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bue car 12-24-2012 10:35 PM

Bue Car's 1995 EJ257 STi Track Coupe
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Pierce Motorsports MR Auto Sports

1995 Impreza Base: Lucy

Bought 03/19/12 as a dd... turning into a race car

How she currently sits...

1995 Impreza Base Modification List:


2000 2.5 Rs Black Front Seats
Autopower Industries Race Roll Bar [60804] Welded in, not bolted.
Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount [R-2315]
Escape Hammer [K5140]
Complete HVAC Delete
Plug Evaporator [72096AA000]
All Airbags Deleted
DBW Pedal Adapter [36020AE130]


Lightweight Bumper Beam Front [57760FA400]
Myhobbes25 Antenna Delete [Custom]
Custom Tow Hook [Custom]
Rolled and pulled rear fenders by me


2004 EJ257
Motive Autowerks Composite TGV Delete [060]
Brightside Battery Tie Down [Custom]


Agency Power Billet Pitch Stop Mount [AP-GDA-165]
MasterPro Select CV Axle Shafts [SB8001]
Motul Gear 300 75W90 [3178CZ]
Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushings [KB-003-Rear]
Torque Solution Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings [TS-SU-DSB]
Kartboy Rear Subframe Bolts [KB-0XY]


Whiteline Front Control Arm - Lower Inner Rear Bushing (Anti-Lift/Caster Correction) MOTORSPORT [KCA319M]
RCE 25.5 MM Adjustable Front Sway Bar [RCE-190017]
Kartboy Solid Front Endlinks [KB-017-SedanFront]
Kartboy Spacers for Front Endlinks [KB-017-FrontEndlinkSpacers]
RCE 25.5MM Adjustable Rear Sway Bar [RCE-190018]
2008 Sti Front Endlinks Used as Rear Endlinks
Godspeed Project Trailing Arms [AK-033]
2007 Sti Lateral Links
TIC Lateral Link Bushings - Race [TIC LL BUSH RACE]
2008 Sti Front Endlinks (Using as rears) []
Cusco Rear Lower Subframe Bar [673 487 A]
Custom OEM X-Brace
GTSpec Rear Strut Bar [GTS-SUS-1153]
GTSpec Rear Trunk Cage [GTS-SUS-1142]

Brakes, Wheels, and Tyres:

Poleboy90's MC Brace (Prototype)
WRX STi Type RA Brake Pressure Control Valve [27673FA001]
02 JDM Version 7 STi Rear Brembos

