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GRIDLIFE Midwest - Gingerman Raceway May 30 - June 2 , 2019

Oh boy, Gridlife midwest.. where to start.

I guess I can start by saying I kept a secret from the RS25 build journal. My buddy's were somehow able to convince me that I needed a sweet oldschool livery, so I finally caved just for this event. We slapped it on one weekend, and it looks... gaudy!

Don't worry it's coming off.

For the event though, it looked fantastic. Everyone loves cars covered in stickers. It's just a fact of the matter.

Anyways, on to race stuff.

Due to my friend's car not being prepared in time I was able to Magoo myself into having a luxurious spot inside of an enclosed trailer for the weekend. This ensured me a ride home in case anything went wrong, so I confidence was through the roof. We loaded everything up and were on our way.

We got to the track and met up with some friends to rep the Subarus up at the top of the paddock.

The rest of the 4 days was just full of racing and tomfoolery and it REALLY is the best event of the year.

I was able to run my fastest time at Gingerman ever, dropping over 3 seconds. 1:49.6, so finally breaking that terrible 1:50 barrier.

Car did great. Mostly.


-Rear clunking: I had this issue before the car went to the track, however it only got worse as time went on. It was an on/off torque clunk from the rear. Only happened when torque was applied or let off. Not a weight transfer noise. We threw the car up in the air Friday night after a day of racing to isolate the issue to the differential/driveshaft connection area. After looking closer on Saturday morning and pulling the driveshaft off, the differential input gear nut (the fat 27mm one) was backing off. The fix for the weekend was to just hammer it down as much as possible with an impact. The sound got quieter, but did not go away. Not a real driveability issue, just annoying and now a know weakness. The worst case it was gonna shread a tooth or two on the ring gear.

-Brake lights not working: Had an issue where the brake light fuse kept popping, even had to scrub a session because of it. It wasn't until the car was back home I noticed part of the front harness had been melted on the header... same part as previously. The twinscroll header sit further up in the engine bay, and the front harness I did when I was 19 isn't perfect. I fixed the harness and ziptied it out of the way after we were home. I need to get a heat shroud for it.

-Wonky brakes after they cooled down: First and foremost, for the first time in forever, I had AMAZING brakes that didn't eat through rotors on the track. They held up to the temperatures on the box and felt great, only over drove them once... which means I'm on the ragged edge of them being useful. Anyways, the issue was this: After a session and the brakes cooled down, my pedal felt like absolute trash. Lots of travel and pumping didn't bring it back. The car never didn't stop, and once the brakes were used a bit again (driving on track again, driving in town to the store) they came back.. but I am worried they may not for street use. The pads did wear QUITE a lot, which would explain the extra travel.. and the rest I chalk up to contraction of metals once cooled down. I don't know... something to look after. I should REALLY just get Brembos.

The goods:

-I ran my fastest laps! No way to say it better, faster times are always appreciated, and I was running some consitent laps well below my previous. Awesome!

-Engine felt GREAT, and no fueling/knock/power issues. I was overboosting to 1.7 bar, but looking at the gauge it was very much so a fast transient state, so not too worried about it... I could refine it, and should, but no worried
-Dampers, amazing. Sucked up everything, and I cranked them up with great success.

-Tired held up! I had a spare set of new RE71Rs on reserve if needed, but the Star Specs were great and didn't get corded. Not ideal in the rain, but we powered through (sometimes literally)
-GLOVES. Racing gloves are awesome. Helped me with my death grip and allowed me to relax and toss the car around better. Highly recommend.

The Eh:

-Springs: Little bit cushy. I wouldn't mind a slightly stiffer spring, the car seemed to be rolling quite a lot more than the previous setup, but that's an easy fix or easy to drive around.

The entire weekend was amazing, lots of seat time, wet and dry time (we had a crazy front come through, check pics out) and I love this event so much. I'll leave you with a few pictures... make sure to check out those people who's names are on the watermarks.

I will add more pictures and videos as I get them and upload them.
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