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AES's GC -- she's not a baby, she's a bitch
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Old 08-09-2010, 02:12 PM   #1
the hard way
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Default AES's GC -- she's not a baby, she's a bitch

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AES's GC -- she's not a baby, she's a bitch-gullytwistiesavcrop2.jpg  

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Old 08-09-2010, 02:13 PM   #2
the hard way
Fav Mod: jackstands+barn
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: norway
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as she stands now..

engine –
Delta 1000 grind camshafts
ej257 headgaskets
Group N engine mounts
Wrapped/painted ebay borla replica headers
Vibrant 1148 dual tip flat black 2.5" axleback
paranoid fabrications ground kit
"ganzflow" ebay/accord intake (using stock 'torque box')

drivtrain/suspension -
prodrive WR suspension
Noltec camber/caster strut mount plates (front and rear)
20mm wrx rear anti roll bar
stock 13mm front anti roll bar
whiteline rear endlinks
billet aluminum fender braces
whiteline comfort ALK
kartboy front/rear shifter bushings
kartboy short throw shifter
group N transmission mount
kartboy transmission crossmember bushings
rear diff outrigger bushings
cheapo ebay front strut bar (came on car)

wheels/brakes -
11.4" WRX front brake rotors
Hawk HPS pads
stainless brake lines
Legacy GT 17x7 5spoke w 225/45 Sumitomo HTR ZIII painted Nissan K11 'smoke metallic' (tarmac/daily)
Stock RS 16x7 6spoke w Bridgestone Blizzak (rallyx setup)
Baja turbo 16x6.5” wheels w 205/55 contiextremcontact (old setup)

interior –
jDM STi v6 seats
jDM STi v4 steering wheel
L instrument cluster (black face guages)
Custom 'STi' shift knob w WC lathe werks weighted brass insert/collar ~250g total
black bakemono alcantara shift boot
2010 impreza/forester radio with custom center console aux-in jack
custom dash top scangauge mount

exterior –
Rally Innovations light bar
custom scoop delete plate
red rockblocker rear turn signal overlay
V6 STi grill
custom black headlight housing
Ebay UK black corners
Ebay fog covers
hella supertones painted black

waiting to be installed -
whiteline steering rack bushings
kartboy subframe bolts
kenwood amp

planned - ....maybe
GD wrx control arms & lateral links & trailing arms
intake manifold spacers
master cylinder brace
adjustable front anti roll bar
sti cf front strut bar
maybe scoop-utilizing intake

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Old 08-09-2010, 02:13 PM   #3
the hard way
Fav Mod: jackstands+barn
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: norway
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Posts: 10,467

When I got her, the story, first mods
I used to live in northern VA and had a 1990 integra for the longest time, very clean, great paint, interior. But the fuel or ignition system had some problem that we could never determine and the engine continually gave me troubles. So I was about to head back to my ‘home’ in TX to go to grad school and it had to be sold for an upgrade, and one that I could fit all my shit in for the move. I had some savings, had a little bit of graduation money, got over a thousand for the integra.. eventually I came across a 4 door MK3 golf GL with only 30k miles for a great price. Bought it. Hated it. Everytime I walked up to it in a parking lot I felt like I was getting into a clown car, not helped by the fact that it was red. It was a fun car, liked the bullet-proof 1.8 and tranny, but not for me.
Around that time I found out I now had a research position set up in Austin at UT with a robotics group (A.K.A. P.A.I.D.!) so I could afford to upgrade, and sold the golf after about 2 weeks (and im a drive it into the dirt kinda person). I had seen the GC body style before, I was not too familiar with subarus to be honest, but there was a black 2.5RS that drove around where I lived in VA that I really liked the curves on.. Anyway, amongst the cars I could afford it was definitely the most intriguing. So I began shopping em hard, once I started poking around the forums I was seriously impressed by how knowledgeable, helpful and mature the Subaru owner community was – know what to do to make a difference with the car and how to do it, no BS – I loved it. Ive always been a fan of 4 doors, def wanted a 5 spd, was hoping for black. It ended up coming down to a modified one (off here) in southern va, silver, dumped, a couple autos, a super low miles lancer and this other one I had found on here.
The guy didn’t post much/ever, pretty much signed up here to sell his car. He was the second owner and it seemed to me that the first owner bought it, modded the shit out of it (extensive audio wiring, dynamat all around, wrx sway bar, cheapo strut bar) then the wrx came out and he realized he had been one-upped in the show car scene and made the switch. The second owner pretty much just drove it, he knew what it was/what he had, but didn’t do anything with it. But it was really just what I wanted, dark (blue ridge pearl), 4 door, 5spd, 2001 (lsd) ..although I really detested all the excessive ‘flare’ all over it scoop, wing, badges, vents, giant foglights.. but I liked the thing as a whole.

from the classified ad..

