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Tad's Long Story
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Old 09-06-2013, 09:11 AM   #1
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Houston area
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Default Tad's Long Story

Just to start things off, I just picked up a USDM STI swapped 98 RBP RS. This is my 7th Subaru and the first time I've made a journal like I should have with the other six I've had. Purchased the car 8-26-13 from beachbum12tree. I believe I have a good foundation to work with that I acquired at a decent price. Already have a built engine in my garage and some other goodies, but life demands its own priorities so it will be a slow process to get the car exactly were I want it. Anyway on to the good stuff

----------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------
The Table of Contents has been organized by post number. To jump to the posts that interest you, simply click on the post number.
For a quick list of modifications and other information, scroll down.

--------------------------THE MOD LIST-------------------------

Bakemono S201 carbon replica hood scoop
Clear corner lights
Clear side markers
JDM tail lights
HELLA 500 fog lights
HELLA supertones
Front Lip kit
I badge in grill
22B replica vents
22B replica painted grille
99-01 bumper conversion
Painted side skirts

JDM STi Recaro Seats
GD STI Pedals
05 STi steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara w/ 1/16" padding and red stripe
STRi boost gauge
Viper Alarm System

Yimi Sport tune (91 oct, but I get 93 oct here )
Full 05 EJ257 engine swap with stock vf39 turbo
05 Intercooler spray setup
Catted bellmouth down pipe
Cobb catback
V4 STi radiator w/matching oem STi fans
OEM Subaru concentrate coolant + distilled water + Redline water wetter
Samco hoses
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Grimmspeed boost control solenoid
Grimmspeed AOS
Sti catback
SPT battery tie down
1-step colder plugs
Perrin lightweight pulley

04STI - 6 speed transmission (late 04 tranny w/male-male axles)
- axles
- R180 diff
- F/rear Brembo brake calipers
- Aluminum front control arms
- Aluminum 
Lateral links and trailing arms

- Brake booster
- brake master cylinder
Clutch master & clutch slave
05STI - Front and rear subframes

- STi steering rack

- power steering pump
06STI - hubs
- knuckles
OEM STi clutch
Fidanza lightened flywheel
ACPT carbon driveshaft
DCCDPro controller 

Cusco front strut brace
Kartboy short shifter, bushing kit and knob
Kartboy subframe bolts
Whiteline roll center adjustment kit
Whiteline 08+ STi heavy duty endlinks f
Whiteline adj front sway bar
Cobb adjustable rear sway bar w/heavy duty mounting bracket
Cusco rear strut bar
RCE Tarmac II
Bakemono f/r camber plates
Powerslot f/r rotors
Hawk HPS f/r pads
Stainless steel brake lines
Motul gear fluid
Motul brake fluid

2006 STi BBS's
Wrapped in 225/45/17 Cooper Zeon RS3-A
Muteki SR48

Things I have and will put on later
Blitz GD FMIC kit
Killer-B oil pickup tube
Turn in concepts [MAW] composite TGV deletes or the PnP JDM Side feeds I have
Perrin Rotated Turbo kit... Have a gt3076r and gt3561r
Perrin el header [probably sell for uel headers]
Group-N bushings for rear suspension
Built Engine

Specs: 2.5l 2005 STi engine block Bored to 100mm, with.045 piston to wall clearance
2005 STi heads Ported, Polished, and Bowl Blended by Barry Bordes (huge rotary guy/engineer)
Every Gasket/Seal replaced with OEM Subaru gaskets
Brian Crower Titanium valve retainers/springs
Manley rods H beam
Manley pistons 100mm, Valve reliefs milled .002 for the high lift cams
ARP 2000 Rod bolts
ARP block bolts
ARP Main bolts
ARP head studs
2011 spec nitride coated STI crank, Cross Drilled Oil Reliefs smoothed
ACL Race Series Main bearings
ACL Race Series Rod bearings
11mm JDM Spec C Oil Pump
Killer B Racing oil baffle
Killer B oil pickup
Grimmspeed crank pulley
Gates Racing series Timing belt w/tensioner rollers etc
Tomei Timing belt brace
JDM Cast Water Pump
Fast Motorsports Fail safe thermostat
NGK br7 spark plugs

All 2005 sti
Built by jonathan bruce Gorilla RE gorillare.com
The deck has been milled .040 to raise compression a touch
The compression ratio of the pistons was 8.75:1, but with the machine
work we had done etc, we have it worked out (roughly) to 8.93:1
Everything assembled with Redline Assembly Lube.
Everything port matched

Things to get and fix
Get stock STi i/c spray button
Replace torn material on door cards
Replace or fix passenger rear window molding
Exedy or Spec twin disc clutch
Attached Thumbnails
Tad's Long Story-img_1710_zps9fca9ed2.jpg  

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Old 09-06-2013, 09:11 AM   #2
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Houston area
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On the drive home I noticed that the front lip came loose in one spot...or so I thought. Upon closer inspection I found this

Yeah whats holding the other side to the bumper...a paper clamp

Seller did disclose that the LH fog light stopped working and I found out why.

Some of the wiring that I'm going to fix

Update 10-8-13
Have fixed all the issued pictured above and a few more I've discovered while running those down. Good news is the harness merge goods pretty good...proper solder and heat shrink...I have found several vampire connections though. I am sorting things out a little bit at a time.


one fun find

Also sanded down the battery tray and area to treat rust, then sprayed in some Dupli-color truck bed coating to make it a little more resistant to damage.

