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kaiba's 2001 Impreza 2.5RS BRP coupe Ver.6 R WRC Limited style/replica
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Old 09-13-2011, 03:52 PM   #1
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Default kaiba's 2001 Impreza 2.5RS BRP coupe Ver.6 R WRC Limited style/replica

This is the story/timeline of my 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS coupe blue ridge pearl. STI Version 6 R WRC Limited LHD style/replica

List of current mods. Some are not install yet. Some may include part number

HP: 274
TQ: 295 TQ

1/4 mile: 12.8632 sec @ 104.31

Weight: 3015 lbs (without driver, 2/3 fuel)

RSTI Swap engine started 02/23/2014
RSTI Swap complete 03/26/2014 w/158xxx miles on chassis

IAG STI Rebuild start on 12/06/2016, complete 12/31/2016

IAG stage 2 Tuff short block
Both head clean/machine with 5 angle valve job
Manley Valve spring & Titanium retainer set 22180-16
OEM STI Master gasket kit 10105AA590
OEM 11mm oil pump 15010AA360
STI 04 oil pan 11109AA131
STI 04 water pump 21111AA240
Power steering suction hose 34611FE130
Charcoal canister 42036AC020
Oil filler neck 15250AA040
Purge valve solenoid 16102AA391
OEM spark plug 22401AA630
ARP head stud 11mm 260-470134611FE130
IAG AOS Competition version black
19row oil cooler kit with thermostat
DIY TGV delete

Got my hand on a GD aluminum radiator. Haven't decide on which fan to use.
GD upper radiator hose 45161FE050
GD lower radiator hose 45261FE020

-Iwire wiring service 01 RS to 04 STI #321
-USDM 04 STI engine EJ257 stock internal/stock VF39 turbo. Bought on 05/02/2013 w/94,xxx miles (VF39 blown/bad oil seal)
--IHI VF48 14411AA700 Brand new Installed on 08/08/2014 @ 163,000 miles on chassis
-USDM 05 STI transmission TY856WW6MA Receive on 12/26/2013 w/88,xxx miles
-Sard R2D2 Blow off valve
-Exedy light weight flywheel STI FF501
-Exedy stage 1 clutch STI 15803
-Cobb Tuning light weight pulley 300102BL
-Invidia down pipe w/extra bung HS02SW1DPO
-Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust BLZ1 MS3080
-Go bit fast adjustable shifter GFB 4002
-Blox 490gram shift knob gold BXAC-00225-GD
-DCCDPro with Left foot braking option
-Gates Racing timing belt kit TCKWP328RB
-Killer Bee Motorsport oil pick up tube
-Killer Bee Motorsport oil pan buffle wing tray
-IAG Performance oil feed line

RSTI Mounts/bushing
-Megan Racing engine/transmission mounts SU-0940
-Group N rear bushing set
-Prothane Polyurethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushing 16-301
-Kartboy Transmission Cross Member Bushings KB-025
-Torque Solution Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings TS-SU-DSB
-Torque Solution Rear Differential Lockdown bushing TS-SU-600
-Torque Solution Steering Rack & Pinion Bushings ( 30mm ) TS-SU-201-115
-Torque Solution Rear Shifter Bushing TS-SU-Rear TS-SU-Rear
-Torque Solution Shift Linkage Bushing TS-SU-700
-Perrin shifter bushing PSP-INR-010

RSTI Suspension
-04 STI steering rack
-L&E GC to GD column link
-05 STI USDM 5x114.5 knuckle/spindle
-Ground Control coil over setup for 05-07 STI F: 500lbs R:450lbs
-Whiteline adjustable swaybars F:24mm(soft) BSF36XZ R:24mm(soft) BSR37XZ
-Whitleline Rear swaybar HD mounting KBR21-24
-Kartboy front and rear endlinks set KB-017-STI-Combo
-Kartboy Front endlinks spacers KB-017-FrontEndlinkSpacers

RSTI Brake
-05 STI Brembo brake calipers
-unkown pad
-OEM rotors
-04-07 STI master cylinder
-04-07 STI brake booster
-Autopart store brand brake fluid(for now)
-GC8 bumper/fender brake vent 5910FA061 & 59110FA071

-Cobb Access Port OTS Stage2 map 91ACN
-Pro Part Spek gauges
--Vac/Boost P30212
--Water Temp P34612
--Oil Temp P32212
--Oil Preasure P32522
-OEM top single din H0017GC100E
-Single din panel for 52mm triple gauges(angle)
-38mm water temp adapter for water temp gauge
-Oil filter sandwich adaptor plate
-GrimmSpeed Downpipe/exhaust 3" 12 layers gasket GASKET-076001
-Turbo up/down pipe 5 layer gasket
-6speed STI blue emblem

RSTI OEM Parts used from GD STI
-2004 STI front subframe
-2004 STI fuel tank
-05 STI rear suframe
-05 STI F. Aluminum LCA
-05 STI R. Aluminum latheral links

RSTI Tires/wheel
Impreza STI 05-07 BBS w/Grimmspeed gold 054001
225/45 17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11A (03/19/2014 - 07/16/2015)
225/45 17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R (07/17/2015 - Current)
-STI center cap for 5x114.3 BBS 28821FE141

