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RS Club and Chatbox Survival Guide (AKA "The Rules") - Please read
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Default RS Club and Chatbox Survival Guide (AKA "The Rules") - Please read


These rules apply to ALL members of the RS Club. This includes basic members, premium members, vendors, and moderators, to the extent that these rules conflict with the premium member rules, vendor rules, addendum to vendor rules, or moderator rules, respectively.

The following list of rules is not all-inclusive. Moderators and administrators may issue infractions for behavior or content that is not explicitly listed below, at their discretion. Use your common sense and you won’t have any problems!


Cross Posting: Do not post identical threads in multiple forums. (4 points)

Off Topic Posts: Refrain from taking threads off topic. Friendly discussion is always welcomed and encouraged, but please keep it relevant to the topic at hand. (4 points)

Misleading Links: Linking to an URL that does not match the description of the link is prohibited. (5 points)

Being a Tool: Intentionally being inflammatory/frustrating/stupid/rude/offensive/ etc. Contribute to the forums in a civilized and adult-like manner, please! (5 points)

Inappropriate Content: This generally applies to Not Work Safe content. Not Work Safe content includes but is not limited to nudity, obscene or offensive content, etc. This rule applies to avatars and profile pictures as well. The only exception to "No Nudity" is the Not Work Safe forum, available to paying members. (5 points)

Signature Size and Content:
Signatures are limited to one line for standard and premium members. Vendors are allowed up to 3 lines if they are product-related. Signatures may not include bold, italicized, underlined, colored, or enlarged text. Pictures in signatures are also not allowed. Smilies are permitted, provided they do not result in the sig taking up more than the allowed lines (tall smilies). Links are allowed, barring they are not vendor-like (RS Club vendors excluded.) (5 points)

Flaming: Hostile and/or insulting interactions are not tolerated. (8 points)

Carfax: Requests for Carfax reports, offering carfax reports for free or for sale, violates Carfax’s Terms and Conditions. (8 points)

Vending: Sales or promotion of multiple products, special order items, or services that appear to be business-like require a vendor account. Please contact Kevin to become an RS Club Vendor. (10 points)

Racist/Prejudice Remarks: This type of behavior is not welcome on the site. (10 points)

Illegal Content: Posting illegal content is not allowed. This includes and is not limited to copyrighted content, threats of bodily harm, password cracking, and hacking. (15 points)

Posting Personal Information: Do not post another member’s personal information, including name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. See above – Posting Illegal Content.

Disrespect Towards Forum Leaders (this includes via private messages) (10 points)


FS/WTT/WTB: All private party sales shall be posted in The Classifieds. Posting ads in the general forums (including regional forums) is not allowed. (4 points)

Images: Please keep images relevant and pertinent to your ad.

Classifieds Hijacking: Hijacking, cross-selling, and price comparing are not allowed in the classifieds. (4 points)
Click here for an explanation/discussion of this rule

If your post is about the price or an offer, take it to a PM, not the thread. This falls under Hijacking

Unethical Buyer/Seller User Title: Receiving this indicates that you have earned an Unethical Buyer/Seller Custom user title. This title is not to be changed until you have been given permission by the Moderator team to change it. (10 points)

If you wish to have this title removed please create a thread in the private support forum stating your case to be reviewed and discussed with the moderator team.

CHATBOX:Premium Only

1. Misleading Links (linking an to a URL not described in the link description) Please use NWS ahead of any Not Work Safe Links

2. Posting Illegal Content - Posting illegal content is not allowed. This includes and is not limited to copyrighted content, threats of bodily harm, password cracking, and hacking

3. Racist/Prejudice Remarks This type of behavior is not welcome on the site.

4. No Videos. no using of [youtube] This causes excessive scrolling and stretching of pages

5. Disrespect Towards Forum Leaders (this includes via private messages)


1st offense - One week removal from chatbox (Warning)

2nd offense - One month removal from chatbox (10 points)

3rd offense - permanent removal from chatbox (15 points)


Multiple Accounts: Please do not register multiple accounts. One user, one account please! If a user is found to have more than one account, all accounts will be permanently banned.

Disrespect Towards Forum Leaders: Respect my moderators. What they say goes, as if I said it. Period. No exceptions. End of story. (10 points)

Abuse of Site Features: Do not abuse the site features. This includes and is not limited to the classifieds, chat room, trader ratings, report post feature, visitor messaging, and private messaging.

Spamming & Trolling: Spamming or trolling the site is not allowed. PERMA-BAN!

Server & Site: Any attempt to hack, crash, or otherwise disrupt the RS Club will result in a PERMA-BAN!

______________________________ ______________________


The RS Club has instituted an infraction system to enforce the rules which are in place, to make this a better community. If a member violates a rule, they will be issued an infraction.


