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Originally Posted by reddragons View Post
i just wonder if the wire for my turbo 94 is the same color as na's.
Yes - it's very likely that the wire in any OEM turbo setup will be different. In fact, I recall it being different colored and possibly a different impedance (resistance).
My current setup, is aimed at the N/A cars, but I can do a little looking to see what the differences are. My main problem is that I can't get my hands on any turbo cars to confirm. If any one reading this is interested in doing one of the turbo cars, PM me and I can send you some of the documentation that I do have on the subject - that way I don't clutter up the thread with partial (possibly faulty) information.

Originally Posted by limited View Post
I took a careful look today and found no White wire with green stripe. I'm not sure if Subaru change the wire color for the '98 Legacy.
Well now Fuji Heavy Industries is just messing with us! ..
I've got several years of the Legacy FSMs ready to download - I just need to reinstall my torrent client (bleh). Hopefully I can do that tonight, and I'll take a look at the wiring diagrams.
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