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Suby&lt;3777's Impreza GF8 progress thread
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Default Suby<3777's Impreza GF8 progress thread

As some of you know I have desperately been trying to find an impreza to buy and have been saving for the last few months for a Subaru and today is finally the day where I can say I am a subaru owner. Yesterday I took a long 8 hour bus ride to Tacoma from north Idaho to take a look at a 99 Impreza wagon. After a long ride back home over some insane passes through blizzards and storms I finally got here home. Say hello to my 99' Impreza wagon!


Pic taken right after I got over Snoqualmie pass on I-90 through the most insane snow storm you will ever see. Had to stop and get my sanity back after that ride. She did amazing though:

After I got here tucked in to her garage for the first time at 4am:

All stock but hopefully not for long:

So anywho I created this thread give you guys updates for the many plans I have for it and to keep sort of a time line on this first post of all the changes it will go through. Hope you all enjoy! I know I will! lol This is kind of what I am going for with a few changes here and there:

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Suby&lt;3777's Impreza GF8 progress thread-100_1541.jpg  

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1/11/09 UPDATE:

Found some transluscent red paint and I tinted the orange part of my tails red:

Also my buddy Andy(aka obsnw) gave me a great idea of tinting my windshield washer flood container red to match the car, looks great! great thing is you can still see through it to see the level of the fluid. We also painted the cap on it black so it does not stick out as much:

Installed some black corner lights to replace the stock ugly ones:

Removed the roof rack:

1/13/09 UPDATE:

I removed my Impreza badge and after lots of detailed tapeing I managed to paint my subaru badge black:



1/15/09 UPDATE:

Got my windows tinted today. 20% in the front, and 5% in the rear:



1/19/09 UPDATE:

Installed a home depot front lip, and tinted the turn signal lights set in the bumper as well as the side markers on the fenders:

I added a little JDM touch to my tail lights with some spray tint. Still desciding if I like it or not:

Painted the alternator and power steering cover gold:

Painted center console and radio surround:

1/19/09 UPDATE II:

Installed my hybrid intake tonight with the help of obsnw. I got a full cold air intake for it but was told that CAI or SRI's don't work well with the MAF on my car. So I improved the air flow on the stock intake by removing all the plastic piping and torque box. Here she is. I will eventually powdercoat the intake pipe gold:

1/20/09 UPDATE:

Got my new head lamps today to replace my broken ones. I also blacked them out before installing them:

1/26/ UPDATE:

Installed my TWM short throw shifter today!




As you can see it shortened it quite a bit(2.5") squishing my accordian shift boot so I ordered a nice leather one from Shift boot store - RedlineGoods leather shift boots . Will post pics when I get and install that.

2/03/09 UPDATE:

I got ambitious last night and decided to beef up my pitch stop. Took some window weld and filled in the large open end and filled in grooves in the center of the mount(although I know that probably wont add much to the strength of the mount). It is not pretty but it will definitely help the performance of the car and will out last any OEM mount:

I also played around with Les Schwab's wheel simulator to see what my car would look like with some black wheels with a red lip. Try an imagine the car all red. Would look sick IMO:

2/11/09 UPDATE:

I got my shift boot installed and a few doors covered with new fabric. I also cut out a piece of diamond plate aluminum, painted it gold(was going to paint it black but did not have any black paint), and put it in the tray of my shifter surround. Check it out:





Now I just need to get a new shift knob and arm rest cover(that match's the shift boot) to finish this area of my interior.

For all who are wondering I got the shift boot at Shift boot store - RedlineGoods leather shift boots. They have great products for your interior for just about any Impreza, Legacy, Forester, or SVX. If they don't currently make a product for your car they will custome make one for you car for FREE! Here is a link for some info to do so: Shift boot store - RedlineGoods leather shift boots

3/5/09 UPDATE:

Sorry for the lack of updates but I lost my internet at home for a little bit. So first update is I got some different wheels. My buddy(obsnw) gave me some oem 97 impreza wheels which I got powdercoated a gloss black then painted a red lip on them.

Here is when I got them back from the powdercoater and started tapeing them:

Here is a pick of my awsome tapeing job. It probably took me about an hour per wheel:

And here is the finished product:


Sorry for the crappy cell pics. They really don't do the wheels any justice. I will post some better ones later.

Next update is I painted the face of my deck black so it does not stand out as much:



There will be more updates soon(as long as my internet does not die again) for I have half my interior ripped out right now. lol

I got one good up date for you guys and one bad one. First the good one.

3/10/09 GOOD UPDATE:

I painted my pillars a gloss black and my headliner black with some fabric paint:

Also thanks to my buddy brian(aka Brisky) I got a new shift knob comming.


