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Originally Posted by silverton View Post
I see in my EM that I'm building 1-3psi as early as 1750-2000 rpm.
Is that with a ej25 and a TD04?

Got a bit more done this weekend. Only really got to work on it for an afternoon because of the rain which sucked but what can you do. Started with modifying the fuel lines because they were hard up an intercooler pipe causing one of them to slightly kink. All I did was bend the bracket to allow for the lines to sit higher. Still using the stock bolting point.

I then trimmed the front bumper with an angle grinder again to get it to fit the intercooler better. After that I mad the two brackets that link the core support to the bottom of the intercooler. These probably weren't needed as there was barely any play in the intercooler but I figured it was worth doing plus it allowed me to extend them to hold the bumper in place.

Photo of newly trimmed bumper with brackets in place. I really need to get a new bonnet like yesterday.

The fitment is the best I've seen for a front mount on this chassis as they usually hang way low so I'm pretty happy with it. You can see a comparison in the next photo of the original fitment and how it looks as of now. Before (top) there was a shitty gap and I was thinking that I'd have to get a taller intercooler but that's all been fixed.

Earlier in the week I loaded up Project Lamdba and man this all goes over my head. I can see why people just use tuners. Now I know that I'll have to change the airflow scalar when I get the new MAP sensor but apart from that I'm lost.

I know that I'll have to increase fuel but which category do I change it in. Base, transition or power mode (I assume that warmup and deceleration aren't it). If anyone knows, or even has screenshots of what they've done to add fuel that would be great. On the topic of this program is there a good website or book I can use to learn how to understand and tune using it. Idk maybe there's a tuning for dummies or something. I'm just a bit lost and I have no background knowledge on this at all and it would be great to get a starting point.

Anyway thanks for reading
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