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Originally Posted by nme187 View Post
Hah I guess I'll keep the trend going, only 12 months later. You're busy with life which is all good man.

That's great to hear you still have the RS; I still miss that car. Whenever you feel like parting ways with it keep me in mind!

I'm doing fantastic. The wife got into medical school in Las Vegas which we've been here now for 6 years. Shes also Air force in residency so we may be moving around in next few years. I sold the FD a year ago, after putting a 3 rotor in it. Afterwards I got a 997 Turbo Porsche stage 2 which was fantastic car but not exactly what I wanted so 6 months later I bought a 991 GT3 Porsche which I absolutely adore. Do you have an Instagram account? If so hit me up @bufferovrflo.
Sounds good man. I'm not on IG, or much social media for that matter. Car is wrecked but driveable at the moment sitting in my garage. I tore it down but just need to get time to get it to a shop to see the true damage (read: $$) is. Free time isn't really a thing with young children. We shall see.

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