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Originally Posted by bue car View Post
How bad is the pinch in front of the turbo though? I had to remove all of that and got a proper 90* turbo

It's actually not that bad to be honest. I'd don't think it'll do any harm but if I ever upgrade turbos I'd look at one with a 90 degree bend

So sad news is that my GF8 was rear ended on the weekend and is probably going to be totaled. So not much work happened on the car. I'm looking at the positives and that is that I can grab a few good parts off it. The list as it stands it the steering wheel and front end links. It also allows me to swap the lift kit over to the GF8 and de-lift this car in the front at least. So in an overall shitty situation but I'm trying hard to find the positives.

So all I really did is just work on the intake. I was going to complete the intercooler piping but I got sent the wrong part. So all it did to attached the silicone adapter to the filter was create a sleeve out of a bit of PVC pipe. I'll grab some more photos at a later point but this is all I have.

So that's all for now. Not much else will probably happen for a while because of the car situation and it being so damn cold but I'll keep trying.

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