Table Of Contents

Post 2: EJ18 and FWD Transmission Pulled
Post 3: EJ18 and FWD Transmission Pulled Cont.
Post 4: EJ18 Gasket Set
Post 5: Cleaned Up Transmission and Parts
Post 6: EJ18 Gasket Set Laid Out
Post 7: Throttle Body and Intake Manifold Removed
Post 8: Stripping the Intake Manifold
Post 9: Timing Belt Removed
Post 10: Polyurethane Filled FWD Transmission Bushing
Post 11: More Pictures of Cleaned Transmission & Kartboy Shifter Bushings
Post 12: Transmission Installed
Post 13: Front Cross Member and Shifter Bushing Install
Post 14: JDM Front Bumper Beam
Post 15: Port & Polished Throttle Body, Runners, and Intake Manifold (
Post 16: Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings and Sport Anti-Lift Kit
Post 17: Intake Manifold Assembled
Post 18: Rear Sway Lateral Links with FWD Bushings, Whiteline Rear Sway Bar, Failed Noltec Endlinks / OEM Endlinks
Post 19: New Front Outer Tie Rods
Post 20: Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines
Post 21: Separated Block Halves & Heads
Post 22: Oil and Water Pumps Removed
Post 23: Oils Pan, Pistons & Flywheel Removed, Block Split Technique,
Post 24: Crank with Rods Removed - Bearing Removed
Post 25: Delta 200 Grind Cams
Post 26: Carpet Removed
Post 27: Medevil Light Weight Crank Pulley and Resurfaced Flywheel
Post 28: Ported Heads, Exhaust Ports, and Grimmspeed Phenolic Spacers
Post 29: EGR Delete, Air Pump Delete, and Throttle Body Coolant Bypass Mod
Post 30: Bought WRX Front Brakes & Resurfaced Front Rotors
Post 31: WRX Front Brakes Installed, Sound Deadening Removed, and Removed Excess Vacuum Lines / Plugged Sensors
Post 32: L&E Fabrication GC-GD U-Joint
Post 33: GD Power Steering Pump and Lines
Post 34: 1st Oil Change
Post 35: Second FWD Transmission
Post 36: Second Transmission Cleaned Up, Snout Comparison
Post 37: Quest for RS Clutch and Flywheel
Post 38: RS Clutch and Flywheel
Post 39: Broken Transmission Gears
Post 40: Agency Power Pitch Stop
Post 41: Second Transmission Installed, New Front Axles
Post 42: Front Axles, Exhaust, Pitch Stop, and 99 Forester Radio
Post 43: Hooka Smoke Test & Idle Adjustment
Post 44: Dual Front Strut Bars
Post 45: Motul Transmission Oil Change
Post 46: Resealed Rear Tail Lights
Post 53: Muffler Delete and Ichiba 25MM Rear Spacers
Post 57: H&R Trac+ 5mm Front Spacers
Post 63: New Bosch Battery and Terminals
Post 64: Brightside Performance Battery Tie Down
Post 68: Re-greased Front Endlinks
Post 69: VMS Ground Kit Installed
Post 71: Custom OEM Rear X-Brace
Post 84: New Windshield
Post 90: Rear Sound Deadening Removal
Post 91: Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Bracket
Post 92: Antenna Delete
Post 93: Window Tint Removal
Post 94: Tommy Kaira Cluster Pics
Post 94: Sparco Sprint Driver Seat
Post 103: OBX EL Headers & Track Pipe w/ Espeiler JGT500 3" Cat Back Video
Post 104: Updated Engine Picture
Post 105: GD Power Steering Reservoir Mounting Solution
Post 112: Start of Custom Light Air Dam
Post 118: Water Leaks Inside Cabin
Post 134: Whiteline Race ALK's and Autopower 4 Point Cage Pics
Post 145: Optima Red Top
Post 149: First Car Wash w/ Leaks!
Post 151: Alternator Pulley, AEM Intake and Poleboy90's MC Brace pictures
Post 158: Custom Rear Tow Hook & Dirty Impreza Support Crew Vinyl #32
Post 159: Gary's Garage Vinyl
Post 160: STi Aluminum Lateral Links
Post 167: STi Replica Pedal Cover
Post 176: EJ25D Rods AKA Front Tow Hooks
Post 180: GTSpec Rear Strut Bar Installed
Post 195: FWD Lateral Link Tow Bushing Options
Post 201: Safety Hammer Installed
Post 202: GTSpec Rear Trunk Cage
Post 208: GTSpec Rear Trunk Cage pt. 2
Post 210: 94 SVX FWD/Non-ABS All Disc Brake Master Cylinder Pictures
Post 228: TIC Lateral Link Bushings Picture
Post 239: New Ball Joints and Aluminum Control Arms
Post 240: Cut OEM Front Tow Hooks
Post 241: Poleboy90s MC Brace Prep and STi Lateral Link Prep
Post 244: Kartboy Front Endlink Issue w/ Aluminum Control Arms
Post 246: Kartboy Endlink Spacers and New Long Bolts
Post 247: Bushings Pressed in Lateral Links, Cage Prep Start
Post 254: STi Front Endlinks
Post 255: Cage Prep cont.
Post 256: Cage Prep and Install
Post 257: Cage Clearance Pictures and Primer
Post 261: Rear Fender Roll
Post 262: Bushings Pressed in Lateral Links Completed
Post 263: Poleboy90s MC Brace Painted
Post 264: Poleboy90s MC Brace Installed
Post 269: Cusco Rear Subframe Bar, Godspeed Trailing Arms, and STi Lateral Links Installed
Post 273: First Event: Streets CCW
Post 277: 2000 2.5 Rs Front Seats and Cusco 24mm RSB Installed
Post 311: OEM Exhaust with Muffler Delete Installed
Post 314: Removed / Sold LaMco Gauges
Post 315: Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
Post 318: 145,000 Chassis Miles!
Post 321: Rear Bumper Crash
Post 328: Sti Swap in a Van! & RCE Sways
Post 350: Rusted Godspeed Trailing Arm Heim Joint
Post 359: End of the Line for NA!
Post 362: Stripping for the Swap
Post 391: Removed Dash to Strip
Post 397: HVAC Removed
Post 402: Original Wiring Removed
Post 403: E-brake & Shifter Removal; Passenger Sound Deadening Removal
Post 411: Driver Sound Deadening Removal, Painted Crash Beam, and HVAC Condenser Firewall Plug
Post 412: Removed Front Sub-Frame & 02 RS Steering Rack
Post 422: WRX STI Type RA Brake Proportioning Valve - 27673FA001
Post 423: Various Interior Parts Painted
Post 424: Stance Aluminum Differential Bushings & Painted Crash Beam Installed
Post 425: GD Brake and Clutch Pedals Installed, along with Hydro Clutch
Post 428: DBW Pedal Adapter & Gas Pedal Installed
Post 439: Front Cross Member / Steering Rack Installed & HVAC Firewall Holes Plugged
Post 458: Added JDM In-Fender Coolant Overflow Tank
Post 462: GrpA Fiberglass Hood Installed
Post 480: SVX Non-ABS Disc Brake MC & WRX STi Type RA Brake Pressure Control Valve Installed

bue car 12-24-2012 10:36 PM

The car had a bad leak, so I pulled out the motor, trans, and cross member to clean them up. I also bought the last engine gasket kit in the US for the EJ1.8

You can see how bad it was for some time:

bue car 12-24-2012 10:36 PM

mmm more crap.

nice n thick.

bue car 12-24-2012 10:37 PM

so i picked up some parts from south coast subaru.. i ordered both tie rods, ferdie ordered 2 of the same side...

That gasket box is 1.5 inches thick.. and probably 10x10. so small...

then bam!

holy hell..glad i loved legos.

bue car 12-24-2012 10:37 PM

i feel like i can do better...

these came out nice...


bue car 12-24-2012 10:38 PM

bue car 12-24-2012 10:39 PM

Took some parts off

dirty throttle body

EGR pipe

intake manifold side

head side. this is hardened buildup.

inside my intake manifold - that pipe is where the exhaust gas is returned.

the fuel spay kept only a small part clean LOL.. time to pnp!

left head

bue car 12-24-2012 10:40 PM

stripping the intake manifold

Again the EGR stuff was cruddy. Yay old cars

The runners

I also got some goodies

8mm Phenolic Spacers

bue car 12-24-2012 10:41 PM

Top Dead

bue car 12-24-2012 10:42 PM

I was going to use 3M 590 OEM polyurethane, i found this alternative.

I used wax paper for easy removal when done

First half filled in, let it sit overnight.

After a day, i removed the wax paper...

Then i filled in the remaining area. I filled in the gaps, then i made it flush with the metal edges on each side. Should be pretty stiff!

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