2018 09:46 PM

So over the holidays my work has a shutdown period. This left me with some time to get to work.

First I moved the outback into a location out of the way, but still able to be worked on easily.

Once that was located we had to get a photo of all the cars together. As you can see we have a theme going.

Engine bay pre tear-down.

Then the tear down of the engine began. This is all being done so that I can replace the sub-frame with a turbo version.

The engine ready to lift. This was two days before the engine was actually pulled as I couldn't get the nut undone on the lower bellhousing.

The engine finally out. Overall it was easy just a long process as it was all new to me. That being said it's not something I'd like to do frequently.

Heavy duty degreaser is a beautiful thing. Engine looks clean(ish) now.

The engine is now in storage until the sub-frame is replaced. This is how you make a Porsche right?

Engine bay needs a clean. I'd like to paint it but I don't think I have the skill level to remove everything out for paint. I'm going to speak to a spray painter up the road and see what he thinks.

The causalities of the engine removal. I have a bad habit of breaking the A/C tensioner as I did it in my first GC8 a couple of years back. Not bad all things considered.

I also picked up a new gear shifter trim as the old ones leather was destroyed.

That's all for now. This is a huge step for me as it always felt like the unachievable goal and now its done it kind of feels like I know what I'm doing.

Luke :)

LYH45 01-13-2019 09:56 PM

So a bit more progress. The weather has been so erratic meaning getting anything done on the car was a pain, and I'm back at work now so I can only work on it on weekends.

I was dragged along to Melbourne (9 hour drive) by my dad so he didn't have to be the only driver and while I was down there I picked up a 99 WRX subframe with steering rack and sway bar for $150. By sheer luck the steering rack just bolts up to the steering column so yay.

The mess of the car with stuff being stored under it

Dog tax as always

Started cleaning the engine bay as prepping for paint. I spoke with the spray painter down the road and he said just to paint it satin black so that's the plan. He also said he'll paint the car for free in his booth if I do the prep work so that's awesome.

Also question for people who've painted the engine bay, is it worth removing all the brake lines and booster or is masking sufficient. I'm currently at a crossroads with what to do.

Some before and afters of the engine bay.

I'm hoping to getting the engine bay degreased and masked ready for paint this weekend. I'm stoked that the WRX rack has the same spline as the outback as I've heard the horror stories of the difference splines for them.

Also anyone know what the fitment of the GD WRX exhaust is like on the BH chassis as I have my eye on a few but want to confirm it fits.

Cheers, Luke :)

crjohnson 01-14-2019 01:45 PM

hey mate nice project you got going on. I'm actually doing something similar (slowly getting there...) But instead of changing the crossmember i'm using a 2.5i exhaust manifold, changing the sump and will make a custo up and down pipe setup.

How are you going to run the injectors? Project lambda ecu or piggy-back?

PS isn't that car a BH9 model?? Looks identical to mine..

George.of.the.Jungle 01-15-2019 04:10 AM

nice work so far!

LYH45 01-17-2019 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by crjohnson (Post 3606801)
How are you going to run the injectors? Project lambda ecu or piggy-back?

I haven't actually though about that yet. I'm hoping I won't need the injectors but I'm not sure yet. I'd really like to be able to run on the stock ecu/without a piggy-back as wiring isn't something I'm very good at.


Originally Posted by crjohnson (Post 3606801)
PS isn't that car a BH9 model?? Looks identical to mine..

Fixed. I started the journal before I'd looked at the vin plate. I've had a quick look only and BH5 seems to be turbo whereas BH9 is NA.

Does that make NA-T BH7 as it's in the middle?


Originally Posted by George.of.the.Jungle (Post 3606823)
nice work so far!

Cheers mate. You shave a ton of knowledge with NA-T so any hints or tricks?

crjohnson 01-17-2019 07:48 PM

haha BH7 sound logical!

I have already put a 3bar map sensor on my motor months ago and it is running really good, i used the project lambda software to change the settings. It would be pretty dicey not doing any ECU mods. I've got the standard injectors pretty much maxed out on my current motor (delta 1500 cams and some other work), so i doubt it would handle much boost at all without running lean. the other route is adding a 5th injector on sort sort of controller. I once had a microtech microfueler on a VL turbo motor adding fuel above 10psi..

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