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Smoke 09-24-2009 09:51 PM

Project Nemesis: Version 4 into L
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That's right; I finally got the JDM STi EJ20K.

I got it from Acutech Imports on ebay. comes with full tranny, driveshaft, axles (the whole drivetrain!), with apexi powerFC standalone ECU.

I also ordered a new pedal set that includes the clutch cylinders, as well as a Version 4 STi gauge cluster. However, I am certain this will not bolt in. :( That's what i've heard.

I would like to thank people on, NASIOC for the knowledge, as well as the local subie people for willing to help out.

The car as of now:
This will be my swap thread!

This was my old thread that didn't make it very far:

My mom kind of found out and got pissed, and I'm afraid to tell me dad too. I realize they help pay for my expenses such as college, and it was wrong to go behind their back. However, they don't seem to trust me enough, where I can't take big risks to learn from them. So my plan is to swap the engine myself with a few friends, and have ECS or someone merge the harness.

I hope to get this car to be reliable for daily use. My question is how will this effect my insurance?

Engine how it is:

Version 4 STi swap with DCCD
-Engine swap
-Auto to Manual Conversion
-Drivetrain swap

Mod list as of July 2010:
-Version 5 STi wing replica
-Painted moldings and mirrors
-Authentic JDM Version 5/6 STi grill
-JDM GC8 headlights
-Depo clear corners
-Blacked out taillights
-Enkei RS-V wheels with Federal SS595 tires
-Hella Supertones

-Blacked out painted interior
-Blue suede door inserts
-Blue suede airbag cover
-Recaro Speed seat
-Modified Sparco bracket and slider
-Blue footwell illumination kit
-STi badge

-Tanabe GF210 springs
-KYB AGX adjustable shocks
-Whiteline 3 way adjustable rear sway bar
-Kartboy Endlinks
-Primitive Racing front strut bar

Power (pre-swap):
-Apexi N1 exhaust to 2.25" piping
-Vibrant Performance resonator
-Authentic Borla headers

Overall plans for this car:
-Overall reliability and daily drivability. I want this to be one of the most reliable ej20k's out there. This means using Apexi PowerFC for tuning for Washington's 92 octane gas, and using good oil. (10w 40?)
-Bolt-on power. Not shooting for super power. I'm doing straightly suspension and bolt-ons with this. This means exhaust, port and polishing, and maybe a slightly bigger turbo.
-Fun. If I do this I will be the first person with a JDM STi swap in my of the state.

Parts list:
-ACL Race bearings
-OEM EJ257 Rods (check)
-Cometic head gaskets (check)
-ARP Head studs
-ARP Rod bolts
-Walbro fuel pump
-CX Racing radiator
-OEM DCCD switch or just get aftermarket

Smoke 09-24-2009 09:51 PM

-Engine arrives. Post 5 and 6
-Got my WRX pedal box with clutch cylinders
-Ordered some parts
-Random pictures of engine bay

Smoke 09-24-2009 09:51 PM

Picture Table of Contents:
-July 2010 pictures on POST 19.

June 2012, random pictures of engine:"]

Smoke 10-02-2009 09:58 PM

All I have is an old barn to store the engine.
My parents told me mice don't like aluminum foil so I wrapped the major stuff.

I have to convert it to a 5 speed. :cool:

The crossmember! It saves me about $100.

Looks beat up, but it will do.. I need a BPV though.

R180 Rear differential with 4.44 FD:

Axles and driveshaft:

Smoke 10-02-2009 10:01 PM

Looks like a mechanical speedometer cable? :confused: I thought the V4 was the first of electric.


Apexi Short Ram :cool: But not a good sign... Car has probably been beat to hell:

Yay, I should find a DIY water sprayer:

The main course:

I'm thanking my parents for helping me unload this and being understanding for my project.

I have school though, so this project will have to wait.

Next plans: Inspect engine; most likely there is some damage. I will likely check the oil for metal (it's black as midnight) and the Power Steering is bone dry.

And I'll have to learn how to change head gaskets.

Hopefully won't have to do a rebuild.

supersayianjim 10-03-2009 05:22 AM

dont tell youre insurance and they won't know. you don't have to report a swap. i put a skyline motor in my 240sx,and you know ins company just has it down as a 240sx(you don't have to tell them).

and just cause you have an aftermarket intake dosent mean it was abused.the japs like better airflow and better gas mileage.

Smezmerz 10-03-2009 06:04 AM

I like this pic, looks alot like ND (i used to live there) no offense haha

Smoke 10-03-2009 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by 96_WRX_kadena (Post 1834816)

I like this pic, looks alot like ND (i used to live there) no offense haha

None taken. :D
This is probably one of the only compliments I've gotten in a long time! :banana:

As for insurance goes, if I get in a wreck I'm screwed right? I can still try to cover the swap?

JaeILV2 10-03-2009 11:08 AM

If you don't tell your insurance, then yes, you will be screwed. That's the risk you take if you decide to not tell them. So you gotta decide, is it worth letting them know and your insurance goes up, or you stay quiet and pay cheap insurance and risk losing your motor in a accident.

Smezmerz 10-03-2009 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Da-RiSiN-sMoKe (Post 1834983)
None taken. :D
This is probably one of the only compliments I've gotten in a long time! :banana:

As for insurance goes, if I get in a wreck I'm screwed right? I can still try to cover the swap?

Hmm, you know i really have no idea. sorry

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