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So back at it again. Had a bunch of parts arrive over the past week to help finish the intercooler piping as well as the intercooler too.

I also picked some Liberty (Legacy) suspension from about 20 minutes from my place for $300 ($215 USD) which was a score. They are Koni struts on kings low springs from a Gen 4 Wagon so I'll need to change the front tophats. The setup only has about 30,000km on it so they will work nicely. The bottom of the front struts has just been painted yellow that's seen better days so I'll repaint them in black which is what they were originally.

Collected parts

Started by connecting the throttle body to the rest of the piping. I'll be rotating the t-bolts so you wont see them at finally assembly.

Next was to hack the crashbar to shit, but with some elegance. Marking out the area to remove. This needed to be done as there's a gusset? behind it that needs to be gone. It was mirrored on the other side.

After cutting had happened. There was way to much time spent cleaning and grinding things that no one will ever see. But I wouldn't be able to live with it if I didn't. The other side was completed the next day.

First test fit with the intercooler. It looks a bit small but I didn't want it much lower. I'll be drilling some holes in the crash bar to allow for more air flow.

A photo showing the area cut out from below. I'll get some better photos one the crashbar is finished as it still needs more work done to it.

On to the last thing done on Saturday. The drivers side intercooler pipe routing.

To start Saturday I though I'd show a very sleepy and comfortable dog in the drivers seat.

Then I cut out the boxed in section on the other side. Basically a mirror of what's shown further up in the post. That was the last thing I did on the crashbar on the weekend as after that I took an angle grinder to thumb. Nothing to bad but enough to deter any other grinding work for the rest of the day.

Next I focused on getting the rest of the piping routed. The passenger side done. The red angle replaced the black as it'll be used for the turbo inlet.

The final result (as of Sunday afternoon). There's still plenty to do. Mainly the holes in the front of the crash bar for the more air, mounting the intercooler (as it's just sitting on the silicone joiners at the moment) and a little bit of notching for t-bolt clearance. Once done I'll paint it in either the satin black or underlay paint that I used for the wheel well. I'm thinking the latter as it'll hide imperfections better.

Also the crashbar is now a hell of a lot lighter. But that may be down to the fact I've removed a ton of the steel.

I did run the car with the piping connected all the way to the throttle body join (with it removed as I haven't cleaned out the pipes yet) and I couldn't feel any air which was weird. It may have been because the turbo isn't bolted down yet but even then I would think that you'd feel some air coming out. Oh well that will be fun to troubleshoot.

Anyway that's it for now.

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