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Detroit SCCA Summer Heat Solo AutoX - Schoolcraft College - June 30, 2019

Whoaaaaa I went out for an AutoX for the first time in a few years. I had a few coworkers who wanted to go and I wanted to take my girlfriend for a ride.

Pretty standard AutoX, waiting in the heat for 6 hours for 4 minutes of driving.. but still a good time. Car did great, dampers were turned up, and the ambient temp was in the 90s. It was a hot one.

Unfortunately I still have the clunk in the rear, although much less loud, and the new diff has a low speed shudder (thanks seller ), but it stayed together.

The course was pretty neat for sake of the start which was a 90 degree bend and THEN the timing gates... I couldn't use my launch control at all. Tires felt a bit cold for 3/5 sessions, and they seemed to screw up timing. Results still aren't in, but I had thought I got 2nd in SMS (Street Mod Street Tire), but apparently I didn't get the trophy when they announced it, so I have no idea where I ended up. Lame.

Either way, here are some lame pictures.

I also attached my GoPro to my girlfriend's helmet, and the results were awesome. I totally lost my line of sight on the first run, but you can't even tell because she was looking right on course and I was not! Either way the sense of speed is much more appreciated in AutoX with a helmet cam.

I also took datalogs with my new logger of the 5 sessions found here: | equinox92 | DSCCA 9-30-2019 Runs 1-3 | equinox92 | DSCCA 6-30-2019 Runs 4-5

The logger was PERFECT. I am super happy with the performance of it, and here is a video of the data layed on top of the fastest session.

Tuned Detroit - Automotive Blog, check it!

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