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Originally Posted by George.of.the.Jungle View Post
good progress!
Originally Posted by msequence View Post
Awesome job so far man! Really enjoyed reading through this. Neat idea on the bumper beam modification too.
Cheers guys
Originally Posted by crjohnson View Post
Hey have you done any research into where the O2 sensor should be mounted? I think i found that for our cars (only 1 sensor), that is should be about 300mm after the turbo. Not in the up pipe?
I'm not sure about that tbh. Silverton answers it further down so I'll ask for clarification.
Originally Posted by crjohnson View Post
Also how well did the down pipe in the outback? I'm still tack-welding mine up, slowly getting there..
I've only done a rough fit so far but didn't see any issues. I can't imagine there will be any as the downpipe will have more clearance to the firewall and everything around it due to the subframe spacers lowering the engine etc.
Originally Posted by silverton View Post
The car's lambda sensor needs to be between the engine and the turbo, the wideband O2 needs to be between the turbo and the catalytic converter. I believe they say 12-18" behind the turbo will extend sensor life.
So if I'm understanding this correctly the cars O2 sensor should be in the uppipe?? and if I do a wideband or a/f gauge that goes into the dump??

On another note I'm about to order the oil feed for the turbo and just wanted to see if anyone can confirm it's the right one. These are the ones I'm looking at.

MAMBA Turbo Oil Feed line Kit M10x1.25mm TD04 TD05 TD06 / 4AN Line 50cm | eBay
Turbo Oil Feed line Kit M10 x 1.25mm TD04 TD05 TD06 40" | eBay
Turbo Oil Feed line 4AN M10xP1.5 For SUBARU TF035HM TD04 TD05 1.5mm hole / 23" | eBay

Now the top one is the one I like the most, as it's shorter @50cm, where as the second one is 100cm but just wanted to check that 50cm is long enough. The last one would also be ideal as it's 70cm but my understanding is the the turbo banjo bolt is M10 x 1.25 and not M10 x 1.5.

Also all of these have a 1.5mm restrictor in the banjo bolt. Is that to big as I can't find the factory size.

If anyone can confirm any of this that would be great. If not I'll probably order the top one.

Cheers, Luke

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