Have to hunt down some head lights soon too for when these are totally useless

Think I have fixed the valve cover gasket leak as well...hope it did anyway. If not I'll find out whenever I finally start driving it around. If it still leaks I'll fix it properly and change all the spark plugs.

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Old 09-06-2013, 09:12 AM   #3
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Houston area
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Posts: 43

Girlfriends FXT

My little helper

Just because

Small updates:
Supposedly all the car needed for cruise control to work was the GD STi switches. Well I swapped out the entire RS assembly for the GD STi assembly. Well, I still haven’t put my finger on why the cruise control doesn’t work, but I have eliminated a lot of potential reasons. Anyway pedals were installed. RS vs GD STi Pedals: GD STi Vs 98 RS Pedals Photos by tad_07 | Photobucket

Need to remove this material in red to fit:

While I was installing the pedals I discovered these lovely little surprises. One of the heater hoses was too long and was pinched off and jammed under the clutch master cylinder. Hard to see, but the starter was only held in with one bolt….

Also managed to find these pretty rare JDM STi Recaro seats (Recaro SRD’s if I remember correctly) and I love them. They are a huge improvement. My old V4 seats I had in my wagon are a close 2nd place and my BRZ seats (except the damn head rest on the BRZ seats).

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Old 09-06-2013, 09:12 AM   #4
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Houston area
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Posts: 43

So much Fun stuff has happened since my last update and made me not even want to even talk about it. On the bright side I have collected some new parts and two 06 STi's ....ok one is my girlfriends new car

Any way on with the lastest awesome findings-
Driving home from work I noticed my coolant temp. gauge start to read hot, radiator sprang a leak on me...or so I thought. Scared to hurt my baby, it left me stranded on the road side after working a 12hr shift and had to wait ~2.5hrs for a tow truck. Had another shift the next day so I packed a lot of water with me and drove her as easy as possible 60miles to and from work eye balling the temp gauge the the whole time . As it turns out the radiator had already had 2 holes punched in it...yeah wasn't happy. The a/c condensor bolts were sticking out far enough to make contact with the 08 radiator koyo radiator that was in there. Whom ever put those 2 hose it in patched them with JB weld or another simular epoxy. I assumed the leak was coming from either patch so I removed the epoxy with a small propane torch and used some aluminium braze to re-seal the the holes.

As it turns out the GD STi fans that were in the 08 radiator did not sit properly and rubbed at the bottom of the rows and cause 3 holes
I made an attempt to patch those holes, but got the braze or the radiator itself a little too hot. The patches didn't hold at the pressure I tested at so I put in a V4 STi radiator and its fans since I had it on hand from my old rhd wagon swap. I do now have a back new version Koyo GD STi radiator w/their hyper v 36 core [since I have 2 GD's aswell it just makes since to have].

While I had the radiator out I made another nice little discovery that I don't know how I've missed this whole time or when I was looking it over to buy. Can you spot what is missing???

Was making a big order from the stealership for tune-up stuff on the GD's anyway, so this just added to my list. So dealing with 2 other cars now, which is why I haven't made any updates in a while. There is more to come as I finally decided on a set of cams for my engine build. Going with Kelford R-199-B cams. Now just have to decide on injector side and manufacturer, but think I have that down too. May have to ditch the MAW tgv if they don't work well with my intake mani's, if they don't the its either JDM manifold time or JDM top feed tgv's

Well found out why I didn't have cruise control after going through the harness…it was not wired in at all, as in they weren't even there :/ All fixed up now though and made a little diagram from the service manual for how it is actually run since I'm using a 05 steering wheel and cruise control switch.

I had the chance to swap out to 06 STI knuckles and wheels for my 04 stuff, but that meant the KW V3's that I loved so much had to go. I must give a big shout out to Race Comp. as I went with their Tarmac II coilovers 😊 and I actually like these a little more which is hard to believe. Luckily, the 04 tranny in the car was a late 04 and already had male/male axles with the correct abs ring; so I did not have to swap the sundials on the tranny. While I was at it I went ahead replaced the tranny and diff fluids with the correct Motul oil, put in new axle seals all around, and replace the bearing in the camber plates.

Had a bid of fun on the way to work at 4am in the morning, I threw my alternator belt and was still ~15miles from work :o Well, I have a good Optima battery in the car so I knew I would make it to work. After looking at things closer once I got to work I realized the rubber in the balancer separated & I needed another (and belts) to get back home without a tow. Luckily, my girlfriend picked up some belts for me and brought me the pull off the built engine sitting in my house 😊.

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Old 09-06-2013, 09:13 AM   #5
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Now for the sad part, I will be putting her up for sale sometime soon. When I moved here to Texas I thought I would be able to hit autocross like I did back in La., but realized after going to watch 3 events that things here are not like they were there and not like I hoped for. I have played with the idea of going to MSR or similar places, but only having cars and no truck and trailer just in case killed my prospects of enjoying any track time and one of the things I love to do. Through being a father with custody in and working on my MBA and I have no time to do what I'd like to do anyway. I am not out of the Subie game as I chose my built 06 STI in place of the RS. Now I just need decide on getting a truck or import something I've wanted a long, long time…a 70-72 Nissan Skyline Coupe.

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2.2L Turbo
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sub'd to this beauty
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Old 09-07-2013, 02:55 AM   #8
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boy i sure miss seeing that car in my driveway
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more pics!
friends dont let friends put stupid GD scoops on their first gen car.
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Originally Posted by George of the Jungle View Post
more pics!
They are coming, at work right now. So, I updated the mod list and future list as best as possible for now.
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