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Differentials FAQ: Read if you are thinking of Upgrading!
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Old 11-08-2017, 06:56 PM   #41
Car: 2000 RS Blue Ridge Pearl
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Originally Posted by vascorama View Post
I have an issue here, looked for help but so far got close to 0...
Iīll try to briefly explain my situation.

I have a mt5 bugeye wrx turbo(not sti), and i believe i have an open diff on the back because:
- mine behaves like car number one of this video: YouTube when i guess it should behave like car number 2 of the same video.
- If i put the car on stands, i spin 1 rear wheel, and the opposite wheel spins the other way
- If i launch with 2 wheels(front and rear) on tarmac and 2 on gravel, only the wheels on gravel spin.

So iīve come to the point of thinking i really have an open diff. I dunno if it came like that from factory or if it was the previous owner that fitted it like that.

Now i have the car on a shop where they have loads of stuff, and the mechanic told me the pre-98 gt classics had some kind of diff lock on the rear, and that he has some of those diffs in stock.

The problem is that he canīt explain me too well because he is more of a "letīs go guy", and not very "technical terms guy". Internet info is scarse on this...and the shop is too far away for me to fit something, regret and get back there...

I really want a rear diff lock of any kind will be better than open as it is, but another question is, what happens if the ratio is different? Will it damage the center diff?

I need you help m8īs
Thank you
A little late but hey. The bugeye wrx has a viscous rear lsd and wont lock up like a mechanical lsd. Under a lot of circumstances the vlsd will function like an open diff. For instance I got my car stuck in a bog on bald summers and it was only peeling out one wheel on the back. Took some heavy blips of the throttle to get the other wheel to kick in.

I have since had to swap my rs 4.11 transmission and diff to a 3.9 open diff setup from an 06 saabaru. The VLSD made a comparable difference in street driving, and especially on wet pavement. With the open diff, my car tends to understeer in hard corners on wet pavement, the rear end just does not bite in and push the same way as the vlsd. This will be my first winter with the open diff. I will see how it goes.
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Old 11-06-2018, 02:14 PM   #42
Car: All AWD, some turbo
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Excellent source of info.

Looking for a good LSD to upgrade the stocker on my '99 2.5RS manual. Can anyone confirm fitment of Cusco or other aftermarket LSD's listed for newer cars?
Seeing that there are different axle types, there should be an option that will drop right into the stock diff housing and only need the ring gear swapped over.
'18 F350 tow rig, '17 Porsche Macan S, '12 STi hatch, '99 RS rally car, '99 RSTi
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