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Originally Posted by SoCoNoHa View Post
Great progress dude! The front end does indeed look mint with everything in there.

I'm kinda torn on engine management as well, might combine project lambda with an FIC6. Although apparently an ecu can only take so many reflashes? Something to think about if considering lambda, you may want to find a backup ecu.
DIY: ProjectLambda Stock ECU Reflash Tuning (Master Reference Thread)
Post 212

Either way, get something that can control fuel AND timing, at least. And you'll need a voltage clamp or something for the MAP cause it'll freak out the ecu when you hit positive manifold pressure.

...AEM FIC 6 controls fuel and timing, and has a voltage clamp. You'll need a couple 2.2-3kohm resistors tho...
Originally Posted by crjohnson View Post
Have a good look into a speeduino too. I think they are advancing pretty damn well and theres a guy on facebook who can build a plug n play version. Isaac is his name i think?
Prices looks pretty good too (around $300AUD ish i think)

Cant wait to see this thing go, i'm still trying to finish welding my up and down pipes!
Damn you guy's know so much more than I do. The more I weigh up the options the more I think Lambda is the way to go. Is it able to deal with the positive manifold pressure or will I still need a voltage clamp??

I did have a quick look at Speeduino but it all goes over my head sadly and at least with Lambda the ECU is "stock" which makes it easier to engineer in Australia.

I've slowly been plodding along with the project and getting small things done hear and there. They always take way more time than predicted. I got the oil feed done which was way easier than expected.

I then cut the bracket to hold the up-pipe so it now isn't in the way of the turbo.

I then swapped over the wastegate on the turbo so it now has a 5-6 psi from a later SG9 one instead of the earlier 7-8 psi of a GD. I attached the oil drain hose, the silicone outlet and inlet, I flipped the top coolant feed so it now faces towards the transmission. It's now bolted in for hopefully the last time in a while.

I then made a support bracket for the intercooler pipe out of an off-cut of said pipe.

It's only being used to hold the pipe centre to the hole. It's mounted off a Riv-Nut that went through an existing hole. The piping has also been cut to fit a bit better. The paint scratches are from a rogue t-bolt clamp but I'm not to worried as it'll be covered by the airbox.

In addition to modifying the piping I also pulled it apart to make sure they had no residue left on the inside. I've only done the pipe you can see in the photo below. You can see on the side of the valve cover the oil hose soon to be tapped into the cover. I'll also need to sort out a air filter at some point too. That's going to be fun as in Australia the filter has to be in an airbox of some kind. Don't know exactly where it's going to fit.

And a final overview of the engine. You can see that I've started doing the plumbing for the turbo coolant. I ordered the 16-12-16 T fittings and they will hopefully be here in the next fortnight so that can get finalized.

All in there's not much left to do on the engine itself. Just tap the valve cover for the oil drain and T off the heater hoses for coolant. There's still plently more for after that but when the above are done I can actually run the engine again for more than a minute and start looking at tuning more seriously.

If anyone has any photos of where to tap the valve cover I'd really appreciate it because I'm getting to the point where I can't avoid doing it any more, but I can only find photos of a ej25D valve cover.

I also went through and made a list of the rest of the parts that need to be obtained. It's slowly getting shorter. The main items are a bonnet, midpipe, axleback and a mirror. There's a few interior pieces too but it's getting close. But I've probably missed something major in there.

Anyhow that's it for now
Cheers, Luke
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