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master c 02-18-2010 11:43 PM

Master C's '00 RS-T
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Table of Contents:

Post 1: Introduction and Current Mod List
Post 2: History and previous setups
Post 3: Current Projects

UPDATED 3/24/11 - new pics, lots of engine upgrades, updated mod list

4" intake and greddy turbo insulator

updated engine pic with new fuel system and greddy oil cooler/filter relocation

and one final one of the car:

My name is Chris and I have been on here since 2004, but didn't sign up til 2006

I have a 2000 Silverthorn metallic 2dr 2.5RS. I am the 2nd owner of this car and purchased it from Anchorage, Alaska back in 2005. I searched for a 2dr 2.5RS for a year and a half and finally settled with this one because it only had 42k miles on it. I hope you enjoy the progress of this car (5years) because I love it and it is really fun to drive :) No shop has ever worked on this car. I did everything myself from the engine build, to the hid retrofits, to custom fabricating brackets and odds and ends to make this car what it is. I don't have a garage and work in the street in front of my house in the snow, rain, and sun (if im lucky :)). My kitchen is my workshop and more car modding gets done in there than cooking haha ;)

I would like to dedicate this build to all the people who have gone RS-T and not done the swap. It is not a route for everyone, but those of you who have succeded with building an RS-T know its so worth it. One thing I hate about forums is the negativity to new ideas or ideas that are not what everyone else is doing - I have posted some ideas several times and been shot down, so it has discouraged me from sharing my findings, but I figure now is the time to let you guys see what I've been working on. I wish i had a dollar for every post I've seen that says "omg just another reason to do a swap" or "my experience with RS-T sucked, don't do it" guys know who you are. So on with the show!!!

Here is a random assortment of recent pics (stuff changes almost daily right now so all these are slightly dated):

a quick vid of how she sounds...cant really see anything though

External Wastegate Test Run w/ 18g

Current Mods:

Factory Options:
2.5RS package

Exterior Modifications:

BMW M3 Retrofit HID projectors/ballasts/ignitors/capsules
Blacked Housing Corner Lights
Blacked Housing Bumper Turn Signals
Brake vents painted black
Blacked Housing sidemarkers
Blacked out tails
Genuine JDM STi fog covers/brackets
Genuine JDM STi rear spats
Rear Window Visor/Wing
20% black tint all around
Debadged Trunk

Interior Modifications:
AEM UEGO wideband A/F gauge
Greddy 60mm mechanical Boost Gauge
Greddy 60mm peak/warn EGT Gauge
Greddy 60mm peak/warn Oil Temp Gauge
Greddy 60mm Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge
Scangauge 2
05 WRX black seats
Custom upholstered door panels - black wrx material
greddy heavyweight shift knob
MOMO V6 Chrome/Black steering wheel
MOMO hub adapter
Custom black rear deck
R1 Racing Pedals
STI floormats
OEM gauge housing (holds the UEGO + Blitz SBC-DC EBC)
1 off black w/ silver flake painted trims



Built EJ251 with:
Mahle "powerpack" piston kit (8.7:1)
Sti forged rods
ACL race rod + main bearings
Cometic mls headgaskets
ARP pro head studs
ARP pro rod bolts
Delta camshaft turbo cams
Gates racing kevlar timing belt
GFB lightweight crank, and alt pullies
Greddy oil cooler and filter relocation kit
Apexi Grounding Stabilizer
catless MIL eliminator
OBX breather catch can
Obnoxious Motorsports vacuum manifold
NGK turbo spark plugs

Fuel System:
STi pink 565cc injectors
Perrin -6an Fuel Rails
AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Earl's fuel lines/ -6an fittings
Trickflow fuel filter
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Summit Racing liquid filled fuel pressure gauge

GReddy T67 25g Rotated Turbo
Flipped N/A ej251 intake manifold (custom polished and shaved)
CX Racing FMIC
Greddy Type RS BOV
K&N cone filter
custom 4" intake
custom i/c piping

STi Header
Grimmspeed ceramic coated up pipe
Greddy Type R08 47mm external wastegate
Greddy 3" downpipe
Greddy EVO2 Catback
Kartboy Long Exhaust hangers

Tuned with:
Greddy Emanage Ultimate w/ wideband 02 harness and aux pressure sensor
Blitz SBC-DC dual solenoid ebc