It had some 85k, front bumper had been beat, didn’t fit right, hood had a nice ding right by latch, DS headlight had chunk taken out of it, lots of door dings, ripped rear seat seam, no front speakers, one of the sideskirts didn’t fit quite right.. and was asking I think 8500. That was just outside my ballpark, so I made an offer, he didn’t take it, I said ok, call me if you change your mind. He was confident he could find somebody who would be willing to pay that and had no reason to hurry. Well he was right, I called him back after holding out as long as I could, I think I ended up paying some 8200.

Not long after I loaded it up with all my belongings and drove that bitch from DC to Austin. Driving I-40 across TN is great, you could see a cop 5 miles in front of you, so got to have some getting-to-know-you triple digit fun. About a week after being here I took off the wing, debadged the trunk except the ‘2.5RS’.

I also knew I wanted some OEMish gunmetal wheels, didn’t like the stock 6 spokes (too brightly colored and aftermarket-looking), shopped around, debated picking up some wrx rims and painting them or the 6 spokes, eventually came across dude in Houston that had the baja turbo wheels on nasioc. I love 5 spoke wheel designs, those were nice an gunmetal (would have preferred a little darker but was glad not to have to paint), had little effects that made them look tough, AND was looking to trade straight up, so I did it, and will probably never get rid of them.

Also some point around here I had bought red rockblocker tail covers and ebay fog light covers. I personally like the all red tails better than the jdm (probably because I just like ‘darker’ in general), and am too cheap to spend the amount necessary for authentic jdm sti ..well, anything. Some functional things, ok, but small pieces of plastic, just isn’t going to happen. (although I might have to fold and get a v6 grill.. maybe v1-4 bumper to replace my tattered piece)

with my buddies matching sportster

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the hard way
Fav Mod: jackstands+barn
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Posts: 10,467

since then...
Well, that was in 2006
The car has remained unchanged since then. I have an expensive habit of booze and women, among other things. Graduate students don’t make a lot of money and keeping up with maintenance was about all I could do – had to replace THREE front axles (college station mechanics are fuck tards), clutch recently, new tires (contiextreme), a bunch of other semi-unexpected maintenance along with some bad luck…
stereo got jacked --> got pics of newer 6CD changers?
wtf progressive changed my tire??
But really, I liked the stock RS. I like my cars quiet, I like the torque, I use it for hunting/camping/wildernessing and so like the clearance (although body roll is still a gripe). Earlier last year I had the clutch replaced, along with timing belt/tensioner, water pump, PCV, some other stuff. This was a job I had planned on doing myself. I had replaced a bajillion stereos/speakers, done oil changes, brakes, other easy stuff but not ever cracked into anything serious and really wanted the learning experience. However, this was the beginning of grad school becoming a serious time sink and there was just never enough time to allot to do it; so I finally paid somebody to do it, after the slipping just got too bad and there was still no end to work in sight.
Then, late last year the headgaskets started leaking oil intermittently, causing some stank. (Thanks again mechanics for not mentioning) well after just having spent all that money to pull the engine, I was bound and determined to do this one myself. They weren’t leaking bad – different from most failures I have heard of – never noticed any oil in coolant or vice versa, just intermittent external oil leak coming from the headgasket on the driver side, rarely noticed any appreciable dip in oil level. So I started collecting parts. At this point I was fully immersed in phd qualifiers so had zero additional time – which meant I had zero time to spend money!! (also motivated a bit by this thread: Cigarette Smokers Test) So I spent it on parts. Once I decided to get some ground camshafts from delta I pretty much went all in and just started letting parts accumulate. Then my front O2 went while I was waiting for time to do the work, I figured it was due to the gunk getting burnt up from headgasket leak and didn’t want to replace the cat as well so I quit driving it. So it sat (AND GOT HIT AND RUN ON AGAIN!!!!) while I gathered parts.. group N engine mounts, O2 sensor, delta 1000 grind camshafts, borla replica unequal length headers, vibrant muffler, 42 autosport syncroflush and STi 75w90 for trans and rear diff, UK black corner lights, P1 springs, paranoid fabrications rear spacers, wrx rotors/brackets/pads, headgaskets, valve seals, cam seals, valve cover gaskets, IM gasket, etc, slave cylinder (clutch had felt funny for a while), clutch master cylinder (died on the way to the garage where I was going to take her apart)… probably more I cant remember. car had about 130k on it at the time.

So I went at it. Got a buddy to let me take over his garage for a week, got all the tools etc. But as mentioned this was by far the most in-depth mechanic endeavor I had attempted. Long story short I ended up doing 95% of it myself and had minimal problems. I was very lucky to have friends available at the times I really needed – actually removing the motor, putting it back in, lining up mounts – but I really ended up doing a lot more of the work myself than I even anticipated. I have some friends who really know their way around cars so I was planning on relying on them but surprised myself that really all I needed was the right tools, a factory service manual and an occasional lift to the parts store, I feel confident enough now to do anything this car requires.