-Stock EJ251
-00-01 RS transmission TY754VCAAB
-OBX front LSD with rebuilt kit from OBX_LSD Products
-Exedy light weight flywheel FF02
-Exedy Stage 1 clutch 15801
-Borla replica header N/A
-Borla cat back exhaust 14885

2.5RS Suspension
-STI Gymkhana Tarmac spring "Great info from AquaCow" --> Since I have never seen a complete Koni/Gymkhana thread...
-Koni Yellow shocks
-FHI STI front strut bar carbon
-20mm WRX 02-03 rear swaybar
-Rear Differential Protector B0310AS002

2.5RS Brake
-4/2 pot caliper from 06-07 WRX
-Centric Plain 120 Series Rotors front and rear
-brake pad. Factory 06-07 WRX
-ATE Super blue brake fluid
-Ver4 bumper/fender brake vent 5910FA061 & 59110FA071


Impreza 2.5RS 98-99 5 spokes --Eastwood gold 13392 Z
205/55 16 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R
205/55 16 Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec
205/55 16 Bridgestone RE970AS Pole Position

****************************** ****************************** ***************

-JDM GC8 aluminum hood paint and installed 03/23/2016 57220FA130
-HTAUTO (replica)
--Ver. 6 rear wing
--22B hood vent
-ebay no name brand Ver.6 lip
-unknown replica aero guard (NOT BAKEMONO) SOLD
-OEM GC8 full aero guard
-STI 04-06 rear diffuser w/Cusco bar 673487A
-JDM rear splat X5771FA000
-JDM tail light 84201FA180 & 84201FA190
-OEM corner light fitted with switchback led bulb turn signal/parking
-Depo brand corner light(removed)
-JDM Ver.6 grill 91065FA200NN
-JDM "i" pink badge front grill STS025500201
-Fog cover replica (ebay)
-Full WRX STI GC8 decal replica
-GC8 coupe rain guard F0017FA010
-93-95 flat fuel door kit plastic
-Ver. 4-6 STI rear bumper 57720FA132
-JDM rear window/wiper
-JDM GC8 side fender emblem
-JDM GC8 side/trunk decals replicas
-JDM GC8 corner light. Modded to accept 7443 bulb.
-STI fender emblem ST9100055010

-STI 10K RPM, 280KPH Cluster ST8100055230
-R/RA shifter blue trim Limited STI badge 0359/2000
-R/RA HVAC blue trim
-STI 5 speed shift knob black ST35022ST070
-STI SWRT shift knob w/5speed blue emblem
-STI 10,000 RPM 280KPH cluster ST8100055230
-R/RA Limited cluster (blue bezel)
-R/RA Limited front seats
-Ver.8 JDM rear seat with center fold pass though
-Impreza wagon trunk net F5510SS200
-Optional STI pedal kit(gold)
-Red hazard switch
-98-02 Forester S wiper switch(front intermittent and rear wiper)
-STI 04-07 blue carpet
-STI blue floor mat J5010SS700
-STI floor mat badge(fake/ebay)
-STI coupe door sill STS075580000
-99-01 shift boot 92072FC000
-98-01 Center gauge housing H0017GC100E
-LHD air bag delete pocket "Upper Pocket Assembly" 66120FC5110E

-Morimoto mini H1 3.0 projector retrofit HID 6k
-Ebay led bulb for corner lens
Update lighting
-Morimoto mini H1 7.0 projector retrofit HID 5.5k
-Morimoto 70mm halo switchback
-Morimoto XSB LED strip 24in switchback
-Morimoto XSB LED strip 3in switchback
-7443 bulb switchback. Replace T10/W5W corner lens.

-Dual pump windshield washer bottle
-GC8 JDM rear window for rear wiper
-Striker rear seat pass though 64375FE020
-GC8 intercooler spray switch Manual 83001FA141 & Auto 83001FA111
-STI Ver5/6 fog cover bracker ST577155000
-Ver5/6 wing torsion trunk bar 57521FA190 & 57521FA180
-04 STI intercool spray bottle with trunk linear
-Forester 2.5XT alternator cover
-Forester 2.5 STI emblem for alternator cover 1002511020
-Front Lightweight Bumper Beam 57760FA400
-Rear Lightweight Bumper Beam 57760FA192
Attached Thumbnails
kaiba's 2001 Impreza 2.5RS BRP coupe Ver.6 R WRC Limited style/replica-321235_195349827214274_100002177750165_444014_92772994_n.jpg  

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Old 09-13-2011, 03:53 PM   #2
2.2L Turbo
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01/25/2007 Bought my first Subaru Impreza. Drove all the way from Sacramento, CA to Carson City, NV
So... i finally did it.

03/07/2007 Sacramento Raceway. 15.2 All stock
This could be it 15.270

03/11/2011First time AutoX in it.

03/21/2007 NASA HPDE at Laguna Seca. Tracking the autox civic with a friend 240sx. The Subie was there as a support vehicle.
Laguna Seca I said i would post

Civic action

Met a rs25 member.