JDM HKS Super Sports lowering springs
Otto Racing Rear Strut bar
Otto Racing Front Strut bar
Cusco Rear Diff brace
Cusco Rear Sway mount brace w/ diffuser brackets

OEM STi Short Shifter kit
Kartboy front shifter bushing
Kartboy rear shifter bushing
Spec stage 3+ clutch kit

5Zigen FN01R-C 17x8's

rockford fosgate TYPE RF 5.25 component system
rockford fosgate power t3002 component system amp
rockford fosgate power t3002 sub amp
2 rockford fosgate P3 10" subs
custom built sub box
custom built amp rack
Tsunami Nickel battery terminals w/ stereo inputs
Optima red top battery
battery relocated to trunk
4ga big 3 wiring upgrade
Security System

master c 02-18-2010 11:43 PM

Here is some history of mods (starting when i decided to turbo it in sure nobody wants to hear bout my N/A mods):

Setup 1

Bone stock ej251
vf11 turbo (7 psi)
jdm eq length liberty header (not cast like usdm manifolds, rare piece...never seen anyone else with one and clears N/A water pump!!)
HKS uppipe for WRX
HKS downpipe for WRX
Apexi N1 catback
notched x-member
stock 02 wrx TMIC
split second timing controller
split second map voltage clamp
Greddy RS bov w/ adapter

Ran great for a year like this....then I wanted more....

The engine management is KEY with these setups, and mine was lacking. So i went Emanage blue.....sux for map based cars. Went Emanage Ultimate and it worked way better. Top mount intercoolers suck to try and fit to an RS-T. the FMIC was way easier and would rec. that even though everyone says its too big for such low boost because of the headache u will save.

Setup 2

Same as setup 1 except:

Emanage Ultimate w/ aux pressure sensor and wideband
TDO4L (9psi)
CX racing FMIC

Results: Car was WAY fun!!! really came to life on the occasions when id push 11 psi, but head gasket went after driving it turbo'd on stock bottom end for 1.5 years this way. RS-T's can be reliable!!! its all about the tune!!! when the head gasket went is when i built the engine and is at the current setup I'm at now.

pic of old setup right before i slapped the 18G in and relocated the battery to the trunk:

here is a video of a launch at 7.5psi with the td04

7.5 PSI launch

you will notice that it doesnt have "boxer rumble" because it has an equal length jdm liberty header on it still... i love how it sounds now with the STi header and grimmspeed external gate :)

master c 02-18-2010 11:44 PM

now here is what I have in store for the coming days/weeks/months....

Just came in today:

Greddy T67 25G rotated turbo kit

This kit will be going in over the next few days. Plan to make good power with this setup, but full potential won't be reached until i go full standalone (looking for one btw! was thinking megasquirt if anyone could get a confirmed working setup with the new pnp kits coming out)

Also doing what was told can't be done (saw proof it can be done from another member though!!) and flipping the N/A intake manifold. Im sending it to Grimmspeed to have them do PNP work on it, but in the mean time I hand sanded from 60 thru 2000 grit then polished it and shaved all the unused tabs. Can't wait to flip this and modify the intercooler piping to be shorter. Will look extremely clean IMO. And yes, this is the famed '99 manifold with no air assist that wrx style injectors fit like a glove in

This manifold will be setup with a custom fuel system I am working on. I fab'd some adapter brackets to bolt on some Perrin V1 fuel rails then I am setting it up to go with an AEM fpr and fuel filter with earls braided 6an lines... pics of that to come in following posts as work isn't 100% done yet

AWDenvy 02-18-2010 11:53 PM

Damnit. I'm too quick. Or you're too slow. I got excited.

P.Gentilli 02-19-2010 12:02 AM

it's worth the wait. This car is ridiculous.

jton 02-19-2010 12:05 AM

Sounds cool. :D

AWDenvy 02-19-2010 12:06 AM

Now I'm even more excited. Thanks a lot.

master c 02-19-2010 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by P.Gentilli (Post 1992258)
it's worth the wait. This car is ridiculous.

hey thx pat. we should get together a meet or somethin - next time im in Missoula I'll let ya know! I was there last weekend at hooters :)

Impreziv 2.5 02-19-2010 01:24 AM


I am selling the STi... building another RS... :)

master c 02-19-2010 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by Impreziv 2.5 (Post 1992292)

I am selling the STi... building another RS... :)

cant wait to see what ya come up with MR Fresh!

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