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Need help with swapping a transmission?
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Default Need help with swapping a transmission?

Hey guys, I have a 2001 2.5rs and my transmission was going out and so my car is stuck here in my hometown. I took it into a local mechanic and bought a 2000-2005 forester transmission to replace it. It has the same 4.111 final drive, push type, and has a speed sensor. My mechanics said the transmissions half an inch bigger and the axles were different. I did some research and they said the transmission should be fine but i dont know, do you guys think it'll fit? And can I swap the old axles from my car and replace from the new one provided?

Transmission code is ty755xs3aa which is off a 2000-2005 forester non turbo... I couldn't find any transmissions off a 2.5rs because it's pretty rare.

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Did you try telling the mechanic that they are legos?
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Transmission comparability can be a PITA sometimes. There are a lot of transmission charts online and some of them have inaccurate information. I usually go to the service manuals for transmission information.

You will need different front axles. I think your Forester (probably 2002 JDM Forester) transmission takes male axles while the 2001 RS has stub axles on the transmission and female front axles. You could probably pick up used axles from a 2005 to 2007 GD Impreza or WRX Wagon as they also take male front axles and are about the same length as the 01 RS axles. You might be able to get away with using new aftermarket 2005-2007 Impreza axles but sometimes the sedan axles are about 10mm longer. I've never had a problems with binding using GD sedan axles on my own wagon. Someone else might have an answer for you on that one.

You'll probably need to use the shifter linkage from the RS because one of the arms on the forester linkage may be a bit longer. I have a forester and an Impreza linkage in my garage now and the Fozzy is a tiny bit different.

Everything else is probably the same or can be swapped from your old trans.

You should be OK with the VSS (speed sensor) but those are interchangeable too so just use your old one if you have to.
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Two things:

One: That trans you bought is a dual range trans, it has a high and low gear. you need a whole separate shifter assembly thats super hard to find in order to have a handle for the range select, you'll need to make a bracket to hold the range select lever in place because you'll be in for a suprise when it drops into low gear while your driving on the highway, it is a synchronized assembly and it will move while your driving if its not held in place.

Two: This guy got it with the axles ^ That trans you got uses male axles, your RS has female axles. You can try to use some aftermarket axles and get lucky with some that might have shorter shafts, they're hit or miss. Using factory sedan GD axles wont work, they're 10-12mm too long and the bearings inside the cups will hit.
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