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JO5HUA 05-12-2013 06:25 PM

JO5H's Hellacheap Kitchens Thread
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I finally have an Impreza! I was still stuck on my FXT and searching craigslist high and low for a black 05 and kept coming up short. I decided to look at for GC Imprezas to see if anything good popped up and came across this black beauty in Samammish priced at $3400

The guy I bought it from had a shop and he was using this car as a service loaner, the body looks pretty good just a lot of dings

The tires are pretty new and the maintenance looked good, I got to see it on a lift and everything looked great

The tan interior is not doing it for me at all but it is in decent shape I suppose, I do like the accordion shift boot though. The car has just over 200k and looks as well as I would expect with barely a spot of rust, I test drove it and about pooped myself when I hit the brakes doing 40. When I picked it up yesterday I was still thinking I would just keep it a while until I find another Forester but on the ride home I fell in love, just really want to upgrade the brakes

trx450r1989 05-12-2013 07:02 PM

That is a very clean car! What's your plans for it?

JO5HUA 05-12-2013 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by trx450r1989 (Post 3044975)
That is a very clean car! What's your plans for it?

FXT swap, rally suspension but not lifted this time

Before I got my Legacy I was looking for a black RS coupe and was always a day late or a dollar short. I settled for the Legacy and I liked it but all the while I still wanted an Impreza. Naturally, when it was totaled, I looked for a black coupe again. Finding nothing but crap I looked for a Forester and found a salvage title that proved to be a disaster. The only thing that could make up for that heartbreak is now mine

So happy I got an L almost entirely for the lack of sunroof

The body and paint is really good aside from the small dings in the doors and rear quarters

Why Subaru decided to put a sedan wing on a L coupe and no wing on the L sedan I will never understand

The amazing features of this car, it has this awesome tape deck, power windows and locks and a great enthusiast base! The best part is what it doesn't have though

It does have air conditioning which is always nice in a black car

Single stage booster, pretty much everything about the braking system is awesome except the calipers and drums

No EGR on the 2.2, cable clutch and no cruise control

Found one of the PCV hoses disconnected and fixed that real quick

Kind of wondering what I should use to clean the VIN plate since it looks so rusty

Dylabeatus 05-12-2013 09:27 PM


SyNtEcH 05-12-2013 09:55 PM

You going lifted with this one too?

JO5HUA 05-13-2013 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by SyNtEcH (Post 3045069)
You going lifted with this one too?

Not lifted this time, suspension needs some work though. The brakes NEED to be upgraded they are incredibly weak even in great condition. I'm going to put studless m+s tires on my braids and street tires on my Forester wheels to fit the WRX fronts and Legacy rears.

I took the headunit out of my forester and got that hooked straight to the polk speakers I've been holding on to. The plan is to use a small amp on them to take some duty off the deck, nothing crazy but anything is better than stock

Just test fitted the dvd player since the dash is coming out

The window switch was dangling right on the speaker so I tied it up, I am so smart

The rear deck carpet was held in by the window silicone so I got angry and destroyed it as you can see

The sound deadening mat seems excessive to me so it's coming out, you can kind of see the carpet that's stuck in the window sealer

Got the rear half of the interior out and put the rear speakers in along with the rear strut bar, I kicked up so much old dust my nose is hella stuffy today

The strut bar is nothing fancy I was planning on getting the mounts boxed first but what the hell

It looked to me like the lower bar was just to reinforce the seating but it actually is quite rigid. When I used it to shake the car it didn't flex at all, I can't say the same for the strut brace unfortunately

I took the side impact beam out but it's going back in, the legacy leather didn't fit even without it and my daughter is far too precious for the minimal weight savings

All in a few hours

I'm a little upset that one of the speaker leads broke on me. Now I have to break out the soldering iron and fix that, all the wiring for the amp still needs to be run... I'm thinking this car will be without an interior for a little while longer

JO5HUA 05-15-2013 05:41 AM

I got a few more things from a partout in Everett like the airbag and center console along with the buttload of clips I'm missing. While the carpet was removed I wired my old 4 channel amp, like really old, I seriously got it in like 2001, and thought I would share how to get the wire thru the firewall hella easy

One seriously overkill ground bolt later and the amp is installed! Most of the interior is black now, I just need to swap the dash and get door cards for it to look legit

The speakers are Polk 55rms and there is no way that amp will over power them. I fixed the rear carpet by letting it get wet outside and laying it flat. I cleaned the tire mark off with oxy clean and I would have installed it but it's still wet. Well, that and I broke the lead off the other rear speaker and I can't find my soldering iron to fix it

I have an assortment of shifter trims now, the accordian boot which I think looks the best, a leather RS boot with a hole in it and another leather one with the fake carbon overlay on it. I did like the RS knob better though so I'm gonna use it

FXT wheels and tires totally fit! 215/60-16's and they barely clear in the rear but no rubbing

I tried to fix this broken speaker terminal

It worked but when I installed it I didn't know about the amp problems so I assumed it was broken for good

Screwbaru 05-15-2013 05:46 AM

So awesome ... totally molested... right... lol

BRZCory 05-15-2013 05:50 AM

Stock L 1-piston front calipers FTW!


George.of.the.Jungle 05-15-2013 05:51 AM

go low or suck. that is all.

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