Last sunday my car was hit by a girl who lost control of her car on the ice. I was driving straight on a road and got to this corner where I saw the car start to slide. I tried to avoid it but I could not do so. The car slammed into my side and pushed my car in a ditch. Now both my left doors are toast! You can see in the pictures where the tire tracks start and how it pushed me in the ditch:

The damage:

The good news is an appraisor is going to access the damage soon and I will get a check shortly after that. I might try and do the repair's my self to save some money and use the rest for maybe an RS bumper or new paint all around. We shall see.

3/17/09 UPDATE:

Got a small update for you guys to keep your appatites at bay. Thanks to my brotha(a.k.a Brisky) I now have this lovely new shift knob by TWM. It is there "Bombshell" shift knob and it ways 1.3 lbs! Makes shifting a bit easier:

Also to let you all know what is going on with the repairs from the fender bender I had a few Sundays ago... The insurance company is having a local body shop (well known "Body by Scotty") give me a call to have an estimate made up. I will then get a check soon after. I will then deside after I get an amount if I will do the repairs my self or have them do it.

3/26/09 UPDATE:

I made some improvements to my suby's sound over the last few days. Installed some new 6.5" 400 watt component speakers to the two front doors. Had to custome fit them with a fiber board ring and they just bearly clear the door cards. They sound way better than the stockers of coarse. I don't have an amp for them yet plus I am going to have to swap everything over anyway when I get new doors. So here are some picks for yall:

Also I got my insurance check so I am beginning to get parts and checking out paint shops now. I also ordered some goodies: headers, shifter bushings, and an armrest cover. Thats all the goodies I will be buying for now until after I pay for parts and paint and see if I have any left over. Will keep you guys informed on how the repairs and goodies go. Dan

4/3/09 UPDATE:

I received my rear strut tower bar today and installed it:

4/9/09 UPDATE:

I got my carbon fiber grill and arm rest cover today. I just installed them both:

4/27/09 UPDATE:

Small update but here go's.

I got a better high flowing foam drop in filter for my intake("overnight parts from Japan" lol literally, except it did not get here overnight.):

While I had the intake apart I descided to paint the intake pipe gold:

Better and bigger updates soon to come

4/29/09 UPDATE:

I cut out the cross bars in my bumper to get ready for some fogs:

I installed my TWM shifter bushings. Much cleaner and solid shift. Anables me to shift quicker. Here they are compaired to the stock shifter bushing after I got it out:

Headers are going in on friday, and hopefully getting my fogs installed tomorrow so be bringing you another update soon

5/3/09 UPDATE:
Got a couple good updates for you guys and galls. First one is I got my fogs installed. It turns out the HID fogs I bought for the car did not fit in the car since they are so deep(unless I wanted to cut up the bumper beam) so I exchanged them for some Hella 500's. A big thanks and props go's out to obsnw for doing about 90% of the work:

Next up is I got my headers installed thanks to Rei_Akira who did most of the work as well. Went to his awsome shop at his house where we used his lift.

Stock vs Aftermarket


BEFORE(with just hybred intake and performance drop in filter):


Next updates coming in the future will be getting my doors and wrx wing painted and installed so the should be next in the near future. Till next time, Dan

5/15/09 UPDATE:

Got my OEM STI exhaust welded up and installed last night by the help of my bro and a friend:


On the car(yes, it is very dirty):


Pictures by mazdaspeed777 - Photobucket

6/08/09 UPDATE:

Been a little while since I have given you guys an update so here is go's.

First update is I got some OEM Scion wheels for the car. I have to get some machining done on them, and then get them powdercoated but here is a pic of them getting test fitted:

I also had someone on the forum photoshop them on the car with some color options. The scale and color shades are a little off but it gives you some idea on what they will look like:

What color do you think I should go with?

Second update is I got a couple goodies from Parnoid Fabrications. A grounding kit, and some exhaust hangers. I did a pretty good job of hiding the wires for the grounding kit so they are kind of hard to see. I also cleaned out the engine bay:

Hopefully the next update will be with my rear WRX wagon wing painted and installed, my doors painted and installed, and my wheels powdercoated and installed. Later, Dan

7/3/09 UPDATE:

First up I changed up my tail lights a little bit. The transluscent red paint I used started to fade a bit and I thought it would be nice if the bottom part was all one color, and what color would go best with my red and black theme?!... You guested it! Black! I tinted the bottom part with some spray tint. I am very pleased with how they turned out(pics dont really do them justice):

