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Ted 09-28-2018 10:07 AM

The Official WELDING and FABRICATION Thread
Good afternoon fellow RS25 initiates. After a bit of browsing I could not locate a comprehensive guide to fabrication and welding and I think it could be a valuable resource to the community if we had access to one. I have been looking to start this thread for a while to serve as a melting pot of information for those that are trying to dive deeper into the DIY side of things. Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your own turbo kit from scratch? Or maybe how all the guys on Weldporn lay down rainbow colored dimes? Well you have certainly come to the right place!

I find welding and fabrication to be one of the more intimidating aspects of building a car and I am a fabricator by trade. Most people would rather farm the work out to a professional or their cousin's buddie's uncle that lives on the corner. The goal of this thread is to provide those that may want to tackle a welding and fabrication oriented job with either information pertinent to there chosen task or at least a nudge in the right direction from someone that has already done it. Let us move on to why you actually clicked on this thread, shall we?

We'll start with the veggies ( ya, ya, ya, I know rules suck)

- Absolutely NO SOLICITATIONS! This isn't Times Square, no one wants your shitty mixtape. If you have questions regarding where or who can do work for you, contact them outside of the site

- No Bashing of work regardless of quality. You were not born a fabricator we all had to start somewhere. We are trying to encourage quality work, not discourage those who need more practice.

Easy right? Now what we are looking for:

-Any and all questions about Fabricating/welding

-Preferred tools and equipment

-New techniques or ideas


-And the most important, Pictures of your work.

Now if you have read this far you can listen to my last spiel. I am by no means a good among fabricators but will answer any questions within my realm of knowledge or refer you to someone or something that might know better. I am encouraging other DIY'ers and other fabricators to chime in as well, there are too many of you to name so pop in and say hello or answer a few questions. One last thing before moving onto the pretty pictures. I intend to do a featured write up once a month on a specific topic preferably one the majority would like to learn about. This could range from how to armor a clutch fork to which welding rod should I use for cast Iron. I would like to incorporate members work in this so start posting your work!

Here's a few of things I have had the pleasure of doing:

A snippet of the welds on my intercooler

My cold side pre-welding

And a few of the hotside

That is all for now. I will post more when they become pertinent or for a featured post. The first of the month is 3 days away, what would you guys like to see in the first featured post?

Ted 09-28-2018 10:17 AM

February 2019: Aluminum Sheet Metal Bending

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility to your personal safety. Fabrication and welding often requires heat, flames, and other things that can harm you if not properly equipped or prepared. Keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times because if you havenít set something on fire it is only a matter of time. Fabricate at your own risk

Did a small side project for my RS. The fuse panel sits right where the passenger airbag was so I figured a cover would be appropriate and keep the largest portion of wiring hidden and tidy.

I started with a model in fusion. The sheet metal workspace makes sheet metal bending and cutting a breeze. Since I unfortunately do not have a industrial sized printer and it was Sunday that I started (Staples was closed, I am impatient) , I was limited to 8.5◊11 so I needed all the corresponding dimensions.

With a the dimensions laid out I transferred it to 1:1 on to another sheet. It takes a lot more attention to detail to lay it out on paper with dimensions as it only takes a few times of drawing your line on the wrong side of the ruler to have the whole thing skewed my a 1/16th or more. I have done it a few times now to know to keep a mechanical pencil handy and to use the same ruler throughout the entire layout. You may still be off by a hair or too but the semantics can be altered once the piece is in sheet metal.

The hard part is done now it was as easy as tracing it out onto aluminum and cutting it out. Now since I wanted the piece to be 3D without having to weld 5 separate pieces I added bends into the drawing. There are a few different ways to bend sheet metal and since the likelihood of you guys having access to a finger brake is slim I chose to do it with a homeade press brake. Since my bends were a round number at 90 degrees I could better get away with this. If the bend required is say, 37 degrees, you will be less than fortunate. A press brake is simple, you have a die, a sheet of metal and then your radius die. The bottom die pictured below is a piece of angle iron welded to another piece of angle iron to allow it to stand by itself.

