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So I ended up ordering the oil feed in the last link to we'll see how that goes. I didn't go home this weekend due to plans with the girlfriend and friends. The other reason is this. About 1 1/4 hours away some guy was giving this away from free. And the only thing better than cheap car parts are free one so of course I picked it up.

I needed a new tailgate as the current one had a brief encounter with a towball and didn't win. I'd originally has been after a red so I didn't have to paint the jam but this was free so I'll take it. It's not perfect but definitely fixable.

It has a bend up near the passenger side hinge and a ding near where the badging goes but I should be able to hammer out the bend. Image of bend and ding below.

It originally off a GT-B so it has the factory holes for the wing. I was being indecisive about running the wing so this has "forced" my hand. I'm glad I don't have to drill the holes tbh.

It also has this badge on it. It looks original and OEM but I don't know. I like it but I don't think I'll have it on the boot as the car isn't an STI or have any STI parts and I'm not a fan of pretending to have level of car that you don't have. I probably find a nice place in the interior for it.

I'll be back at my parents next Sunday/Monday so hopefully I can finish off the intercooler piping and mounting. As well as get the bumper to fit. It would also be great to install this. But I'll flatten out the dent before that.

Thanks for reading,
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