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TwinKam 07-10-2018 08:30 PM

TwinKams L
Hello to all, so I picked up a gc8 a few weeks ago from norcal, from a rs25 member on here.

The cars a 1995 one owner red Impreza L coupe with 168k when purchased, All stock, auto 1.8L, & comes with the safety package all wheel disc brakes & abs.

My plans are a full 2.5rs front end & trim, repaint it, then swap in a few years.

It’s my daily and already got a few things for it, though I think I may leave it stock until the paint work is ready. Enjoy.

Pics to follow

FryphaX 07-10-2018 08:52 PM

Welcome! Good grab, I'd of bought it if I was anywhere close at all. That's a good example!

FXTrev 07-10-2018 10:40 PM

Welcome aboard. Good buy. Following along for updates and photos.

TwinKam 07-17-2018 07:49 PM

TwinKams L
So as mentioned here are some photos..

Boarder town Colorado/Kansas
Somewhere in North east CA about an hour or 2 from Nevada.
In Reno

The car was driven back 3000 miles to jersey from NorCal. Along the way only issue was some old oil smoking off the exhaust from a previously fixed oil leak.

As for the plans.. weíll parts are starting to pile up

I have a ton more on the way.. Iím really in need of front aero guards as well.. have rears in the mail but itís next to impossible to find the front even in Japanese portals. If anyone has any leads for the front aero guards let me know I donít wanna paint until I have everything.

Also as for wheels right now, I have a set of 17x7.5 work vs ss wheels that have been sitting so I did order adapters and gonna test them out.

For suspension Iíd like to find some oem jdm sti struts / springs for cheap for now.

Lastly, hereís a teaser of some of my other cars..
2000 Renault Clio sport (half caged, hpde/track prepped, made 184whp before manifold & new map)
1989 Suzuki Samuri (100% rust free)
2018 Renault Megane (daily in eu)
1991 fiat 126p (pear paint, restomod)
1991 fiat 126p (blue og paint mint, rally prepped)
1987 fiat 126p (white wide body rally prepped)
1983 fiat 126p (white rally prepped)
1985 fiat 126p (orange, stock, doesnít run)
1974 Datsun 260z (going to be a restomod and flipped in eu)
1993 Mazda rx7 (full bolt ons, stock turbos stock ports made 295hp/260tq
2002 Tacoma (78k Miles, auto v6 trd, FOR SALE)
2005 ram 3500 diesel dually (truck for life hopefully)

& my gc8 which I owned 2008-2012?

Also just for fun, Iíve owned & either scrapped sold or crashed the following... 89 supra, 87 Corolla, 90 civic sedan, 13í FRS, 89 240sx, 96 330ci? (Nonvanos 6 cyl with oem lsd e36 coupe), 2000 Audi A6 2.7 biturbo, 2008 vw passat 2.0t, 2000 gc8 sedan with v8 swap, stock trans.

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monoposto 07-21-2018 08:22 AM

126p's look like so much fun. I've been tempted to import one for the last few years. Why the 2018 Megane and not the Alpine A110? 😉

George.of.the.Jungle 07-22-2018 08:52 AM

that car looks familiar. happen to know the S/N of the member?

TwinKam 07-24-2018 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by monoposto (Post 3591453)
126p's look like so much fun. I've been tempted to import one for the last few years. Why the 2018 Megane and not the Alpine A110? 😉

I’m selling 3 of them once I get tittles.. one through bring a trailer, one as a facebook raffle, and one probably on eBay or word of mouth

Also the Megane is my daily, I before had a 2015 Clio as my daily.

TwinKam 07-24-2018 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by George.of.the.Jungle (Post 3591537)
that car looks familiar. happen to know the S/N of the member?

honestly I forgot his sn as I actually called him I think not PM.. the ad may still be in the classifieds. The guy has a ton of L’s and Rs’s so I’m sure he chimes in on the forums often

TwinKam 08-10-2018 12:58 PM

Got some shipments in from Japan & the UK 🤩

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TwinKam 09-06-2018 11:42 PM

TwinKams L
3 Attachment(s)
So more teasers. Trans should be here soon. Been busy so didnít get anything installed yet besides wheels

2018 brz performance package (made in Japan) 17x7.5 48et

Car currently:
Attachment 80145

Parts shown are
5x100 GD, WRX style spring, jdm sti genome struts springs,
Converting stock mounts to rear GroupN & front stock GD
Jdm 6 speed complete swap from v8 sti
Full Cusco bars, & gender braces (i will weigh every piece)
Also bidding as I type on emblems for the whole car.

Enjoy 80141 80143

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