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scruff3333 01-07-2018 11:38 AM

Jinba Ittai
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Here's my attempt at a journal of my gf Lwag.
It will take me a bit to figure out a time line, I've got pics from the beginning.

Most currant pic:

Week after purchased:

scruff3333 01-07-2018 11:39 AM

currant mod list


251 swap
Grimmspeed phenolic spacers
Group n engine mounts

Rs 5mt 411 swap
06 wrx exedy clutch kit
06 wrx Act streetlite flywheel
06 wrx clutch 3/4 slave
06 sti master 1 1/16
Cheap ss clutch line
Sti short shifter
Kartboy rear shifter bushes
Group n front top strut mount

Rs front seats
Rs gauge cluster
Rs dark gray carpet
Rs dark grey center consol
W/ extended armrest
Gf8 rear seat

2011 pilot rear wiper

scruff3333 01-07-2018 11:39 AM

I'm going to try n recap some of the photos I've been taking and saving to get up to date on where im at in the build of my L wag.

So bare with me.
My goal is just a fun DD and hopefully get in to some autox and maybe a track day here and there.
(If it ever runs again).:bonk:

scruff3333 01-07-2018 11:40 AM


scruff3333 01-07-2018 12:33 PM

So just to get caught up.

From the beginning, ish.

I've loved subys since I was 13 years old, going snowboarding and seeing them flying up the mountain when everybody else was having trouble. I was hooked instantly. So my dream car was a ea82t wagon to go up to the mountains all around. (Which I got and still have).

So me, my wife and kid, (one at that time) used to eat at a mexy restaurant in a small town near where I live. Across the street, (kinda parked back off the road) I noticed this white gf impreza wagon sitting back there. After about a year of it always being in the same spot I figured it was dead. So I stopped by to take a look. It was in ok condition outside. It had flower sign on the back side windows, it was a delivery wagon for the flower store next to where it was parked.

Went home started to read about the classic impreza. I came across one in particular, and it read "it's just a wagon". Wholly shit, I was hooked! Thanks fujik. I must have read his journey with his lwag a dozen times or more in the next few months.
Back to the wagon, it was simple. I had to have it. Even my wife started saying theres yer wagon whenever we would see it still sitting there. So I stopped by the flower shop to see what the word on the little white wagon outside was.

The guy there said it was the owner of the shop and she was out for the next couple of days, left my number and waited to hear back. About a week went by finally got a call, it was a 1 owner vehicle and it still ran. Setup a time for a test drive the next day. It ran not great, lots of oil everywhere. O'well. Had a little miss or something. O'well. Drove for about 45min, made it back. *big plus*
Ask how much, reply $1500. Na, didnt want it that bad I said. She said well then how much I said $900. Long pause. She came back with $1000. Deal, I said. shook hands. I'll be back in 20 min with cash and a ride.

First things first, get those hub caps off. First thing I see
Hmmm, that's not right.
Gotta fix that.
Much better

Then a much needed bath

And a cruise down to my river

And time to start simple mods.

From this
To this
I loved it at this time.

Then of course this
Got this

scruff3333 01-07-2018 03:19 PM

So when I got the wag, I noticed the usual oil leaks. Again, no biggy there. The car seemed to have a small miss, which became quite abit more pronounced when flogging on it. Didn't take long to figure that out.
Read alittle, change pcv and knock censor. Shifted and ran much better after that. Then new plugs, wires, oil change. All that fun stuff. Everything was great car ran good for about 6 or 7 thousand miles.
I was out beating the he'll out of it one night, nothing new for any of my vehicles. Next morn goto work, no problems. Get off work, stop by bank. Get back in to wagon and start it up....
Sounds like someone is kicking the hell out of it from under the hood. Now there's a problem. Well let's see how far it will go. It made it to my folks house, left it there.

scruff3333 01-08-2018 08:08 AM

Sorry for shitpics. I'll get to the dslr pics soon.

So, with help from, Joshua on here I pull the 222 out with very little trouble. Thanks for that rite-up man.

Then it was time to clean everything. There was so much sludge everywhere. I spent hrs n hrs scrubbing n degreasing everything.

So much better. Still a long ways to go.

scruff3333 01-08-2018 08:15 AM

Found a good 2.5 phll bottom end from a symi local.
Met up, $100 not bad. Tell I get home and realize I'm a fool, rod bearing out in it. Figured I'd just rebuild it, I wanted a Matt Monson frankin motor. Turns out most arnt pll heads and phll block. So very little info on this setup. I figure might as well get the heads done to while it's apart. I got a hold of ken at delta cams. Set up mild port, complete head rebuild and his cams of course. We talked and decided to go with his 1000 grind for all that beautiful torque. Dropped the heads off and onto the lower end, turned out to be a 253, that mean piston wouldn't work.

So dropped the block off at local machine shop.

Hone job, block cleaned, new king bearings, oem piston and rings, old rods and crank ground .20 over. Then 04 sti mid head gasket (small bump in compression). complete oem gasket set. All new timing (gates Chinese crap. Won't buy them again!) Then wait, and wait and wait....

And wait....

I was told by ken, 3 weeks.

Still waiting 6 months.

You guessed it. Still....

Finally 8+ months

I get a call from ken. Come up and get them.
I said are they done?
Well, my guy that ports, blaa blaa blaa.
So no port job.
But there ready?
K on my way up in the morn.

So, I get there and my heads are in pieces. Less than thrilled. I'm like ken wtf man?
He says. I was just about to put them together. I didn't think you'd be up here this early.
Little after 1 pm.

K, heads put together by ken. I planned on reassembling the block myself but by now I just want it done. Drop heads by machine shop.

Finally, its ready. Get to shop and owners on vacation. His boy hands me my nib king bearing set. I'm like wtf.

He says they didn't fit.
Our guy that grinds cranks never grinds thrust bearing journal.
Me:so why not get more king bearings for the thrust.
Idk, my dad's on vacation.

scruff3333 01-08-2018 12:35 PM

So waiting for 8+ months to get my motor back, it gave me time to clean, read, n spend money on my newest obsession.

Did I mention buying parts?

Lots of these boxes everywhere:D

If you don't have any of this, Get Some!

scruff3333 01-08-2018 01:09 PM

Couple fun pics:

Family gathering.
Wife's xt, bro inlaws brzed, my gf in background.

Another of wife's xt
Loved driving this thing in the snow

Love driving this in the snow more

Here is my ea82t and 94 ss getting old together

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