Besides 2 broken water/crossover pipe bolts (which had me shitting bullets but turned out fine) the header fitment was the only real pain in the ass – ebay borla replicas. Terrible. Let me say installing poor fitting headers by yourself is a PITA on a flat motor (I had some crazy pulley system shit going ), but I still fucked up the threads on one bolt a bit and am pissed about it. Hopefully it will not prove to be a big deal when I have to take them off next, hope just retap it, but between that and the fact that they crowd the shit out of the oil filter, im not ecstatic. But the camshafts, everything went smoothly. Granted its only been about 800 miles since then, we’ll see, but everything seems great. Pulling engine was a breeze (bit tough to get them separated), pulling heads/TB/IM was a breeze, cam install was a breeze - valve noise is only what it was before, which was the one thing I kind of expected; and i even ended up doing a valve job (lapped and changed valve seals). It fired right up first try, only 1 cel which was because I had forgotten to plug the coolant temp sensor back in (which is of course attached to the water pipe so I was sure something was fucked with one of the gaskets where the bolts had broken ), but after that – all was smooth sailing. I was hoping to get it done before the last texas meet but only barely did and didn’t want to take it on a 400 mile trip two days after cranking, so only made it to the barbeque.
Shortly after the engine was all back in and purring along I had the vibrant muffler welded on, and changed the trans & rear diff oil. Then did the headlights. Brakes are currently waiting as I haven’t had the time and they haven’t made any noise since getting back from Europe. They will be coming soon though as I noticed one of the steering rack dust boots is cracked so need to get under there, also I think a rear transverse link bushing bolt is loose, clunking. Not in too much of a rush for the suspension as I like the stock and shocks will be fairly costly, but glad I could get my hands on the P1 springs – and honestly id like to run some Matlab simulations before I pick shocks, mostly for the fun of it. Worst part is I don’t have a decent place to work on a car at my house, but that’s a problem I just need to take care of here pretty soon – but it really delays a lot of shit I would like to do. Anyway, this is what it all left me with…

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the hard way
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Impressions of the makeover…
I really don’t understand how people get hard ons after putting an exhaust and an intake on their car – I could only barely tell a difference after putting all of that on at the same time. That being said, the cams certainly did make a difference, low rpm driveability is fantastic – I can cruise all over town in 5th no sweat, and, after some time, I can definitely tell improvement around 3-4k rpm is better than expected. I do expect to be more impressed with the package as a whole once I get it properly tuned. Although I doubt the performance benefits, the headers and muffler (likely aided by the cams) sound fan fucking tastic. I spent a LOT of time searching videos, etc before I resolved to stay with the stock catpipe, borla (replica ), stock midpipe and vibrant muffler. heres a pic although until i get a chance to take a video, here are the two i found on youtube that sold me on it. mines somewhere in between the two, sound-wise i would say

and with a HFC

and a clear pic of mine (note shitty welds )

As I said before I like my shit quiet, sleek, boss-acceptable, girl-acceptable (aka conversation allowable) but deep, grumbley, and that fucking setup is about as quiet as you can get from what Ive heard – and 100% mean. It was a bit louder at first, which I was kinda bummed on (but made me def glad I didn’t get a HFC – although this is definitely what I’ll do if I ever want to liven it up or add some volume) But it really has as low a tone as ive ever heard (def thanks inpart to the stock cat/mid), volume is completely dependent on throttle position (so I can keep it quiet if I want) but sweet baby jesus lord the rumble is fantastic. I would say more akin to a harley than anything but it just purs gently and threateningly around town and on WOT lines up orchestrally, like a well tuned machine. That being said, I NEED a tune. I know this, it runs fine w the stock tune but I can feel some piggybacking will really line everything up and give me that seat of the pants wow most expect.
But really besides a tune, im pretty content with the car right as it is. I am sure I will be putting on the P1 springs eventually, once I sort out which shocks (basically tokico dspec, koni yellow or kyb agx – any input on which is more than welcome) but I believe this will leave me with a setup still as capable at all the things I want this car to do, if not more.

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the hard way
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then as soon as shes rebuilt and back on the road somebody gives me this little present..

and since theyll get deleted out of the first posts in time, here are all updated pics to now... shes dirty as hell, but i figured i couldnt make this without some at least somewhat decent recent pics. hopefully photog friend, tint, car wash and P1s can all come together soon

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2.2L Turbo
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and fail for no pics
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i agree
91 240SX-SR20DET pushing 320HP
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the hard way
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gimme a minute.. quit donkin my jive

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lesss seee itt
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