Next up I just installed a 17mm WRX rear sway bar to replace my flimsy 13mm OEM one. To my suprise it actually helped quite a bit in decreasing the body role and ridgidity of the car. I had to do a bit of modifying to the WRX bushings though for them to fit into my OEM sway bar brackets but it all worked out. Here is the comparison, guess which one is the 13mm. lol That thing is so sad, you can practicly bend it in half with your bair hands:

Those are are the new mods I have done at the moment. I did get some springs for they car, but sadly I will probably have to wait till I can get some good struts for the car before I can install them. They are Intrax lowering springs:

I also dropped off my Scion wheels to get machined. They will be done in a week or so then it is off to the powdercoater for them. Well thats it for now foaks. I am hoping I will get the motivation to get my replacement doors painted and installed and my WRX rear wagon wing painted and installed soon, so hopefully that will be the next update. Thanks and godbless! Dan

7/10/09 UPDATE:

First up as you saw in the pic in the post above I painted my wrx wagon wing. So last night thanks to the enginuity of my friend Andy(obsnw) we got it installed:

Next up like I said above as well I picked up some 02-03 WRX seats today. They need some vacuuming and cleaning up but they are in perfect condition otherwise and I got them for an amazing price:

I wanted to get them re-upholstered to match my interior better but after making a few call's to different upholstry shops in the area I figured out how expensive that really is unfortunately($150-$200 per seat!). Oh well, I am probably just going to install them as is anyway possibly this weekend.

7/17/09 UPDATE:

Got some good updates for ya'll!

First up is I installed my WRX seats!



I was going to dye the carpet black but couldn't bring my self to do it because the condition of it and for whatever other reason I don't know(just lazy I guess). The blue does not look to bad. I was subprised. I might experiment with some fabric paint and see if I can paint the center black and see if the paint will hold up on seats.

Next update I got some gumption tuesday evening and desided to pull my tranny mount and fill it with some 3M Window Weld to stiffin it up quite a bit:




It was pretty scarry to see how easily it wobbled back and forth. I can feal a bit of difference while excellerating, quite a good mod!

Till next time! Godbless! Dan



  • MS3 UEL headers
  • OEM STI axleback exhaust
  • Hybred intake
  • Performance foam drop in air filter
  • Kartboy lightweight crank pulley
  • TWM short throw shifter
  • TWM front shifter bushings
  • Kartboy rear shifter bushing
  • 1.3 bar radiator cap
  • Paranoid Fabrication grounding kit
  • Paranoid Fabrication exhaust hangers
  • Solid tranny mount
  • Solid pitch stop
  • Solid rear differential bushings
  • TCS rear strut tower bar
  • Cusco front strut tower
  • OEM WRX rear sway bar
  • Intrax springs
  • KYB AGX Struts
  • Paranoid Fabrication saggy but spacers
  • Rear camber bolts
  • H6 Front brake conversion
  • Rear drum to WRX disk conversion
  • Stainless steel brake lines front and back
  • Painted calipers front and rear

  • Carbon fiber V6 grille
  • Black depo corners
  • Blacked out head lamps
  • Tinted sidemarkers, turnsignals
  • HD front lip
  • Hella fogs
  • Tinted windows (20% Front, 5% Rear)
  • Tinted tails
  • OEM WRX wagon rear spoiler
  • OEM 16" WRX wheels
  • Removed roof rack and luggage strips
  • Lightweight front bumper beam

  • TWM Bombshell weighted shift knob
  • Redline custom leather shift boot
  • Redline custom leather arm rest cover
  • Painted center console
  • Painted pillars, headliner
  • Front door component speakers
  • Painted fabric on door cards
  • OEM WRX front seats
  • OEM WRX stearing wheel
  • OEM WRX carpet
  • Indiglo Gauge faces
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Suby&lt;3777's Impreza GF8 progress thread-100_1130.jpg  

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You have good inspiration. Now get to work!
Life's too short, we're here for a good time, not a long time. -Colin McRae
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Saved for time line updates
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looks good man welcome to the wagon club
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Also got new headlamps coming to replace my busted ones. I will be blacking them out as soon as I get them so they match my corner lights.
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oooo this will be good
Looking for my 1st!
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Originally Posted by SubaruRally555 View Post
oooo this will be good
Yes indeeeeedy! I am working on a few small mods on her right now so there will be another update later. Should also be ordering a cold air intake for it in a few days.
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Originally Posted by mshriver View Post
looks good man welcome to the wagon club
Thanks. Glad to finally be a part of it.
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Nice pick up! Its a great foundation to start with! And yes, welcome to the wagon mafia!
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