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04 STi Rear Diff

Do we call this a mod, or do we call this maintenance?? I'll call it both.

So yeah, as mentioned before the previous R180 diff was getting REAL clunky, and I believe a hypoid bearing/spacer is trash or something inside of it. Don't know, need to tear it down. In the mean time, I decided I wanted to upgrade the R180 a bit with one with the larger flange and larger driveshaft.

Got myself an 04 STi rear R180 with the mech plate clutch LSD which supposedly had 56k miles on it. I dunno it looked nice (and wet) when I got it in the mail.. so.. sure. I'll take the guys word for it.

Also bought myself a fatter driveshaft to mate to it without issue from an importer. The center section ended up having trashed u-joints but luckily the importer sent me another section without much hassle. God I hate those stupid importers..

Anyways. dropped the old diff, and popped it open to just have a look. Yep, that's a closed unit Suretrac alright.

Swapped over the normal fill plug instead of the broken temp probe on to the new diff, and popped her in.

75w90 Motul LSD oil went in next.

...and a comparison on the driveshafts... fatter + multipiece on the bottom = goes in car.

And it's in! That's a new diff! It feels like the old one with less clunks!

Sending it at an AutoX this weekend so I'll see if there's a performance difference. Not expecting anything life changing.

I'll rebuild the other diff at my convenience and update on what broke. I expect damage due to high miles and not hard use.
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