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Originally Posted by silverton View Post
Yeah, it's a 2.5. my td04 had some port work done to it so I don't know if that helps.
I'd guess it would make a slight difference, but it's good to know anyway.
Originally Posted by bue car View Post
Nice fitment on the FMIC
Thanks, I'm glad it looks so good after how much time I've spent worrying and working on it.

Been a little while since I've updated this. Not to much to document as a lot of its boring so here's the highlights. I went to the wreckers and bought - a passenger rear door outer kick panel as the old one was broken, front fender liners for both sides as the old ones were done, new passenger mirror and a few interior bits. I replaced the kick panel, and installed the fender liner. The passenger side will need some work as it clashes with an intercooler pipe.

I replaced both mirrors for reasons you'll see below. I already had this one hanging around from a previous parts run. This side had a canoe fall on it.

Dunno what happened to this side but it had a lot of silicone in it. Sadly the replacement has a small crack on the outer edge. I'll try and plastic weld it back together and if that doesn't work I'll try and swap the shell with the old one.

I also replaced a dash vent as it was broken but that was a bit of a slow weekend.

This weekend I focused on the intake. I bought Super Cheap Autos finest (cheapest) filter as it was the smallest. I wasted a lot of the day trying to figure out how to get the 3" filter on to the 2.25" pipe, only to come up with a solution, and then have it fail immediately. I think I have a clever solution that will be shown when parts arrive.

Here was the original mock-up with the filter. You can see that the top section of piping still needed to be worked out.

I then decided that I didn't like that and here is the result as of the end of the next day . This after about 4 hours of thinking in the cold and another 2 hours of drinking tea to warm back up. I stole a 90 degree piece from the hot side to see if it would work and it seems it will.

And here's the final result with the filter in place.

I still need a few bits to complete it but it fits, so yay. You can see where I stole the 90 degree piece from on the right.

I'm annoyed that it's taking so long at the moment, but its hard with it being 5 degrees outside and then having to wait for parts that you didn't even think you'd even need. So hopefully I'll have some more progress soon enough as more parts have been ordered.

Thanks for reading,
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