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So more progress on the car. It may not seem like much but fitting a front mount is tedious work. I got there though. But more needs to happen.

First I finished the crash bar. I had to cut off more front the back and I cut some speed holes to allow for air flow through the main section of the crash bar.

Another angle to show how little is left.

Then with the FMIC fitted. I ended up cutting of 2 of the 8 threads for mounting the bar so the pipe could sit lower and not scratch through. You can see where the paint has scratched off due to not prepping the surface properly before paint. I'll be redoing that.

And the bumper roughly cut. It would be nice it the intercooler was slightly lower/bigger but that won't happen due to there being basically no intercooler sizes between 180mm and 300mm in the width I need and this car doesn't deserve a custom one.

Overall I'm happy with it. It not to in your face but it's still visible and adds flair to the front. I still need to make lower mounting brackets and I'll make them push the bottom lip of the bumper flush with the intercooler.

I'll be back home tomorrow afternoon so the plan is to finish up that and install the hatch. I have a lead on some early Gen 4 Spec B wheels for cheap so if I can pick them up then brakes and suspension will happen this weekend too.

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