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Yep, I completely understand. This is my third gc/gf chassis and they all feel worlds apart. Pedal feel is huge for me. My 1995 swapped wagon was a beast, but it felt like controlling a wild animal with rubber bands lol. This car on the other hand is polar opposite. Heavy pedals, tight steering, just overall confidence inspiring.

Good luck finding your swapped unicorn.

Originally Posted by KAT_Ayanami View Post
Thought about it. Trust me. Specially with the difficulties Im having of finding a decent wagon.

The problem with modded cars in general for me, is that the car is completely changed from stock, and some I love, some I hate.

So even if I trust that everything was done correctly on the car, I will never know if Im going to like the car or not.

Happened to me with a 99 RSTi I bought from from CT. Took me 6 hours in train and 6 hours back and could not live with the car.

I wish you luck though, your price is, hands down, unbeatable. Coming from a guy that has been looking for over 2 years.

EDIT: Oh, and for anybody interested in shipping. Yes, he is right, shipping is about $800-$1000 coast to coast. It all depends if you find an actual trucker to give you a quote, or one of the THOUSANDS of re-sellers that sub contract truckers.
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