04/15/2007 i-club.com meet. The AE86 is now mine. Used to be my older brother.

4/28/2007 Finally got all the Ver.6 add on painted and installed.
Finally complete

04/29/2007 The very next day I attended the local RallyX event.

11/10/2007 Blew up 2nd gear after clutch replacement. 100% driver error.
transmission goes kaboom

Tried hard parking with my brother FC
So I tried Hardparking the other day

04/02/2008 Autox action
Finally AutoX my Impreza

Infineon Raceway with the Impreza

And later drove my next door neighbor RX-7 FC3S.

03/16/2009 I lost second gear AGAIN. 100% drive error again.
i lost 2nd gear again. Want to 6 speed STI

06/2010 Engine rod knock. bye bye original EJ251
Anyone care to school me on rod knocked bearing failure.
After 9 months. Finally got it running. Pick up a replacement engine from a 00 Legacy GT automagic.

Decide to make my own coffe table and powder coated black chrome. Inspire by the EJ25 coffe table on youtube.

Ver 6 Type R RA cluster w/DCCD
Just bought a DCCD Ver6 cluster on ebay.

04/02/2011 Pick up a JDM rear bumper

04/14/2011 Offroading at Praire City

Kaiba Tuning Subaru Impreza @ Prairie City - YouTube

STI ver.6 R/RA Limited DCCD cluster. That's right I'm the s***** that bought it.
Ver 6 R/RA cluster DCCD blue panel

More to come..... Needs more editing but enjoy for now.

09/13/2011 Got bunch of JDM/EDM goodies.
Thanks TeamKnight4 for the LHD air bag delete pocket.


Ver. 6 R/RA Limited cluster Gotta love ebay..... sometimes.

All my clusters.

And then the Prodrive P1 cluster. Don't have it anymore. It was stolen but it didn't work properly.

Thanks Venus Autos for a great deal on 4 pot caliper and rear window glass and wiper.

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Old 09-13-2011, 03:54 PM   #3
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10/02/11 Got a hold of Ver.6 R/RA Limited shifter panel. Badge 0359/2000 and removed fake carbon fiber trim.

10/11/11 WRX 06-07 front 4 pot and rear 2 pot caliper.


Decide to do something about the fading Ver.6 R Limited seat logo.

Before driver side:

Before passenger side

After driver side:

After passenger side:

It not perfect but it work. Full shot after cleaning it.

LHD airbag dash pocket finally installed. The pocket is held by 4 screw which is not easy to access. What I did was took the easy route and use 3M double side tape. Video included.


Finally found the missing blue HVAC WRC Limited trim. Plus notice the JDM red hazard and DCCD switch .

Update 11/14/11
Removed all the old purple-ish window tint. Rear JDM window/wiper installed. Waiting for a few more parts to come in.

Wiper arm and blade from original GC8.

Spray nozzle. Can be source from SVX.

From the inside. SO CLEAN!

Cushion install. You only need 1. Can be also be source from the SVX and can only be install during wiper motor install.

Cover shaft. Original from GC8.

Back of cover shaft. It clips on the neck of the wiper motor.

Note: Pig tail and relay can be source from any Subaru with rear wiper. Link to install DIY. It's actually very easy. http://www.northursalia.com/modifica...rearwiper.html

Dual windshield washer bottle was plug and play. Mine was already pre-wired from the factory.

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4/2 pot install. Original plan was to find 06-07 WRX rear hub and resale the stock RS rear disc setup. But I went with the kartboy adapter kit instead. It made the installation super easy and smooth. The rear dust shield had to be removed which was no problem.

Good bye stock steering wheel. Pick up a NRG steering hub for cheap and install my quick releasing steering wheel from my autox Civic.

And working cruise control. Plus front intermittent/rear wiper switch.

Installing the dual pump windshield was too easy. The car was already pre-wired from the factory. Plug and play.

RIPT interior door panel in marino blue and STI blue floor mat finally in. Interior is all crip out now. I also added a fake STI badge on the driver and passenger front mat.

12/25/11 Christmas present update
Christmas present installed.
STI coupe door sill

Intercool spray switch. Auto and manual. Yes, I realized the switch is sitting on the wrong box.

STI ver.5/6 trunk torsion bar

bumper/fender trim brake vent

Dash center gauge housing

OEM fog cover bracket

bumper/fender trim brake vent

Dash center gauge housing

OEM fog cover bracket

Also replaced the nasty old shift boot.

More useless STI stuff.

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2004 STI EJ257 94xxx miles

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If the EJ257 does happen. I don't see the RS tranny lasting very long with my driving habit/style.

Reserve for STI 6 speed DCCD swap.

Edit: 12/26/2013
The 6 speed has landed.

Continue to follow my adventure here --> https://www.rs25.com/forums/f145/1651...eplica-25.html

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Brp Ftw!!
2001 RSTi Project car / 1998 Swapped Wagon Daily
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Car: CGM Sti/ 01 BRP
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Nice Kai...
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How close are you to Roseville? I live by sunrise & cirby
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2.2L Turbo
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Sunrise toward the Jackson area.
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