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Samsons Subie
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Old 09-21-2014, 07:24 AM   #1
Fav Mod: full 04 sti swap
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: fairbanks alaska
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Default Samsons Subie

Hey everyone I'm new to the forum but a longtime subaru fanatic! My name is Samson and I live in Alaska, been into rallycross since I can remember and fell in love with subaru when i purchased my first subaru from washington and brought her up here! It was an 05 aspen white subaru wrx. I wasn't able to mod it out to much before someone offered me a price I couldn't refuse! so alas I parted ways with my first real car lol.

Recently I purchased a 2000 2.5rs coupe with a FULL 04 sti swap. My buddy Isaac Bailey was the previous owner who stripped her down and built her up. I give him credit as often as I can for starting this beautiful project. He was even Alaska's fastest subaru 2010-13 until someone beat him by .02 seconds. (Palmer Drag Strip) He Has started a new build and needless to say I had some big shoes to fill when i bought 'er haha. I look forward to sharing and following all of the amazing builds this forum has. and be patient with me this is my first forum thing. But will happy answer questions and plan on being an avid user!
So I'm including some pictures of my first subie, not going to get to in depth about it but ill always remember her as my first subaru.

NOW onto the RSTI

MODIFICATIONS that Isaac did and how I bought her.
FULL 2004 sti swap:everything from gas tank, evap stuff to subframes and dccd. dash swap, all the sensors, rearview mirror with compass. just about everything.

-Blue sti carpet,
-Blue sti front and rear seats
-Armrest, Ebrake short throw shifter
-Center console, entire dash, steering wheel ect.
-AEM boost and air/fuel gauges in an indash pod
-Black suede headliner
-Upgraded but basic audio.. because racecar

-BRP.. Blue Royal Pearl
-Fish bowl windows lol
-Carbon Fiber hood
-Morimoto mini h1 projector swap
-jdm locking gas door functional from inside lever
-jdm taillights with clear turn signal
-04 gold BBS, painted black.
-Drilled and slotted rotors with brembos

(2nd and current engine, just rebuilt)
-2.5l sti block
-Brian crower H beam rods
-Brian crower valve springs & ti retainers
-King bearings, new crank forget name
-11mm sti pump
-Mild porting, Mostly Blending in valve seat to port so the seat isn't sticking
out into the port.
-Ported oil galleys so no sharp corners for cavitation(8000rpm safely)
-Wiseco 100mm pistons.. balanced out to .01
-Diy fabbed fmic plumbing w/ 11.5x31x4" intercooler & reverse
(eliminated at least six feat of piping and reduces lag a lot!)
-Grimm speed phenolic spacers
-Ported sti manifold
-Borgwarner S256 turbo
-Snow performance variable meth controller w/ sti sprayer resevoir.
-750 Deathworth injectors

-Stock sti struts w/ prodrive springs
-Hotchkis rear end links I think (forgot name)
-Camber is maxed at like 1.X degrees cause the sti is 1-1.5" wider in track
width than the stock rs. So the strut towers are slightly narrower.
(Mo Performance!)
-Urethane steering rack bushings
-Sti Six speed and power train with fully functional DCCD!!
-Dss level 5 axles ("800 hp")
-3' full exhaust with atmospheric dump pipe..
-Skid plate under engine

Tuned DEAD NUTS, no o2 sensor feedback required, (throughout the year it doesn't change) So you can run 100LL or leaded race gas without killing any o2 sensors

Also have launch control programmed into the stock ECU on the RSTi

Probably forgetting a few things but thats the bulk of the build!
No sponsors so I guess you could say I'm a free agent lol.
Attached Thumbnails
Samsons Subie-1.jpg   Samsons Subie-2.jpg   Samsons Subie-3.jpg   Samsons Subie-4.jpg  

Samsons Subie-5.jpg   Samsons Subie-6.jpg   Samsons Subie-7.jpg   Samsons Subie-8.jpeg  

Samsons Subie-9.jpg  
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Old 09-21-2014, 07:25 AM   #2
Fav Mod: full 04 sti swap
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: fairbanks alaska
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Default Reserved

Resvered for table of contents
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Old 09-21-2014, 08:09 AM   #3
Fav Mod: full 04 sti swap
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: fairbanks alaska
Trader Rating: (0)
Posts: 5
Default Day Number one with my new love(:

The few things I did after I finally got out of the drivers seat.

Nothing better then a twenty-seven hundred pound car with roughly four hundred whp… with pump gas

-Washed and three layers of wax and rain-x windows
-Oil change with Rotella synthetic 5w-40 and some Liqui-Moly MOS2 anti-friction engine treatment, with a FRAM 7317 air filter, same diameter but an inch longer.. bigger is better when it fits right
-Installed the skid plate
-Cut of dump pipe from exhaust (welded up exhaust) atmospheric dp FTW
and last but not least put the little turbo keychain from my old rex to my sti haha

Mods in the near future:
-bake corner markers and take the ember out.
-clear bumper signals
-winterize front bumper: mesh screen behind bumper cover for FMIC
-replace weather stripping

22b replica, ten second subie… I will make it happen and attend subiefest!!!

haha but a little more realistically:
-Hydrodipp/Hydrographics (whatever its called) Carbon Fiber interior plastics
-Red Bride seats
-Takata Harnesses
-Roll cage
-Wrap headliner, door panels, center console, sun visors and rear seat with bride material
-Red carpet
-eboost2 controller
I should stop there before I get too carried away haha

I will post an update and more pictures after work!
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Old 09-21-2014, 02:43 PM   #4
Fav Mod: full 04 sti swap
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: fairbanks alaska
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Posts: 5
Default My RSTI's Heart!!

Here are the pictures for the 04 sti engine build!








*parts list of rsti in original post*
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Old 09-21-2014, 03:13 PM   #5
Fav Mod: full 04 sti swap
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: fairbanks alaska
Trader Rating: (0)
Posts: 5
Default Last post of the rsti for tonight enjoy!

So here is a little update.. still getting used to the website so bear with me lol.

Isaac's 07 sti build on the right and his girlfriends 03 sti swap on the left!


little subie meet up here in alaska haha

My daily driver, 97 gmc sierra single cab

cutting the dump pipe off of the exhaust.. Atmospheric Vent FTW.. because race car!

The skid plate and dump pipe.. Its just the angle of the photo and the shading but contrary to how it looks it does NOT dump on the bushing lol.

Opening her up on a beautiful Alaskan Fall day!!

and a gorgeous sunset to top it all off!!

Baked and crystal clear!!


hope you guys like her!
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