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Bast 09-19-2013 10:20 PM

Bast's MY99 RS - Prodrive P1 Replica
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About Me:
I've been browsing this forum for a bit and finally have a reason to create a journal. My name is Jess and I purchased the RS I wanted in July 2013. I had a couple opportunities to purchase a sedan RS, but I wanted to hold out for a coupe. Being that I lived in Oregon, the prices for RS' were laughable. While waiting for the right car I went through 4 other cars. I started with a 2003 Suzuki Aerio, to a 2003 VW GTI 20th Anniversary, to a 2005 Legacy GT Limited wagon (loved that beast, but it had a busted short block) and then to a 2000 Audi A4 Quattro. This was in a span of a year and half. :lol:

About the Car:
I purchased the RS from a Subaru 'specialist' dealer in Oregon in July 2013. They had completely overhauled the engine (new parts mentioned in post #2) when I picked it up at 124,500 miles with a 5-speed manual transmission and new tires. It had some blemishes (the rust spot I somehow missed until I got home) and a broken driver's side mirror. It came with the OBX axleback and OEM subwoofer, but any other addition has been added by me. All in all, I am completely happy with my purchase.

The main plan is to keep the car N/A and focus on cosmetic and chassis/suspension/brake upgrades. There will be no 'lowlife' or flares or widebody. It'll be something of a Prodrive P1 replica. I definitely want to update and refresh all the bushings and old OE parts; it really needs it... A possible far future plan would be to purchase a wrecked 05-07 STi and do a full USDM swap, but I'm in no considerable rush to do that.

- JDM STi MT blue pedal set
- JDM STi V5/6 front door cards
- JDM WRX gray HVAC trim
- JDM WRX gray shift trim
- JDM Subaru red hazard button
- OEM black coupe carpet
- Prodrive P1 cluster
- Prodrive P1 front seats
- Prodrive P1 rear seat
- Prodrive black 5MT shift knob
- Prodrive floor mats
- STi V9 steering wheel
- GD all-weather mats
- WRX intermittent wiper stalk
- Slate alcantara rear door trim inserts from Zealous Interiors
- Shiba dog hairs

Audio & Lighting
- Kenwood 6x9 rear speakers
- OEM subwoofer
- OEM trunk light
- OEM P1 Hella spotlights
- JDM ion foglights
- White LED map/dome lighting
- White LED HVAC lighting
- Natural White LED corner lights
- Retrofit headlights:
= E46-R shrouds
= Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 projectors
= Morimoto XB35 ballasts
= MotoControl Bixenon harness
= 4500k bulbs

- JDM Subaru taillights
- JDM Subaru clear corners
- JDM Subaru front aeroguards
- JDM Subaru rear aeroguards
- JDM 22B OE hood vents
- JDM STi V5/6 grille
- JDM STi V5/6 rear bumper
- JDM rear spats
- JDM flat fuel door
- EDM clear bumper lights
- Prodrive P1 OEM trunk badge
- Prodrive P1 OEM fender badges
- Prodrive P1 OEM spotlight covers
- Prodrive P1 OEM spoiler
- Prodrive P1 replica front splitter
- Depo clear side markers
- Depo glass headlights
- Paint-matched side skirts

Engine & Exhaust
- Engine rebuild at 124,000 miles
- Paranoid Fabrications grounding kit
- Stromung midpipe
- Prodrive oval tip axleback
- Kartboy exhaust hangers

Chassis & Suspension
- KYB AGX struts
- Eibach 'Prodrive' P11L springs
- Group N front and rear tophats
- Group N pitch stop mount
- GT Spec fender braces
- CUSCO lower rear subframe brace
- Whiteline steering rack bushings
- Whiteline outer tie rods
- Kartboy rear subframe locking bolts
- COBB front shifter bushing
- COBB rear shifter bushing
- eBay front strut bar
- WRX 17mm rear sway bar
- 2015 STi 13:1 steering rack
- L&E steering column linkage

Brakes & Wheels
- Winter: 205/55/16 Michelin X-Ice Xi3 tires with OEM silver RS 5 spokes 16x7 +55
- Summer: 215/45/17 Michelin Pilot Super Sports with OZ Prodrive P1s 17x7 +52 - repainted Duplicolor Graphite
- OZ Prodrive center caps - broken
- 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee center caps :lol:
- Muteki black lugnuts
- USDM WRX 4-pots repainted Titanium Blue
- USDM WRX 2-pots repainted Titanium Blue
- Centric premium rotors
- Stoptech street performance brake pads
- Stoptech SS brake lines
- Kartboy rear 2-pot adapters

- Cluster swap #1: Mileage of stock RS cluster: 139,758mi / Mileage of V6 cluster: 167,948km
- Cluster swap #2: Mileage of V6 cluster: 199,259km / Mileage of P1 cluster: 191,398km / Chassis mileage: 159,214mi
- Actual mileage: 194,425 as of January 3rd, 2019
- Rod knock diagnosis at the beginning of 2019. N/A engine replacement incoming Aug/Sept 2019.

