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I'm quite impressed by how the diet is going so far. Stripped of about 200lbs, the body roll is significantly reduced. The giddy up gain isn't nearly as impressive compared to how much better cornering and braking have become. I don't throw it into a corner waiting for body roll to unload the inside tires and produce a slide. It just stays flat and stable, even on old tires. I can throw the car around and it sticks a lot better instead of stepping out. I thought the rear would step out worse, but it's better about staying tucked. The rear gets blown around a bit on the highway, but not horribly. Where I used to chuck it into a slide, it insists on staying stuck to the ground. The steering response is also a lot quicker. There's less effort needed in the steering wheel, but I didn't expect that much improvement in response to directional changes. There's less understeer, too. It begs for slaloms.Throwing it around used to make the AWD work to bring the car back in line, but now it just sticks. This is a little like BRZ guys feel with being faster in the corners. The difference I see isn't in the AWD system. This is definitely chassis stability that sticks out.

I like it

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