The idea is to press your sheet into the lower die using a die who's radius is the same as the bend you desire. I modeled the drawing with a .125" radius so I could utilize a simple piece of quarter inch flat stock as my upper radius die. I rounded the ended slightly on the upper die to prevent any unwanted gouging in the bend. The sheet is placed atop the die with your bend line centered in relation to both dies. Slowly press your sheet into the lower die using the aforementioned press , adjusting the sheet to center if need be. If you play your cards right it forms a uniform radius bend without having to relief cut or any of that nonsense.

When I finished the cover I quickly realized it looked pretty bland. Maybe some labels, nah. A few stickers, negative too gawdy. A personalized logo, now we are talking. Some of you may have seen my "Factory Fabrication" stickers floating around in my journal as that is what I masquerade as for any sidework I take on. A few doodles later I whipped up this:

Twin stylized F's for you guessed it, Factory fabrication. As much as I like hand drawings it was easier to pop the drawing into Fusion to make sure it was perfectly symmetrical and give me nice drill and cut lines.

I don't have a plasma table to I cut out the logo with a hand shear and then filed all the remaining material.

Which I then welded onto the cover, drilled the holes and mounted it so together. I don't like how the center weld looks so I think I am going to leave the center slot open next time.

Questions, comments, critiques are always welcome. I hadn't touched a TIG in nearly a month before this project so I wasn't entirely displeased with my welds but there's always improvement to be made.

Bansheeboy11 09-28-2018 10:22 AM


scruff3333 09-30-2018 06:22 PM

Great idea. Into fallow along.

bue car 09-30-2018 06:58 PM

Mean I hafta post stuffs now?

Ted 10-01-2018 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by Bansheeboy11 (Post 3597781)

No bender pics to share :( ?


Originally Posted by scruff3333 (Post 3597947)
Great idea. Into fallow along.

The first feature is in the works!


Originally Posted by bue car (Post 3597959)
Mean I hafta post stuffs now?

I was hoping you would chime in at some point. Now we need the rest of the DIYer's in to make there way in.

Stew3223 10-01-2018 10:10 AM

Great idea for a thread. Sub'd

George.of.the.Jungle 10-01-2018 10:47 AM

subd. i dont wanna show my pics cause they look like ass. :(

Bansheeboy11 10-01-2018 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by Ted (Post 3598011)
No bender pics to share :( ?


Started the cage last night, after doing a test bend i forgot to weld the bottom inner section of the bender plates, so it blew apart :lol: after fixing that i got to use it, theres way more math involved that i had thought but i have it all figured out, only messed up one tube.

Got the hoop nice and tight to the b-pillars as well as tight to the roof bars, once its on the place it should be about 1cm or so from the bottom of the bars

I also finally got to use the eastwood tube notcher which is awesome, i need a better spot to mount it but i should be able to get by where it is now. The belt sander and wire wheels i have on the other bench are the beez neez too. But the notcher is fast with the milwaukee hole hog saws, nice clean even cuts that clean up quick with a flap disc.

I got the down tubes as tight as i could to the a-pillar, enough that i can weld around the tubes at the bottom and still get the wiring around the side into the door sill. Im going to chop off the ends of the dash beam and weld plates to them, and mount it to the cage rather than the car so its still removable. If i notched the beam i think it would be kinda flimsy and i dont want any problems with it.

I made a few of these to mount to the cage for various crap like battery box, dash beam plates etc etc. Ill just weld the end closed so its flat.

bue car 10-01-2018 12:10 PM

Weld a washer onto them with nuts welded to that on the bottom, give you mounting points to screw things into.

My current car, I can the a-pillars in front of the dash beam, knowing it was stuck in there anyways since it swings forward from the passenger side to get off the studs on the driver side, I just welded 1" tubes between the a-pillars and dash beam.

I still chopped up the ends on the dash as well. Weight savings

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