Parts Wanted
- V5/6/Prodrive P1 rear doorcards
- Rear glass with wiper
- Rubber trunk mat

Bast 09-19-2013 10:20 PM

Here's what the dealer replaced prior to my purchase (all repairs done at ~124,000 miles):
  • New OEM Subaru head gaskets
  • New OEM intake manifold gaskets
  • New OEM Subaru cam seals
  • New OEM thermostat
  • New OEM thermostat gasket
  • New OEM oil pump o-ring
  • New valve cover gaskets
  • New spark plug tube seals
  • New washer rocker grommets
  • New drive belts
  • New timing belt (OE Gates brand)
  • New spark plugs (NGK)
  • New oil and filter
  • New anitfreeze
  • New ACL rod bearings
  • New ACL main bearings
  • New piston ring set
  • Transmission flush with Redline

When I took it for a test drive, the driver's side amber corner light flew off. They replaced those with the depo black corners (yuck!). It had fading pin stripes, slight rust, a busted driver's side mirror and awful deflectors on the hood and moonroof. That said, it was a diamond in the rough and I had to have it.

Bast 09-19-2013 10:21 PM

Sorry for the huge photo dump; rearranging the journal.

Within the first couple weeks I swapped out the orange bumper lights and black corner lights. Also locally purchased a v6 grille and put that on.

Purchased brand new JDM tails from flatirons and installed. Totally changes the rear end!

Bought some 02-07 all-weather mats from work and gave my front seats to a buddy. Oddly enough, don't have photos of the 02 WRX seats I put in; but they're not in the best condition and everyone knows what they look like anyhow.

Went to some local PDX meets..

I'm not a big fan of the silver wheels on black, so I plasti-dipped the wheels. It looks "better," but you really can't beat powdercoating.

My boyfriend's GF8 and my RS make a great pair.

You can find his build here .. EDIT: GF8 is no longer ours. :(

A bit later I installed some basic RA mudflaps.


That was a great 2 month span with little to no issues. Now come Friday the 13th and I wake up to this:
And the following Sunday.. Noticed the rear tire was flat.

There's been an alarming number of cases of peoples' cars being keyed and tires punctured on the sidewall all around Portland. I'm both peeved and thankful my car was the only one damaged on our street.

I dropped it off on at the auto body shop Wednesday for 4 -5 days of repair. A good $1,600 in damage and luckily insurance is taking care of it; including 4 new tires. For now, I've got a sweet 2013 Hyundai Sonata for a rental. :_sure:

scoobywrx99 09-19-2013 10:23 PM


Subeurself 09-20-2013 06:49 AM


There's been an alarming number of cases of peoples' cars being keyed and tires punctured on the sidewall all around Portland.
why would people do this.:curse:Haters going to hate I guess. Very nice car, I'm jelly.;)

Bast 09-20-2013 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by Subeurself (Post 3107885)
why would people do this.:curse:Haters going to hate I guess. Very nice car, I'm jelly.;)

No idea, they must get some joy out of it; a-holes.. :curse: Just glad I'm getting it fixed quickly!

And thank you!

Bast 09-23-2013 08:48 AM

Should be picking her up Wednesday!:banana:

Bast 09-26-2013 02:16 PM

Picked her up yesterday after class. I have rather mixed feelings about it -- They didn't do a great job on painting the hood. There's little pock marks where they repainted. In any case, the hood has hail damage so I've considered replacing it anyway.. I also asked them not to redo the pin striping, but they decided to do it despite my request. What really got me, was the overall mess made in my engine bay. I'm not very knowledgeable on body shop etiquette, but I would imagine you clean up after the work is finished? In any case, I was disappointed by all the white dust in what was once a clean bay. There's also caked white material in my hood vents. :facepalm:

They also called me retarded for requesting all new tires when only one was punctured. Great customer service?
The good news is, along with fixing the key marks, they repaired the dent on the front of the hood and realigned my driver door so it actually sits flush.

Also, a buddy sent me these:
Trying to decide between the KYB AGX or Excel-G struts. This car is mainly DD, no autoX or heavily spirited driving. The cost savings in the Excels is nice. Either way, I've got time to decide while I recoup some money.

Bast 09-28-2013 05:44 PM

Taillights are leaking again and the sides of my trunk keep filling with water. Just in time for a good ol' Portland rainstorm!

Bast 10-01-2013 05:47 PM

Taillights are finally sealed with no leaks into my trunk (yay!). But, I think my starter finally took a dump.

I've been having intermittent starting issues where it'll crank but not start right away. It's every time I start the car and worse when it's short trips. Came home from work today and shut it off to run inside for some keys; go back outside and she won't start. Cranks once and silence. I'm hoping it's just the starter. I should have a replacement soon.

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