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Originally Posted by dSpec View Post
Thanks! I'll check into it.

I do have one thing for sure, and that is the resistor bank impedance. It is definitely around 17. I took numerous readings and they were all around 17.1-17.2 ohms.

My switch seems correct. It is the same one that you had pictured, except DPDT. I just used one side of the switch.

I will try to check the ground connection today. I have the ground attached to my intake manifold. I also have to note that I use the same ground for my grounding kit. Would this be affecting it?
Good man!! Those are fine numbers. My switch is actually DPDT too - a little clever photography hid the other pins

I'm guessing that your ground is the issue and your continuity test will tell you for sure - the intake is subjected to a fair amount of potentially corrosive road grime, and unless it's painted or cleared, the aluminum will develop a layer of surface oxidation that could prevent a good connection. Otherwise it should be a fine ground - especially if the grounding kits recommend it.
That said, I grounded to the factory grounds located to the rear of the driver's front strut tower. It was tidier looking, and required less wire.
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