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There was not a single gen1 Legacy at the junkyard for the first time in forever, figures that the cars I need are only there when I don't need them. There's usually 10-15 of those cars to choose from at any given time so I didn't think twice about pulling the master cylinder, thinking about ordering a new one anyway

Looking at the neck you can see a clear difference between the two crossover pipes, I was really pleased with the GC having another bung for my sender too

And then I tested the fitment, at first glance it fits perfect but it looks like the neck would be right in the path of the turbo inlet and there is a pcv nipple in the center of the block that prevents bolt holes from lining up

Clearly this is not going to work, I'm stuck using the Forester pipe

It's just barely too close to that nipple, the neck is a totally different route too

The upward and straighter angle gives me the most issue but the longer neck leaves less length for the top hose to compensate

It's so close, I think a hose with one 45 degree bend right after the radiator should fit

There's still the upward angle and not on the same plane but it really is a tight turn the hose needs to make and I think that is what causes them to collapse in the middle

The regular hose fits perfect with the GC pipe and I trimmed one down at both ends but it just can't make the turn without folding in half, the universal hose I got fits the best but I'm probably just grossly overthinking a rubber hose

I managed to drill through the bolt and get to the bottom of the hole, I really beat those walls up but that's the only way I know how to make big things fit in a small hole

The bolt ate everything but the cobalt bit and wrecked the hell out of my bolt extractor, a few threads at the bottom I was able to save. Helicoil kit is on the way, never done one of those before so should be a learning experience
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