Q: What is this infraction system?
A: The infraction system is a tool used by moderators and administrators to warn and/or discipline users who violate forum rules. This system enables the moderators and admins to maintain a positive community.

Q: Why did you implement this system?
A: The infraction system was implemented to improve the ability of moderators to moderate the forum. Not only is this tool invaluable to the moderators, but it is also a great advantage for members as well, since they can now view their infractions and infraction points and can see how far away they are from receiving further disciplinary action (i.e. temp ban, perm ban, etc.).

Q: How does the infraction system work?
A: The infraction system is based on 25 points. There are different point assignments for different infractions. When a user reaches 25 points they are banned for a time period set by the moderator or administrator that gave them the last infraction.

Q: How do I know if I receive an infraction?
A: Not only will you see your warning level increase in your UserCP, but you should receive a private message stating that you received an infraction, how many points you received, and the reason for the infraction.

Q: I have an infraction but I never received a private message.
A: Make sure you have private messaging turned on. If so, the moderator or administrator may have forgotten to have the warning system send you a private message regarding the incident.

Q: Do infractions expire?
A: Yes. Moderators have agreed to a 6 month period as a guideline. We wanted an expiration period where members could be held accountable for violations over a long period of time, but yet to not have a violation stay on a member's record forever. Please note that multiple violations of the same rule will result in the expiration period doubling.

Q: What happens if I reach 25 points?
A: You will be banned for a time period set by the moderator or administrator that gave you the last infraction. Your warning and infraction history will be used to determine whether you will be banned for a specific time span or permanently.

Q: What is the difference between a warning and an infraction?
A: A warning is notice that you have violated a rule of the forum except that you receive no points for it. The only difference between a warning and an infraction is that an infraction results in points that count toward some disciplinary action in the event that you accumulate the 25 point threshold.

Q: Who can see my warnings and infractions?
A: The only people who can see your warnings and infractions are you, moderators, and administrators. Other members cannot see them.

Q: What happens if I commit the same offense more than once?
A: You will be assigned double the point value and expiration time period for that particular infraction. (i.e.: Cross Posting = 4 points – 6 months, second cross posting offense = 8 points – 12 months, third cross posting offense = 16 points – 24 months, etc.)

Q: Why was I given more points for an offense than what is listed in the guidelines?
A: Either you have committed the same offense more than once or the moderator felt there was a good reason to give you more points than what was listed. Please remember that the warning point guidelines are just that, guidelines, and that the moderator or administrator has the final decision in how many points you are given.

Q: Why was I warned when the offense I committed is not even listed in the warning point guideline?
A: The list is not all inclusive. It would take too much time to list all the violations you could be warned for, and as stated before, the warning point guideline is a guideline for moderators and administrators to use when assigning warning points. If you commit an action that is more severe than an offense listed in the guideline, then most likely you will receive more points than what is listed. It is up to the moderator or administrator to make that call.

Q: What if I believe I was unjustly warned?
A: Please do NOT PM the moderator or administrator who issued the infraction. If you would like to appeal an infraction, please start a new thread in the Private Support Forum explaining why you believe your infraction should be reversed. The only members that will be able to view this thread are you, moderators, and administrators.

Q: If I do get banned, how long will I be banned?
A: Most bans time limits vary. Troll bans will most likely be permanent and users who are given a timeout (a period of time for a user to cool off) are banned for 24 hours. Please note that moderators take into account all the warnings on your account and that multiple offenses are likely to get you banned for a longer time than just a one time mistake.

Q: What should I do if I see another member violate the site rules?
A: The RS Club moderators and administrators rely, in part, on members like you to report violations of the site rules. If you believe you see something that is a clear violation of the rules, or questionable content, please report it by clicking the button found in threads, and 'Report' link found else where on the site. The moderator team will review the post/thread/ad/etc. and take appropriate action.

This is my personal site and I started it because I was treated rudely at another site (by the site owner, no less!) I have also seen many sites where moderators treat members rudely, which I cannot abide by. My goal for this site is to never become a place where members are belittled, bullied, fights break out, etc. I would hope all members can help each other out, and respect the fact that it is very hard for me to run this site. I simply ask that you respect the effort I put into my site by acting like an adult.

If you feel an infraction was wrongfully assigned, then you may always take it up with the moderator in a polite and respectful way. If you give them a chance to explain something you might not understand, then you stand to learn something or perhaps the mod may reconsider issuing the infraction and request that it be reversed. This has happened in the past. However, I can guarantee this will never happen if you say anything disrespectful or impolite to the moderator.

A better option for inquiring about an infraction is to start a new thread in the Private Support Forum. This will allow each member of the Moderator team to assess your particular situation.

Thanks for using the RS Club!

-The RS Club Staff

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